Did an Angry Battered Girlfriend Just Foil an FBI False Flag Event Scheduled for Nov. 9th?

by Scott Creighton

“The bombing was scheduled for Nov. 9 so as to not affect the general election”

And yes, there is a manifesto involved. There is always a manifesto even when the patsies terrorists are ridiculously ignorant assholes from Kansas.

The FBI stumbled across three Islamaphobic assholes in Kansas who were posting ridiculous crap on their Facebook pages so they decided to send over one of their special “confidential informants” (usually criminals trying to get paid and work off some previous arrest, usually drug trafficking… you know, a trustworthy upstanding member of society) to “infiltrate” the group (probably bought one of them a beer at their local old-man bar) and get a feel for their potential usefulness danger.

Curtis Allen, 49; Gavin Wright, 49; and Patrick Stein, 47 have been arrested for being in possession of firearms and plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Trouble is, the FBI gave them money and guns and helped devise the plot themselves.

Beall said Stein met with a confidential FBI source in rural Finney County on Wednesday to examine some automatic weapons brought by the source from an FBI lab in Quantico, Va.

After trying out two of the firearms, Stein took the FBI source to see the Garden City complex the attack was targeting.

Stein told the FBI source he would provide ammonium nitrate for the bomb and that he wanted to contribute $200 to $300 for other materials, Beall said. Kansas.com

According to the official story, these guys planned to target a Muslim community in their town along with others who rented to them or supported them in some way. When the arrests took place they found stockpiles of ammo, tactical vests and gear and a large amount of “white power” in a business owned by one of the suspects which I suppose is some form of explosive.

They intended to set off 4 car bombs simultaneously that they would place on the four corners of an apartment building that housed a lot of Somali immigrants. Then I guess the plan was to start shooting survivors as they fled.

Very telling is the fact that it was scheduled for Nov. 9th, the day after the election. They said they chose that day because they didn’t want to disrupt it. Why would they do that?

Here’s another interesting fact: the FBI didn’t pull the plug on this plan.

On Tuesday, Allen’s girlfriend called Liberal police, said she was battered by Allen and was leaving their home. She showed Liberal officers a room in the home with a large amount of ammunition and components to make more and build firearms.

That night, officers stopped Allen and found ammunition, including an AK-47 magazine.

Also Tuesday, the girlfriend told the FBI she saw a white powder being made at G&G. The powder looked like explosives, the affidavit said.

Then on Wednesday, a search of the mobile home business found a possible detonator plus items used to make improvised explosives, it said. Kansas.com

The FBI is running around patting themselves on the back for foiling an act of domestic terrorism before it could take place but that is CLEARLY not what happened.

This woman who was beaten by this Islamaphobic asshole, went to the local cops and blew the whistle on the whole thing. It was HER and the local cops who busted this thing up… NOT THE FBI who were standing around at that time giving these guys weapons, money and moral support for their planned attack.

And notice: the guys tested the guns provided to them by the FBI out in a field somewhere, so they weren’t non-functioning weapons with shaved firing pins… they were the real deal.

Also of note: that CI of theirs and the FBI agent who was undercover in this operation as their handler HAD TO HAVE SEEN the stockpile of explosives, right? Maybe even they provided them to the guys or at least the knowledge of how to make IEDs out of them.

At what point were the Feds going to move in and make the bust? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Because you know, right after the election there are going to be a lot of angry Trump supporters out there who feel, and rightly so, the election was stolen from them one way or the other, so a bombing by a pack of Trump supporting “homegrown self-radicalized” terrorists would be just what the doctor ordered in terms of justifying a few choice Pre-crime arrests. Right?

Where the explosives real? The guns sure were. So I have to ask again, just when was the FBI going to spring their trap on these guys? Nov. 7th? Nov. 10th?

Inquiring minds want to know.

But one thing is for sure.. the FBI didn’t do jack shit to stop this attack. That honor belongs to a battered girlfriend who just may have thwarted a false flag event scheduled for Nov. 9th in Kansas. She’s the real hero. Not the feds.

7 Responses

  1. They even take credit for their failures.

  2. Maybe these guys watched Blackhawk Down one too many times?

  3. “Same as it ever was…”

  4. Don’t worry, they’ll have another plan brewing. Something will still go down somewhere right after the election.

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