Neocon Architects of Illegal War in Iraq Stand with Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

But The Donald kissed some woman thirty years ago so… I guess that has something to do with it? Or … maybe… ?

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  1. In certain circles, legal or illegal has nothing to do with laws, everything to do with who it is doing whatever it is being done.

    None of those 16 pictured will ever spend a day behind bars. Unless ,,, well … maybe … “The Donald Wins!”

    • It’s doubtful that the Donald will do anything at all if he wins, other than congratulating himself and talking about how great he is. His personality does not seem consistent with any need to follow through with anything once he wins. The game is simply to win and be cheered for. Once he wins the election, he’s won. His only concern then will be how much praise he gets, aside from possibly trying to keep from getting impeached. As far as the general population, he probably does not know or care they exist in any form other than a number of supporters of He Himself.

      • he’s already surrounding himself with neocons and neoliberals so I don’t see much difference at all between them. Even the Syria situation wont be different. The only real difference will be on the streets when the fake left takes their balls out of the closet and gets back to protesting the stuff they cheered Obama for doing all these years and don’t underestimate the masters of the universe. They know this and they don’t want to deal with it.

    • Just to be clear, this is NOT and endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I’m just suggesting that Donald Trump is little more than a 100% fraud, which does not paint Hillary Clinton in any better or worse light than she already placed herself in. Donald Trump is like a less likeable Lonesome Rhodes.

      • He’ll be Pence’s figurehead. The VP runs the show behind the scenes now.

        • To a large extent I think you’re right. But don’t discount the cabinet that is right now being assembled by the banking industry for both sides so that the “correct” people will be in place regardless of who actually “wins” the (s)election. Scott’s latest posting from New Republic is pretty enlightening on that topic.

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