Breaking News from Vanessa Beeley Regarding Aleppo

by Scott Creighton

The White Helmets propaganda didn’t work. In spite of “progressive” Amy Goodman helping them sell it to the left. If this report is correct, the “moderate” regime change terror campaign in eastern Aleppo is finally coming to an end as the Syrians have cut a deal to let them leave the city in buses and supposedly regroup in Idlib. Why they hell they would agree to that I have no idea. They should just do a strafing run on the convoy of buses on the highway in my opinion or load them up with C-4 after all these years of terrorizing the people of that city. Why let them escape to another part of Syria where they can take pot-shots at local police and the Syrian Arab Army? But I guess that is the deal. At least this will help bring about the end of the suffering for the people in Aleppo and that’s a good thing. And at least Avaaz, Amy Goodman and all the other neocon sympathizers didn’t get their wish which was all out “humanitarian” war with the Syrian government (and the Iranians, Russians and perhaps even the Chinese)

The Obamaites will undoubtedly try to tout this as a victory on his part. They can put it up there with his unconstitutional fascist mandate forcing citizens to buy useless insurance and his staged “killing of bin Laden” story.

However, they had a cease-fire deal before didn’t they and Sec. Ash Carter took it on himself to torpedo it by attacking Syrian soldiers and getting his “moderate” terrorists to bomb a UN aid convoy… so… don’t hold your breath.

In the movie Jurassic Park a character states “life finds a way”. In the real world of left-cover ObamaGod and his neocon-infused cabinet, war finds a way. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

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  1. Ms. Beely speaks of “rebels,” “terrorists,” and “moderates” in Syria.

    I reject all such distinctions.

    The Western Empire applies such terms arbitrarily, according to each day’s propaganda needs.

    “ISIS,”™ Al-Qaeda, Jibhat al Nusra, the “Free Syrian Army,” the “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham” – all these names mean nothing to me.

    In Syria, either you are aligned with the Syrian government and the people, or else you are fighting the Syrian government and the people, with the help of the Empire. Or else you are a Kurd who hopes to have your own new nation, carved out of Syria and Iraq.

    Regarding the Syrian army’s supposed offer to safely transport the terrorists from Aleppo to Idlib, I do not take this at face value. After five years of war, the Syrian army will not let the terrorists regroup. They can’t. All terrorists who surrender will be processed and investigated. Foreigners among them will be detained pending their deportation. Civilians will be asked which among the terrorists committed atrocities. Those that civilians point out will be taken away for their “safety,” and will be quietly liquidated. A special unit will purge them without telling the main army. When surviving families ask questions, no one will have any answers.

    Some terrorists will be publicly exonerated, but they will spend the rest of their lives on probation. If they take up arms again, or even if they fail to report on a regular basis, they will be hunted. If caught, they will be severely punished, and perhaps executed.

    There will be nothing new or unique about this. It’s what happens at the end of wars.

  2. Separate topic: Picts of children from Aleppo

    I have seen several. They all seem to be staged. The cameramen is overdoing it. The kids look like form Benetton ad campaign. They seem to select cool looking kids that would appeal to young westerners or they just appeal to the photographer.

    Did somebody do analysis of this propaganda blitz?

    • It’s funny you mentioned that. Yeah, there have been a couple things I saw on Twitter. Some of these kids show up being “rescued” in several different photo ops.

    • The “Right Livelihood Award” is an international award given each year to four different individuals or groups for outstanding work in promoting Western imperialism and neoliberalism.

      Often promoted as an “Alternative Nobel Prize,” it includes an award of 200,000 euros (USD $220,000) which is divided among the four winners.

      This year’s winners were

      [1] Cumhuriyet (a pro-Western newspaper in Turkey)
      [2] Svetlana Gannushkina (a pro-Western activist in Russia)
      [3] Mozan Hassan (a pro-Western feminist in Egypt)

      And of course…

      [4] The terrorist “white helmets.”™

      In some years, one or more of the recipients will have actually done humanitarian work. Recognition of them makes the fourth winner also seem humanitarian (e.g. the bloodthirsty “white helmets”™).

      • they had to give their psyop team something, didn’t they? I was thinking they would give em an Emmy for all that acting they were doing. Acting like they cared about anyone.

        • Netflix has a “documentary” that praises the “white helmets.” I haven’t seen it, but the concept reminds me of the “Invisible Children” hoax in which the U.S. government paid amateur videographer Jason Russell to make a film titled “Kony 2012.” The film vilified the shadowy resistance fighter Joseph Kony in order to justify U.S. help for Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, who the USA has kept in power as a puppet dictator for over 30 years.

          “Kony 2012” justified the use of U.S. Special Forces to crush citizen uprisings in Uganda. When social media users exposed the “Koney 2012” hoax, Jason Russell was driven mad by shame. On 15 March 2012 Russell tore off his clothes and stood stark naked at an intersection in San Diego CA, pounding the pavement with his hands, vandalizing parked vehicles, and screaming at motorists and pedestrians until the police threw him into a loony bin (for several weeks actually).

          After that, the U.S. government decided that propaganda videos were not effective in whitewashing the brutality of imperialism and neoliberalism in Africa. Instead, the corporate media outlets say little or nothing at all about Africa. Out of sight, out of mind.

          Speaking of Uganda, all the garbage we’ve heard about Idi Amin was fabricated by the Western Empire because Amin defied the Empire. Amin expelled all Israelis, nationalized most mines and other businesses, and befriended Russia and Libya. In response, Time magazine had a cover story about Idi Amin titled “The Wild Man of Africa.” (7 March 1977) It claimed that Amin enjoyed chopping off the heads of babies, eating their bodies, and keeping their heads on display so that Amin could lecture them on their sins. The lies were hilarious. Amin had to flee Uganda in April 1979 when the USA led an invasion of mercenaries from neighboring Kenya and Tanzania. Since then, Uganda’s people have been under the heel of US– installed puppet dictators. The Israelis all returned to Uganda, and they now hold most of the wealth there.

          • I covered that years ago. the dude was whacked on bath salts or meth or something. he freaked out. I saw him at Liberty U in some video some time afterward I believe. found God or a new racket.

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