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  1. Egypt, Malaysia and Senegal voted with Russia against the French resolution.

    Egypt’s vote has enraged the USA, Israel, the Saudis, and the Gulf oil sheikhdoms.

    The other eleven members of the UNSC voted in favor of a “no-fly” zone over Syria, so that NATO aircraft can start bombing Syria to rubble, as NATO did Libya, and as the Saudis are now doing to Yemen.

    Yesterday in Sana’a (Yemen’s capital) the Saudis targeted a funeral hall full of mourners, intentionally murdering at least 140 people and wounding more than 525.

    The US-backed Saudi bombardment and blockade has continued nonstop since March 2015. Yet only the imminent defeat of US-backed terrorists in Aleppo is called a “humanitarian crisis.”

  2. “Egypt, Malaysia and Senegal voted with Russia against the French resolution.”

    Not true, only Venezuela voted with Russia against the French resolution. Egypt voted for both the French and Russian resolutions.

    • You are correct. Thank you.

      France and Spain proposed that Syrian airspace be made off-limits to Syrian and Russian military aircraft (in order to let the terrorists regroup). This French / Spanish proposal received 11 affirmative votes, 2 abstentions (Angola and China), and 2 negative votes (Russia and Venezuela). It was vetoed by Russia.

      Russia proposed that the Western powers end their proxy war in Syria. This proposal received 4 votes in favor, 9 against (France, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, UK and USA) and 2 abstentions (Angola and Uruguay). It was vetoed by the US, UK, and France, who then condemned Russia for using its veto.

      Egypt voted for the French / Spanish proposal, but also voted for the Russian proposal. This brought condemnation by the Saudis and Qatar.

      • Egypt is moving slightly closer to the Russians these days. Got some kind of new military deal with them last week if I’m not mistaken. Makes sense. Of course, Kerry put him in power, al-Sisi, so I couldn’t imagine they would vote against something the US backed.

    • ah. I kinda figured al-Sisi wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds him and put him in power this early in his rule. thanks for the clarification.

  3. A new law in Australia will let the government imprison for life anyone who prosecutors say might commit “terrorism.” (The operative word there is might.)

    After inmates finish their sentences for terrorism-related acts (which can be any act at all), judges can order inmates held in prison indefinitely.

    This goes beyond even the USA, which does not allow prisoners on U.S. soil to be held after their sentences end.

    George Williams is the dean of the University of New South Wales law school. Mr. Williams, a “human rights” lawyer, admits that the new measure will negate fundamental human rights, but it is a “necessary evil.”

    Meanwhile Australia’s attorney general George Brandis will create a new crime of “advocating genocide,” which will carry a sentence of seven years.


    Mr. Brandis says he conceived his “advocating genocide” law in consultation with “leading members of the Jewish community.”


    Therefore, things like questioning Israeli atrocities, or questioning the World War II “holocaust” will be considered “advocating genocide.”

    “In my view holocaust denial would be caught by the proposed language of the new law.”


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