Breathless Complicit Media Reporting on New Trump Video is Simply a Distraction from New Oct. 6th DC Leaks Release of Hacked Clinton Emails

by Scott Creighton


Just a quick note:

Sleezeballs like “Donny” Deutsch are out there screaming about this new video featuring Donald Trump in 2005 saying he likes to “f@ck” beautiful women and tried to “f@ck” one of them who was married at the time but failed to score. During the recording, which was secretly recorded by some other sleazeball prior to an interview and a guest appearance on some New York soap opera, The Donald makes it clear he likes being a celebrity because he gets to fondle women and have sex with them.

This, according to sleazeball Deutsch, is the “official end” of Trump’s presidential candidacy. Which coincidentally just happens to coincide with a new batch of “lost” Clinton Foundation and State Department emails turning up.

Wow. There’s a revelation, huh? A male billionaire scumbag like Trump likes to take advantage of his wealth, power and celebrity status to screw anything that moves. Couldn’t have seen that one coming. Of course, Donnie himself is a sleazeball 60-year-old “ad man” who like to try to make himself look 32 so he can screw anything that moves his way as well.

Uh, Donnie and all you other Clinton water-carrying asshats out there… this shocking revelation was already covered… by South Park.

Yes. It would appear billionaire playboys born with silver spoons stuck up their asses like to pad their shallow egos with female conquests especially if that wealth and celebrity status came relatively easily. And yes, they view women as objects. But they view everybody as objects. Employees. Family. Voters. Everyone. Same holds true for fake-left sellouts like, say, the Clintons for example.

And yes, even poor working class slobs talk about “p@ssy” just like The Donald did. Even the gay ones. Especially the gay ones.

Here’s the f@cking point though and I want to make this very clear… at that time, Donald Trump was a civilian. He was a billionaire asshole civilian, but he was a civilian.

One the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s husband, while he was both president and governor of a state, was running around sticking cigars in 21-year-old interns vaginas… in the Oval Office…while on the clock… during the day. He splooged on her f@cking dress.

While he was president.

Do I really have to remind anyone of the difference between being a billionaire playboy and the so-called “leader of the free world”? Really?

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Freedom Rider: Ignoring Angela Davis

by Margaret Kimberly, BAR

There is nothing more revealing than passive voice and tortured syntax. One-time left wing icon Angela Davis demonstrated as much when she said she may vote for Hillary Clinton. Her actual words, “I’m not so narcissistic to say that I wouldn’t vote for her,” indicate some embarrassment with a bit of defensiveness thrown in for good measure. If Ms. Davis finds it difficult to be straightforward and say she is voting for Hillary then perhaps she ought to rethink her decision.

Everyone who rejects Hillary Clinton risks being smeared as a narcissist, a nihilist or a Trump loving Putinite. The Democratic party, their friends in the corporate media, and the black misleaders have banded together so well that only those with the strongest convictions will defy the Clinton campaign slogan and announce they are decidedly not “with her.”

It would have been easy for Davis to say that she hadn’t decided yet or that she is ambivalent or to give a reason why she finds Clinton lacking or take the easy way out and use Trump as an excuse. Instead she used a tired argument that ought to be rejected out of hand by a person of her stature. She joined in castigating those who don’t follow the Democrats into an endless loop of betrayal and disappointment. She didn’t use the discredited words lesser evil, but she may as well have.

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Sheepdog Bernie Sanders stumps for Clinton in Michigan

from the WSWS

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continued his campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Michigan Thursday, making appearances in four cities. His stops included a United Auto Workers (UAW) union hall in Dearborn, the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan State University in East Lansing and a high school in Grand Rapids. He moves on to New Hampshire Friday.

The former Democratic candidate is seeking to rebrand his “political revolution” into a get out the vote effort for Clinton, the favored candidate of Wall Street and the military intelligence apparatus. However, instead of the crowds of thousands he addressed during his primary campaign, Sanders spoke before audiences of only several hundreds, largely made up of Democratic Party faithful.

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Clinton calls for National Service

by Nancy Hanover, WSWS

Last Friday, September 30, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced a plan to institute a National Service Reserve for the purpose of recruiting five million young people between the ages of 18 and 30 for a minimum of a year of service. This initiative is not a milquetoast “reform” as it is being described in the media, but represents a dangerous shift towards wider wars abroad and a more militarized society at home.

While she packaged the idea as a local/national volunteer force, Clinton’s proposed corps are modeled after the Armed Forces Reserves. Volunteers would receive “basic training” and be on-call for natural disaster, public health campaigns or “other projects,” according to the Washington Post .

In return, Clinton offers possible college credits, time off from work and/or a “modest” living expense for volunteers, contingent on demonstrated financial need. Significantly, the federal government would not pay even for these limited rations; her plan suggests she will negotiate with corporations to do so.

Clinton also called for tripling the size of AmeriCorps from 75,000 to 250,000, increasing its loan forgiveness/stipend allocation to a miserable $23,000 for two years of full-time work plus another year in public service. Finally she advocated for the expansion of the Peace Corps and the enlistment of the over-55 age bracket for volunteer opportunities.

She has advertised the Reserve corps as an appeal to the “volunteering spirit” of millennials whose support she needs in November. Posted comments online, however, reacting to media reports indicates that most of the intended audience would prefer student-loan forgiveness and a decently-paying job rather than working for near-free. Even more fundamentally, they are deeply skeptical of the military implications of National Service.

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Columbia’s President Peace Prize and the False Positive Slaughter of the Poor, Disabled and Drug Addicted in his Neoliberal Country

by Scott Creighton

Fitting, huh? President Peace Prize, Kissinger, al-Qaeda’s White Helmets. Great company to keep of previous winners and future winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Columbia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to cut a deal with the left-wing FARC rebels. The deal was put to the people for a referendum and it failed to gain their support. I wonder if they use electronic voting machines.

A Nobel prize for a failed peace treaty facade and a career of imposing harsh austerity on the people of Columbia not to mention 7 years of the extra-judicial murder of thousands of his country’s poorest and most defenseless citizens?

Seems about right these days in Bizarro World, doesn’t it?

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Two boxes of Clinton emails unaccounted for: report

from The Hill

The FBI’s notes on its investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server raise questions about two “bankers boxes” of printed emails that went missing in the course of the probe, Fox News reported.

Among the FBI’s lengthy report are its notes from a 2015 interview with an unnamed Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS) employee, which were heavily redacted.

The notes say that IPS officials were told that there were 14 bankers boxes of emails at Clinton’s home, but when they were picked up from her lawyer’s office, there were only 12.

The report also points out that emails dated from early 2009, at the start of her term, were missing. The FBI said it’s not clear if she was using another email address at that time.

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