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  1. […] Norm’s note: propaganda works.  People I know personally are buying into it.  It is disheartening beyond words.  Anyway, a couple of videos that shred the lies that have become the ‘casus belli’ for what may quickly become, if it hasn’t already, World War III . . .  (H/T to OffGuardian  & to American Everyman / Scott Creighton) […]

  2. Excellent discussion, we really need to circulate this as widely as possible. Thank you Scott.

  3. Amy Goodman was praising and mythologizing the White Helmets on Democracy now this morning big time, interviewing some Brit propaganda filmmaker who made a propaganda film singing their praises. They even mentioned that the White Helmets are known former insurgent terrorists, and they play a clip from the film where the head of the White Helmets directly says he used to be an insurgent but now he wants to help people – awww, how sweet – and DN pretends to be baffled as to why the Syrian government won’t allow them to operate in government-held areas. Democracy Now is now a “thought leader” for extremely low-information faux-“progressive” chumps.

    • PBS gets most of its money from the U.S. government, and from large corporate “trusts” and “foundations.” Its purpose is to snag leftists by sounding somewhat “progressive” regarding routine issues, while being a right-wing mouthpiece for warmongers and neoliberals when ordered to be so.

      And now the Empire, after five years of lies and gibberish about Syria, is finally having some propaganda success with its lies about the “white helmet”™ terrorists. Therefore the Empire has ordered PBS to further the propaganda.

      I am surprised that the “white helmet”™ killers were not given the Nobel Peace Prize. Nor were the saber-rattling generals or neocons who are demanding a world war. This is out of character for the Peace Prize committee. Maybe next year.

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