Michelle Obama, Married to a Man Who Has Killed Hundreds of Children, Says Trump Doesn’t Meet “basic standards of human decency.”

by Scott Creighton

Syed Wali Shah Aged 7 killed by President Obama, 08/21/2009. How’s that for “basic human decency” Michelle?

As Hillary Clinton continues to lie about her illegal use of a private email server while she was Sec. of State and more revaluations surface about how two-faced she is and how she dreams of a border-less hemisphere (the effective end of our nation-state)…

Hillary tells Big Financial not to worry because she’s two-faced and she dreams the globalist dream right along with them.

… and how she and her husband literally stole billions from the people of Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, Michelle Obama delivered a breathless and over-acted speech yesterday about these new, unfounded accusations about Donald Trump kissing and groping women 20 or so years ago.

Obama lamented the “hurtful, hateful language about women” throughout the campaign, saying it was “painful” to those who expected leaders should meet “basic standards of human decency.”

Her voice quivered as she recalled a meeting with young women at the White House on Tuesday.

“I told them they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” Obama said. “I wanted them to understand that the measure of any society is how it treats women and girls.” CNN

Is that it? Is that the only measure of a society? How it treats women and girls? Can they do anything else to anyone else just so long as they treat women and girls with respect?

Obama said the comments made by Trump in the video, which was recorded in 2005, had left her “shaken.”

“I can’t stop thinking about this,” she said. “It has shaken me to my core in a way I could not have predicted.”

She added: “I know this is a campaign but this isn’t about politics. It’s about basic human decency. CNN

Then she got to the meat of the horror and brought in the “WONT SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!” line:

“This was not just a lewd conversation,” she said. “This wasn’t just locker room banter. This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior, and actually bragging about kissing and groping women, using language so obscene that many of us were worried about our children hearing it when we turned on the TV.” CNN

Dear God. A billionaire playboy silver-spooner asshole bragging about being able to grope women because he’s a rich celebrity. How will our nation survive that one?

Of course, when you’re talking about basic human decency, you could talk about:

You could talk about how Hillary Clinton pushed Obama and the leaders of other nations to forcibly remove (and eventually kill Gadhafi) on behalf of her friends in France and Britain who wanted access to Libya oil and gold mines. You could talk about that to your children but I guess that’s a little more complicated than saying to them “Be afraid or the Trump boogeyman will touch your raisins!!!”

Of course you could also talk about Michelle’s husband who famously joked about running illegal bombing campaigns in 7 different countries , once bragged about how good he was at killing people, started an illegal war in Libya without congressional approval and has assassinated 4 US citizens with drone strikes.

And, oh yeah… he pushed for and signed into law a little diddy that ended the ban on propaganda in the media making it just peachy keen if the government wants to turn the full might of their spin-doctors and CIA liars toward the people of this country so they can lie and mislead us without worry.

In Dec. of 2012, near the end of Michelle’s husband’s first term in office, someone put together a list of 49 children President Obama had killed with either drone strikes or cruise missile strikes. Numbers have been harder to come by since then but the Intercept did a study in Oct. of last year in which they concluded 90% of the people killed by President Obama in his signature drone strikes were actually civilians who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Getting a firm number on just how many children Barack Obama has killed with his policies abroad is a difficult task.

How many died as a result of our “humanitarian bombing” campaign in Libya?

How many died during the regime change he OKed in Ukraine?

How many died at the hands of the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists in Syria?

And how many died as a direct result of his drone and cruise missile strikes?

The numbers are probably in the thousands but I will say for sake of argument it’s easily in the hundreds at least.

But the Clinton version of the “left” in this country has a long, sordid history of, shall we say, “unique ideas” of morality when it comes to children.

Remember when Obama gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom? I guess that is because she met the basic standards of human decency.

Image result for Madeleine Albright michelle obama

The very last thing anyone on the Clinton team should bring up is “basic human decency” especially after Hillary used all the pressure she could muster from the State Department to keep the Haitian government from increasing the minimum wage in the country from 20 cents an hour to a whopping 61 cents. That would have cost Hillary’s South Korean friends some serious profit margins, so she got them to cap pay for Haitian laborers at 35 cents per hour. Wanna guess at how many Haitian children suffer to this day as a result of that “basic human decency” of Michelle’s candidate?

But of course, with all this stuff coming out about Hillary being a two-faced lying globalist using the State Department to line her pockets and deleting thousands of troubling emails, this is the best they got, isn’t it? Identity politics enhanced by the corporate media’s endless barrage of Trump-bashing hyperbole. Good thing President Peace Prize made it legal for them to use propaganda against the American people, right? I mean after all, she is the continuation of the Obama administration, right? All’s fair now.


