#TrumpWon First Debate – US Public (Corporate News Outlets Assert the Opposite)

(Mr. Tracy has collected screenshots from Variety, Slate, Heavy, The Hill, Fox 5, TIME and other polls that all show Donald Trump winning the first presidential debate this year. Of course, that doesn’t stop the complicit corporate media from saying Hillary won in their eyes. Tracy makes another good point when he reminds us it was the Clintons who freed up corporate media to gobble up all the little guys and consolidate all of the media back in ’96.)

by James Tracy, Memory Hole

It’s no secret that the same interests exerting ownership of major media regard Donald Trump’s candidacy as a very real threat to the status quo. This is reflected in the severely negative news coverage of the Trump campaign, particularly when contrasted with that of its counterpart–you know, the wife of the man who gave corporate media so much of their booty by signing into law the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Unsurprisingly in the immediate wake of the first presidential debate of 2016 major cable news outlets unanimously argued that Donald Trump lost the matchup, or, at the very least it was “not his night.” For example, veteran MSNBC presstitute Chris Matthews effused that Clinton “cleaned [Trump’s] clock” and  was the “home run debater–the Babe Ruth of debaters.”…

Granted, such polls do not meet specific social scientific protocols of academic institutions or polling firms–the latter of which often tailor surveys toward client preferences, as CNN’s commissioned poll suggests. Yet the spontaneous nature and presence of such polling across an array of online media catering to various political persuasions vis-a-vis the cable news talking points provide a glimpse of how much American public opinion appears to be at variance with the media monopoly that still controls what many mistake for actual public sentiment.

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