Neoliberal News of the Day: Sept. 29th, 2016

by Scott Creighton

(I have a thing to do this morning, so I am getting a very early start. You guys have a good day)

Forget Ebil Putin! Trump Now Linked to Castro… Kind of: Rachel Maddow, of the MSNBC division of the Hillary Clinton 24-hour spin campaign, breathlessly touted a story last night that she said her tenacious producers dug up for her as an “early exclusive”. That means the publishers of the anti-Trump propaganda fed it to them so her fake-left audience would be ready to buy their yellow-journalism magazines this morning first thing. The story is; now we can tie our Putin-bashing New McCarthyism hate toward Donald Trump to a much older “Damn Ebil Commies!” hate of Fidel Castro. According to the “story”, one of Donald Trump’s businesses back ’98 “did $68,000 worth of business with communist Cuba while it was illegal to do so under the Fidel Castro regime” and then, according to an out of breath Maddow, he “lied about it to a group of Cuban exiles in Miami”. When you dig a little deeper what you find is his company hired another company to travel to Cuba to see about setting up future business deals in the country… after the Castro regime fell.  Seven months later he told a group of Miami Cubans that he wouldn’t do business in Cuba while Castro was still in power. It was a fact-finding mission for a neoliberal billionaire who was anticipating a successful regime change in a socialist country. And of course, the money was paid to a US based firm, not Ebil Commit Castro himself, as the Clinton people at Maddow’s show would have you believe. Rachel called it her “two scoops” story which I guess meant one scoop was Putin and the other Castro. Or, based on the legitimacy of both stories, you could say it’s two scoops of bullshit.

As more and more republicans and neocons and neoliberal business leaders back Hillary Clinton, all they can do is try to promote one version of identity politics after another in her campaign to get those of us on the left to hold our noses and vote for her. Clinton brought up that Miss Universe contestant during the debate in hopes that every woman who ever felt self-conscience about her weight would vote for her. The fact that she is Latino doesn’t hurt either. That’s why she brought her name up during the debate and repeated the hurtful things Trump said about her all those years ago. But people seem to forget, it was Hillary that said it the other night and therefore it’s Hillary who made them feel bad, or fat, or maligned all over again. To that same end, the Clinton campaign has been race-baiting for months doing everything they can to stoke anger and hostility in the political discourse in order for them to win some votes. It’s pathetic. Then they blame Trump for it. It’s pathetic. Kinda like when they started the whole “birther” thing and now blame him when he didn’t even catch onto it until 3 years after it was born from her campaign and her PUMAs that followed it.

In this case, they are trying to separate republicans from Trump. You can see these neoliberal advisers of hers just sitting there slicing up a pie and doing so on the basis of sex, race, religion and political affiliation. It’s obvious. They are trying to win over MORE right wing republicans to the Killary side by associating him with “de ebil COMMIES!”

Like so many other slanderous lines of attack they come up with, none of them compare to the corruption and brutality that is the Hillary Clinton career in public service. I saw someone on another division of the Clinton 24-hour spin campaign (CNN) saying saying he couldn’t believe the republicans had the gall to be rallying around Trump. My jaw dropped. “Our” candidate is a mass murderer (Libya) supported by neocon mass murders who said during the debate that NAFTA’s success was a matter of opinion and refused to definitively state she would oppose the TPP. She’s a warmonger who tried to frame North Korea for the accidental sinking of the Cheonan so she could justify a war there. She tried a color revolution in Iran after their election which failed. She tried the same thing in Russia with “Pussy Riot” and that failed. She stood with the dictator Saleh in Yemen until she couldn’t anymore and did the same thing with Mubarak in Egypt until public pressure finally ended his reign of neoliberal terror. She was behind a bloody coup in Honduras, started one in Ukraine and Syria and both of those are still producing dead bodies and misery to this very day. She’s corrupt to the core and you can ask any Haitian you can find on that one and she deliberately set up an illegal email server as Sec. of State so she wouldn’t be held accountable for her crimes later in life. Then, against the demands of congress, she had underlings bleach her servers and bash cell phones with hammers before they could be searched all of this after she “forgot” to hand over 33,000 emails to the Feds and the State Department when they asked for them. All of that of course, Comey gave her and her staff a pass on. Comey  was angry yesterday because folks have been calling him a “weasel” for letting her off the hook for her crimes. And that is too say nothing of the fact that the ONLY reason she is “our” candidate is because she STOLE the nomination from Bernie Sanders voters with the collusion of the DNC, for which “our” party chair had to resign in SHAME.

And that guy can’t believe the republicans get behind their candidate?

The Huffington Post ran a slanted poll yesterday to declare Hillary Clinton the “winner” of their debate. The fact that they are yet another division of the Clinton media spin program shouldn’t be factored in I suppose. Many other surveys suggest Trump won including some from such far right-wing organizations like TIME, Salon and The Hill.

They are now dragging Bernie Sanders around the country making him do “work” for Killary as if his supporters are dumb enough to vote for her just because he says so. It’s pathetic on so many levels.

