Amy Goodman Uses White Helmet Videos and Regime Change “Activists” from Syria to Promote Yet Another Humanitarian Bombing Campaign

by Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman, you’re pathetic.

When we talk about the “progressive” left being confused about Syria (and Libya before that) because of complicit phony “alternative” left-leaning journalists lying to them incessantly, none of the institutions out there are more responsible for that than is Democracy NOW! and Amy Goodman. Under the Obama administration, the once fearless anti-war activist and journalist has become an apologist for war criminals. There is no other way of looking at it. And not only an apologist for their crimes after the fact, but a complicit co-conspirator in the promotion of propaganda to seeks to justify more crimes against humanity in the future. She is practically on the payroll of US Special Forces doing work in their unconventional warfare division helping sway the “hearts and minds” of US citizens to accept and even call for aggressive military action against non-compliant nations across the world.

This latest segment she did on the situation in Aleppo, which her propagandist producers called “Worse than a Slaughterhouse”, proves my point and solidifies her position as the Judith Miller of the fake alternative media.

At one point during the interview, when asked about a new report from the Intercept that says US sanctions are killing Syrian children and making life much more difficult for the population, the activist they are speaking with, Yasser Munif, starts repeating his ridiculous propaganda about Bashar al-Assad bombing babies across the country and “torturing the population”. He ends up saying “unfortunately sanctions hurt people” and then moves on to plug his upcoming protests in 30 countries set for Oct. 1st. Clearly the global regime change operation is rolling out a new promotional campaign for the humanitarian bombing campaign they’ve been calling for.

Ms. Goodman interviews two long-time regime change “activists” during this interview, Osama Nassar (who back in 2012 claimed he personally thwarted the whole of the Syrian government when they showed up at his home to “kidnap” his infant daughter) and the aforementioned Yasser Munif (who back in 2013 gave a talk about the “Syrian revolution” and redrawing the map of the country)

Throughout the interview with these two regime change activists, Democracy NOW! producers ran various videos made by the propaganda group called the White Helmets. The White Helmets are a group of terrorists and former terrorists who are now paid handsomely to run around making phony videos showing them digging various children out of rubble in order to promote the idea that President Obama needs to declare all out war on the government of Syria.

Vanessa Beeley shared a bit of a video someone made showing White Helmet members attacking a civilian in East Aleppo not that long ago. Funny how Amy Goodman didn’t use that video of theirs in her Slaughterhouse piece.

The White Helmets are well known to be terrorist siding with regime change activists and US/British-backed mercenaries in Syria. It’s not even a question any more. Many of them have been outed as being active terrorists as well.

A little while ago a group called The Syria Solidarity Movement posted a petition on calling for the Nobel committee to please stop considering the White Helmets for the Nobel Peace Prize. The petition read in part:

“The White Helmets are Al Qaeda “with a facelift”. They are terrorism and neocolonialism under the umbrella of Humanitarianism.  

For the sake of Syria, please do NOT give the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Qaeda aka the Syrian White Helmets.”

The petition was pulled by after it received over 3,000 signatures but you can find the cashed version here. A video accompanied that petition which explains what the White Helmets really are.

The White Helmets are not neutral nor are they unarmed. According to reporting by Vanessa Beeley and others, they are funded by NATO governments who seek regime change in Syria to the tune of 100 million dollars and yet they are touted as “volunteers”

There is even a nifty new hearts and minds documentary out right now about them promoting them as brave heroes in the Syrian conflict. Again, their entire purpose is to promote all out war against the legitimate government of Syria.

Terrorists associated with al Qaeda sold to the people of America as “brave heroes”? Is that possible just a few short years after 9/11?

Image result for white helmets al nusra

As bad as this documentary is in terms of it being pure unadulterated propaganda that seeks to turn the tables on our perception of al Qaeda in Syria, Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW! are much worse.

From their little multi-million dollar studio in New York their previous history of being anti-war and anti-imperialism provides them a left cover which is hard for the average progressive left-leaner to see through. Documentaries like this White Helmets trash produced by Netflicks are a dime a dozen when it comes to hearts and minds campaigns of the past. They rarely influence many for long. But Democracy NOW!? That’s a different story.

Amy Goodman should be ashamed of what she has become. Sure she might argue that as long as she does her service for the great evil every now and again, the main body of her work is still progressive and seeks to expose corporate and government wrong doing on a grand scale.

But I’m sorry, that’s not good enough. And the people of Syria who are about to be stuck right in the middle of a shooting war between the US and Syria, Russia and Iran probably don’t think it’s good enough either.

If Goodman no longer has the courage to stand up to these humanitarian wars of aggression anymore, she needs to get out the business of selling them to America’s left.

She is currently doing the work of the worst actors in the military industrial complex, the ones who deliberately undermined the peace deal in Syria by attacking Syrian troops on Saturday and then bombing a UN aid convoy the following Monday. And these are the folks who wish to promote a humanitarian bombing campaign and a no-fly zone in Syria. These are kinds of humans Amy Goodman now serves.

