Twitter Updates on #WomensBoat2Gaza : approaching under Israeli threats (and shelling of Gaza?)


UPDATE: Confirmed. IDF is attacking Gaza as the Women’s boat is approaching.

The following are a series of updates from Twitter on the , the latest attempt to break the illegal blockaid of the Gaza Strip by Israel. Older Tweets after the break.

I am seeing unconfirmed reports that Israel is shelling Gaza.

Will update as more information becomes available


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  1. the more I read on your take, the more I see the chaos. with polarizing world views and beliefs, nothing short of a “mental cleansing” of humanity could truly resolve its issues. eternal sunshine for the spotless mind on a global scale. “until” then, order must be established. seeing an invisible hand is more of a comfort than an evil notion, as it comes down to it according to what I read. either the cia is protecting a good global order or its working for nefarious purposes. either Clinton is the greatest humanitarian to become president or she’s a war criminal profiteer. the world as it is presented to us is a polarizing reality. yin and yang. I feel more comfortable in controlling the known than being at the will of the unknown.

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