Heeeheeheeheeheeheee… [sob]

Meanwhile, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is still busy burying his own campaign. You might recall he didn’t know what Aleppo was in one key MSM appearance. Then he stuck his tongue out at a female reporter like a pervert (actually, more like John McCain when he was throwing the election in 2008 for Barack Obama) while she was interviewing him. Now he’s gone on Slobbering Mathews’ show and failed to know the name of one singe foreign leader he liked. And when he finally narrowed it down, he said “that former president of Mexico”. Didn’t know the name of Vicente Fox. His running mate’s choice was neoliberal fascist Merkel to which Slobbering Mathews said was a great choice. Of course, he first offered up Shimon Peres, the murderous leader of Israel all those years. Vicente Fox is a neoliberal piece of crap as well by the way.

Over in Syria, John Kerry has said that Russia must stop bombing the CIA’s terrorist moderates in Aleppo or the US will stop “cooperating” with them. He wants a cease-fire again even though the Pentagon betrayed the last one by attacking Syrian soldiers and then they got their terrorists in Aleppo, the ones we wish to protect, to bomb and burn the UN aid convoy so they didn’t have to share info on “ISIS” with the Russians. All that comes just a day after the US blew up two bridges in Der Ezzor in order to keep the Syrian army from wiping out “ISIS” in that city as well.

Aleppo is the last holdout of our moderate terrorists in Syria and thus, the last real hope for the regime change operation in the country which is a key foundation of Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” plan. If they fail, Greater Kurdistan is out the window at least for a decade and there is a lot of money and a lot of foreign interests in that project, especially from Israel.

However, when the Pentagon sunk the cease-fire deal to keep from handing over info in “ISIS” to the Syrians and the Russians who would have wiped them out, the result was that those two were freed once again to target our moderate terrorist contractors in western Syria and the outcome doesn’t look good right now for them. Hence the panic.

The State Department spokesman John Kirby issued what can only be described as a threat to the Russians when he suggested the moderate terrorist contractors in Syria would start targeting Russian “interests and cities” if they didn’t stop. Translation? “We will send our terrorists to Moscow if you don’t stop killing our regime change terrorists in Syria”.

Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” John Kirby, the State Department’s spokesperson, told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing.

On a related note, President Obama told an audience of soldiers yesterday that he did not like the fact that his veto was overruled by congress. US citizens can now sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11 when they had nothing to do with it other than provide the Bush administration the names of about 15 patsies for their project. The problem with this, according to Obama, is that while our troops “do work” overseas (he said “do work”) they could end up being sued in a similar fashion. That’s because much of what we do is irregular warfare or unconventional warfare which means hiring terrorist mercenaries to destabilize other countries. Or even “shock and awe” which is terrorism by definition. I wonder if those victim’s family members will sue Israel for those Dancing Israelis who were held for two months by the NYPD before the Bush administration forced them to be released? Probably not.

Anyway, that is the day’s neoliberal news. Enjoy the show folks and remember, it’s just a ride. A screwed up ride on a half-ass carnie, but still, its just a ride.

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  1. If someone told me two years ago that Donald Trump would be a formidable candidate for President of the United States, I would have said “No thanks, I quit smoking that shit decades ago”. I don’t like nor trust him, and no way respect him, but the difference between these two f’d-up matryoshka dolls is that people are bagging Trump for what he says….and not what the other made-member of the NWO mafia has DONE when she was given some power. There should be an Amnesics Anonymous except everyone would forget they belong to it.
    The big debate* was like jello wrestling. They didn’t want the Libertarian or Green Parties because then it would have been a mass-debate….”Tsssssssh!”). Secretary Doom, fresh from her bouts with Bernie “Kid Candle” Sanders, threw a haymaker, Trump responded to the earth shattering accusation that he made oportunistic decisions when his competitors went under. He said, “I’m a businessman,” firing a left jab that shook What’s Her Name since she only knows how to lie and cheat and murder her way to suck-cess. He is an opportunist, stop the presses! And the Pope is still a Catholic. The latest scandal now is he did business with Cuba during the embargo. Like I said I’m no Trump fan but just to keep it real, here are some other businesses that have broken embargo and sanction rules in the past. I don’t remember them making headline news. Think they’ve donated to her foundations? Is the Pope still Catholic?

    Iran: (This has to be true….or CNN and the Wall Street Journal wouldn’t have said it.)

    Russia: (Obama warned Boing, Exxon, and IBM in the strongest possible language, “You better cut it out, you guys, or I’ll be really peeved”.

    Cuba: (See that hombre over there with the Nikes, drinking a Coke, eating Tyson Nuggets, talking on his Sprint. We never sold it to him. It was “one of our affiliates”.)

    *Less than an hour into the actual debate one sock-puppet site was celebrating a Clinton (ugh!) onesided victory….there’s your “alternative” news. Even the lapdog fake-indies didn’t have the yarbles to do that. This baloney factory actually has a section titled “Liberal Nation Rising”. We weep for our pride.

  2. The gremlins at WordPress got me again. Maybe too many links.

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