Democracy NOW!? How about Disinfo NOW!? How about Disgusting NOW!? How about STFUandRETIRE NOW!? Yeah, I like that last one.

Amy Goodman, you’re pathetic.

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8 Responses

  1. How do they get away with pulling the same hoax over and over again? Increasingly thanks to faux-progressive foundation-funded outlets like DN! Until now, DN! had at least walked a cautious line on Syria (as on Ukraine), but this latest report is unremittingly shameful. The timing of it makes it still less forgiveable.

  2. “Under the Obama administration, the once fearless anti-war activist and journalist Amy Goodman has become an apologist for war criminals. “ ~ S.C.

    This is necessary, since PBS gets 95% of its funding from the U.S. government, and from warmongering “foundations.” If Amy Goodman does not dispense lies, she will be dismissed, and will be reduced to working at Wal Mart or Taco Bell with the rest of us. Therefore she poses as “leftist” just enough to keep progressives listening to her imperialist and neoliberal propaganda.

    This plague did not start with the Obama regime. It started in the late 1980s when David Horowitz (an ultra-militant Zionist) noticed that PBS was revealing too much truth about Israel. Horowitz began lobbying members of Congress, telling them they would not be re-elected if they did not turn PBS around. Politicians in turn threatened to cut PBS funding if PBS did not reverse its “liberal bias.” Meanwhile, over a span of five years, most of the top executives at PBS were replaced by arch-Zionists, imperialists, and neo-liberals. The result is what we see today: ultra-right-wing “leftists.”

    I have likewise seen many whoppers at other “progressive” web sites, such as Counterpunch, Common Dreams, and Socialist Worker. The latter blogs are not captive like PBS, but in their desperate attempts to seem righteous, their contributors often drink the kool-aid.

    Regarding Aleppo, let’s not be depressed by the endless lies. They are proof that the Empire is losing badly.

  3. Imperialists know that in order to keep the public brainwashed, they should not censor “progressive” media outlets.

    Instead, they should make “progressive” outlets become dependent on federal dollars, so the imperialists can use the “leftist” outlets to dispense right-wing lies.

    Some countries have not yet perfected this art (e.g. Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc). They directly censor the Internet, thereby motivating their citizenry to creatively get around the censorship.

    In the West the citizenry is not motivated, since the lies come from both the right and the left.

    Three examples of faux -“leftist” blogs are the Atlantic, Salon, and Mother Jones.

    All three are so militaristic that they surely get most of their funding from the U.S. government and / or from neoliberal “foundations.”

    From Mother Jones: “During the past year, Russia has killed almost 10,000 Syrians, including 4.000 civilians, says a new report.”

    The “new report” is from Mr. Rami Abdulrahman, the lone blogger who dispenses imperialist lies from his tiny living room, and calls himself the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.”

    • remember my ankle issues last week? The doc just called me. My left one is sprained and my right one is broken. lol. I’m still just walking around on it. nice huh? and that isn’t his real by the way. that came out a little while ago. Mother Jones. Jesus. They are hard pressed to get lefties ranting for war, aren’t they? Oh yeah, and the White Helmets just released a statement saying they have saved over 10,000 civilians. Mostly children. They never stop. It goes on and on and on…

  4. So what would the U.S. gov do if rebels took over New York or Miami , allow them to take over or attack w. every sophisticated piece of weaponry , so the idea Assad is the bad guy for trying to regain control of a Syrian city is silly propaganda and blaming Assad for rise of Islamist Rebels attacking his OWN COUNTRY IS A FLAT OUT LIE BY HER GUEST…

  5. Here is some more information on those gallant and pure favorites for the Nobel Peace Prize this year….The White Helmets, who, except for the evidence to the contrary, claim to be unarmed aid workers. Warning: Death Porn….there is a clip of these low-down, psychotic “neutrals” standing around watching as some kid is executed, and then they rush in for the photo-op with the stretcher. Unfortunately, someone spoiled everything and filmed them kibitzing on the sidelines. Did Pol Pot ever win a Nobel Peace Prize? Gotta look that up.

    And an extensive study of the humanitarian/mercenaries by Cory Morningstar.

  6. if you look at her tax returns going back to right before the obama administration you might get an interesting impression,

    I watched her program for a few years leading up to the ‘arab spring’ and I found her ‘romantic’ bull sh*t reporting around Egypt, the lack of thereof around Qatar/Saudi Arabia, and her reports about the viagra fueled rapists in Libya, the activists in Syria, etc… I just was taken back at how wrong she was … and don’t get me started about how her show was used to preach the state department party line.

    She sold out a while ago, and to be honest, I think shes always been something of an opportunist only really interested in her own ‘prestige’/reputation.

    I stopped watching about a year after the trouble in Syria began and it was clear she was really only pushing the bull sh*t down hill to the masses. Unfortunately too many people believe in her image, and forget to listen to what shes actually saying (show included).

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