“Is it the US strategy to let al Qaeda run eastern Aleppo?”

by Scott Creighton

A couple of reporters give State Department spokesman John Kirby a hard time with questions about what is really going on in Syria and Aleppo specifically. Kirby repeatedly refuses to condemn either our “moderates” in the country or al Nusra in eastern Aleppo (which is really al Qaeda). When asked about reports showing the residents of eastern Aleppo are being held hostage against their will in the area by our “moderates” and al Nusra, Kirby suggests the way to fix it is to force Russia and Syria from attacking al Qaeda and allowing them to completely control that area. So, one of the reporters asks him directly “is it the US strategy to let al Qaeda run eastern Aleppo?” and Kirby has a conniption.

2 Responses

  1. Kirby’s doublespeak is just breathtaking.

    Q. Aren’t people who are trying to leave Aleppo but can’t being held hostage?
    A. They shouldn’t have to leave.

    The mix of paternalism, hubris, and deception on display here is truly chilling–particularly coming from someone speaking on behalf a country that was never invited into Syria in the first place.

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