Announcing My New AXE Body Spray Scent – IDENTITY POLITICS

yes. I am reduced to doing sponsored articles. It’s sad isn’t it?

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  2. I’m so excited for the big event all set to start. “Reprehensibles, start your engines!

    2016 Monster Jam!!! Live from The Reality-Based Community Center!!! The sceeching, slamming fast lane to DEstruction, “RRRRRRRRRR!!!!”…..yoooou’ve never seen anything like it!!! Starring: the Horrid Hostess From Hell! The Giggling Gravedigger!! The Electrolux Wonder Of Plunder, Hillary Clinton!!! Versus the Porcine Preener! The Creeper with a forked-tongue for a brain!! The Hairdo with a heart of pyrite, Donald Trump!!! Don’t miss this spectacle!!! “ENGYyowwww!!!” The peels, the squeals, the thundering, screaming wheels! The crashes! Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt! Booomb!!! Who will win? Only one will be left standing on its hind legs when the smell of burning sulphate, the smoke, and the roar of monster engines settles. Don’t miss this showdown!!! A double creature feature!!! See the amaaazing lack of a any trace of humanity between them! Only one will be left licking their tallons! Only one will be the winner! And 350 million will be the losers!!! If you don’t have packing peanuts between your ears now….stick around! ‘Cause only one’s gonna make you pull that lever! Only one will get you to do the unthinkable! Monster Jam For The White House 2016!!! This ain’t your Granny’s democracy!!! The Bread!!! The Circus!!! Be there or be square!!! Monster Jam, a NWO-Deep State production.

    • Almost forgot, “We’re gonna turn the US of A into a giant… MUUUD PIT!”

    • this is so funny in the fact that I just got an offer to go to a Trump rally down here in Florida at a livestock stockyard. I fully expect Monster Trucks to be parked in the back and a prize winning heffer on display in the front. God help me… I think I have to go. He just kissed a baby onstage yesterday. It’s really getting wild. But, all things being equal, it’s something to do in Florida…

  3. Striving for absolute power can put wrinkles on a girl’s face. That’s the ugly part

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