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  1. Rafael Correa was elected twice. In just 45 days, young Ecuadorians gathered 1.2 million signatures for a petition asking Correa to run for a third term. However Correa says no thank you, he absolutely will not run for a third term. He has been affirming this for many months.

    Official campaigning for the next presidential term will begin on 2 Jan 2017. Election Day will be 19 Feb 2017. The next president will officially take office on 24 May 2017.

    Correa’s vice president, Jorge David Glas Espinel, will probably run for the presidency, but he faces stiff opposition from rich, right-wing neoliberals who absolutely despise Correa.

    If the neoliberals win in Feb 2017, they will probably boot Julian Assange out of the embassy in London. They will also make Ecuador join the neoliberal empire (led by the USA), which now includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay.

    The presidents of Bolivia, Venezuela, and Cuba will become more isolated than ever.


    In the video above, Chris Hedges speaks as though Washington is behind all neoliberal attacks in Latin America. Hedges says the IMF “shoved neoliberalism down the throats of Latin countries.”

    That’s not correct. Washington is certainly involved, but Washington could never succeed if its target countries did not already have rich, corrupt neoliberals who were already itching to join the Empire, and thereby reduce their own Latin citizenry to slavery.

    Thus, neoliberalism is pushed not only by the North, but by rich people in the South (i.e. by oligarchs inside Latin America).

    I reiterate that neoliberalism is essentially neo-feudalism, i.e. the drive to reduce the entire planet, and everyone and everything on it, to being the disposable property of a handful of rich people.

    • “Thus, neoliberalism is pushed not only by the North, but by rich people in the South (i.e. by oligarchs inside Latin America).”

      I think that eventually the same scenario they have for China. When Chinese oligarchy will be ready to betray their people and join Plutocracy International?

      • China is already there — i.e. fully infected with the neoliberal plague.

        The Chinese government (like almost every other government on earth) is imposing gratuitous austerity on the Chinese masses (a.k.a. “market reforms” and “structural adjustment”) in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

        Pollution is catastrophic. Censorship is fierce. Chinese workers toil in sweatshops to make rich owners richer. Today’s China is no more “communist” than are the Koch brothers or Goldman Sachs.

        Neither China nor Russia are saintly. They will not save us from the Neoliberal Empire.

        They are not savors. They are competitors.

        • “They are not savors. They are competitors.”

          very true. However, unlike the IMF and the World Bank, China does not impose neoliberal austerity demands on countries as an obligation when they make them a loan, which is a big difference. Nor does Russia for that matter. I think the biggest issue in Chinese labor are the conditions in which they work. Deregulation is a huge thing for Chinese businesses and of course, the employees suffer the most from that. but remember, China has brought more people out of poverty over the last two decades than the entire Westernized economies combined. In fact, as we slip further into poverty, China is bringing their people out of it. So yes, there is a tinge of neoliberalism in China, but it is not as rampant as it is here or places like Greece for instance.

          • Excellent points. Whereas China lends to simply make a profit, the IMF lends in a predatory manner that is designed to promote global poverty, inequality, indebtedness, and neoliberalism.

            Anyone who denies this fact is a liar or a fool.

  2. Chris Hedges: It’s Our Bombs, Not Trump’s Comments, that Fuel Hatred Towards the United States

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