8 Responses

  1. The frustration of the political and media establishment is both amusing and pathetic to see. Their Syria project has been thwarted. Their non-stop Trump-bashing and Russia-bashing are not swaying the masses. Their sexual accusations against Trump have no effect, since the masses see this as routine mud-slinging. Desperate neocons are demanding a regime change against Russia. Hillary is so desperate that she’s actually talking about making college free. (It’s just talk, of course.) Among the masses, no one favors the TPP, TTIP, or TiSA.

    The Establishment does not understand how angry the masses are. American corporations are terminating millions of people, either outright, or else by telling them they must work for outside contractors at one third their pay, with zero benefits, and zero seniority. U.S. prisons are the new sweat-shops, as corporations pay inmate slaves fifteen cents a day, or nothing at all. Cops murder innocent people at will. In court, prosecutors are totally free to lie, withhold exculpatory evidence, and so on – and they face no consequences when they are caught. Every day there is a new scandal in which people learn how their banks have ripped them off. Big Pharma is bribing more and more state legislatures to make it mandatory for all of us to get pumped full of toxic mercury and aluminum to “protect us” against harmless things like mumps and measles.

    The rich and powerful have ripped away our blankets, leaving us to painfully freeze to death, and they wonder why they are no longer able to lull us back to sleep.

  2. If there’s a word stronger than disgust, and there must be, to use on this mob and their lackeys, I can’t come up with it right now.

    If there’s a Judgement coming, and I believe there is, that girl in the top photo will be there to point her finger.

    Then what, for them? Even for me, I wonder

  3. mooch probably thinks that by killing all those kids, he’s putting them out of the misery.
    liberalism is a mental illness

  4. No one can rationally argue your points about what monsters Clinton and her servant Obama are, however you make it sound like that Donald Caligula Trump’s actions are somehow excusable behaviors.
    I must take issue if you think a guy this entitled and thin skinned is any better than the other two.
    In any case, I hope you are persevering against all obstacles and an glad to see you back at work!

    • Hi Johnie. I’m alright. hanging in here.

      I have to ask… What “actions” of Trump’s are you talking about? The ones that seem like they were just contrived to match his ridiculous bloviating in the bus or his business actions? Clinton has stolen, skimmed, taken advantage of everything she could to line her pockets, crippled the people of Haiti after they were already crippled, set up an illegal server for her emails so she could get away with crimes more easily, forced a “humanitarian war” on Libya and laughed about the brutal illegal murder of it’s beloved leader by her hand-picked terrorists of soft power. Michelle’s husband has committed war crimes, bombed 7 counties we have no business in, killed 4 US citizens with drone strikes, been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of children not to mention men and women who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he’s directly responsible for allowing a 5 year campaign of terror in Syria which has killed or displaced MILLIONS of people… many of them children.

      And Trump has done what by comparison?

      Is it inexcusable for a boorish, uneducated twit to act like a boorish, uneducated twit? That’s what he is. Unacceptable? I’m not voting for him because he’s just another neocon, just a neocon LITE version. I’m not voting for him because I’m not shallow enough to think Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is a good model by which we should remake our country and I don’t personally think we should be ruled by demagogue captains of industry. He’s a clown little man who cant stand the idea of balding and in my best guess, is deathly afraid of women finding out just how shallow and vapid he really is.

      That said, would I rather see him as president? You’re damn right I would because then all my fake-left friends can start opposing war and free trade agreements and torture and all those things they used to be opposed to back in the good old Bush days and maybe we can get something moving on the ground again. Cus God knows they wont do shit for the first 2 years of Hillary’s brutal left-cover administration.

      I’m going to laugh when she appoints a far right judge to the SC. That will be funny watching her fans twist in the wind on that one.

      Is he “better” than Obama, Clinton, Bush and Killary?

      Well, he hasn’t killed anyone yet or violated the constitution or profited directly from foreign policy deals or violated international law as of yet… so… yeah, as sad as it is… he kinda is in that regard. Killary should be in prison and Bernie should be the nominee. And that is just a fact.

      • Well said…! I, of course, can not disagree.
        This election more resembles WWE. As a matter of of fact I can well imagine Trump and the Clintons stepping behind the curtain lighting up Cohibas, sharing Johnny Walker Blue, congratulating one another, whilst laughing and clapping each other on back.

        • Yeah, it’s a joke to them. all in good fun. The Donald will leave this race slightly scared but not according to his widening base and will probably set up a new network of his own with Ailes and that guy from Breitbart and Killary and the masters of the universe will move on with their operational plans as prescribed. It is the WWE or a scripted reality show and there is nothing more too say about it in that regard. We don’t have a democracy in this country. Haven’t for a while I guess.

  5. The number of children Obama has killed is more likely in the tens of thousands. The US Air Force has likely dropped 50,000 or so bombs on Muslim countries in just the past two years.
    These are big, big bombs. Until you have seen one go off you just can’t believe the destructive power. A MK 82 can be clearly heard from 25 miles away. The intent of all this bombing is to kill people, and they do. People by the tens of thousands.

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