SANA Reports Coalition Bombed Two Key Bridges in Der Ezzor After Syrian Army Crushed an “ISIS” Advance

by Scott Creighton

[It should be noted for historical context that back in Nov. of 2013, it wasn’t “ISIS” that was supposedly fighting the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor, but instead, it was our “moderate rebels”

Syria’s eastern city of Deir Ezzor is effectively a divided city, split between government and opposition-held areas.

The rebels briefly gained an upper hand when they captured the Siyasiyeh Bridge in late January, effectively cutting off regime supplies to the adjoining province of Hasakeh. But the price tag was a heavy one.” News Deeply

Now ask yourself how did these “rebels” magically turn into “ISIS” while the Syrian army was combating them and then ask yourself if you really believe the Pentagon when they say they “accidentally” bombed Syrian forces in support of these “Rebels/ISIS” just outside the strategically important city.]

SANA News is reporting the news that US coalition aircraft have attacked and destroyed two bridges that span the Euphrates River in the countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.

Aircrafts of the US-led international coalition launched strikes on two main bridges on the Euphrates River in the countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.

SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said Wednesday that the strikes resulted in the destruction of al-Asharah Bridge that links the river’s two banks in the eastern countryside of the province only few hours after destroying al-Mayadin Bridge.

The destruction of the two bridges aims at disconnecting the areas located on both banks of the river, the reporter noted.” SANA News

I have yet to find confirmation that it was US coalition forces that destroyed the bridges but it should also be noted that if true, this isn’t the first time US coalition forces have targeted and destroyed critical civilian infrastructure in Syria as they “fight “ISIS””.

Late last year, the coalition’s aircrafts destroyed two electricity plants in al-Radwaniyeh area and water pumping stations in al-Khafseh area, east of Aleppo, in addition to claiming hundreds of civilian lives.” SANA News

Starting to look like a pattern.

This strategically beneficial move would seem to be in favor of “ISIS” not the Syrian army in that the terrorists just recently staged a major push in Deir Ezzor yesterday which was repelled by the Syrian army.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) launched a new offensive in the Al-Sina’a District of Deir Ezzor on Monday, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses from the Saqr Island axis near the Euphrates River.

ISIS began the assault by launching several missiles and mortar shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s positions at the western bank of the Euphrates; this forced the 242nd Regiment to withdraw towards the Al-Sina’a District.

Following the 242nd’s withdrawal to Al-Sina’a, ISIS landed at the western bank of the Euphrates, launching their attack on the district from this axis.

With the 242nd under attack, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Qassem Group” (Special Forces) arrived in Al-Sina’a to help drive back the terrorists storming the district’s eastern perimeter.

These reinforcements would prove necessary, as the Qassem Group pushed the Islamic State militants back across the river after an intense battle on Monday.” AMN

The battle for Dier Ezzor has been raging for quite sometime. There was a major fight back in 2014. This map shows the battle at that time in pretty good detail.

I believe what is listed as al-Anafat Bridge on this image may actually be what the previous article referred to as al-Asharah Bridge but I can’t be sure of that.

Deir Ezzor has been a key part of this fight since 2013.

Getting back to my original point, take a look at this battle map from 2013 when the fight was against the “moderates” of the Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria).

Image result for For a war map of the current situation around the Deir ez-Zor Airport, see here

Now look at this one from 2015. Suddenly the fight is against “ISIS”

Image result for For a war map of the current situation around the Deir ez-Zor Airport, see here


Wanna know why we bombed that location over the airport a week ago and then said it was an “accident” when it certainly wasn’t? Because they have dug a hole for themselves saying they are only in Syria to fight “ISIS” so whenever a bomb is dropped, it has to be against them and not the Syrian government or civilian infrastructure. Without a ruling from congress or a mandate from the people, the US is not allowed to openly wage war on the legitimate government of Syria. So they are stuck and in this case, just like last week when they killed Syrian troops, they are forced to appear as if they are actually supporting “ISIS”, the dreaded boogyman they created to justify military involvement in Syria.

Notice how the trend with the complicit media is to stop talking about “evil ISIS” and instead shift their propaganda to Russian and Syrian troops instead. That’s because they can’t step up their efforts in support of our terrorist regime change mercs in country without risking the public starting to wonder why Obama (who is currently an active surrogate for Clinton) supports “ISIS”

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  1. The Empire continues to wail as its Aleppo terrorists face imminent defeat. It’s pathetic.

    “Human Rights Watch” (sic) claims that the Syrian military is using “barrel bombs” filled with “toxic chemicals.” HRW says the US-backed terrorists are doing the same, but only the Syrian army is guilty of chemical weapons “atrocities.”

    Errol Mendes of the International Criminal Court says the Russian and Syrian governments are guilty of “war crimes,” and that Russia, not the proxy war, is responsible for “mass atrocities and the desperate flow of refugees.”

    Catholic Pope Francis is condemning Russian campaign against the Aleppo terrorists, saying that those who stop the terrorists from beheading children “must answer to God.” The Pope called the proxy war a civil war, and demanded that the Russians and Syrians back off.

    The NYT claims that the Russians and Syrians are using “bunker busters” against Aleppo’s children.

    NBC News is praising the bloodthirsty “White Helmets” in Aleppo, and is claiming that the Russians are destroying hospitals there.

    Raed al-Saleh is head of the US-backed terrorist group known as the “White Helmets.”™ He claims that the Syrian military attacked the aid convoy, and that Mr. al-Saleh knew about it two days before, because he had “intercepted” Syrian government communications.

    The “progressive” Mother Jones blog is denouncing the Russian campaign to liberate Aleppo, and is whining that Trump and Clinton did not condemn Russia during their debate.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for yet another cease fire so the terrorists can regroup. “It is up to the Assad regime and also Russia to take a step to improve the chances for a cease-fire and humanitarian aid.”

    FBI Director James Comey says that if Russia defeats the US-backed terrorists in Syria, the USA’s terrorists will directly attack the USA. “There will be a terrorist diaspora like we’ve never seen before.”

    Therefore the US Congress should give more money to the FBI. (Always more.)

  2. This is off topic, but I think it’s important. It further explains some things about US government finances…

    The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) will allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over its (alleged) support of the (alleged) 9-11 hijackers, as detailed in recently declassified the “28 pages” from the 9/11 Report.

    On 17 May 2016 the US Senate passed the Act.

    On 9 Sep 2016 the US House passed the Act.

    On 23 Sep 2016 Obama vetoed the Act.

    On 28 Sep 2016 Congress overrode Obama’s veto by a vote of 97-1 (Senate) and 348-77 (House). The lone Senate vote against the veto override was by Harry Reid (D – NV).

    This was the first override of Obama’s presidency.

    Therefore the Act will become law, and the families can sue.


    I have previously stated that the so-called U.S. national debt” is fake. It consists of money that investors have deposited in Federal Reserve savings accounts. Those deposits have nothing to do with the U.S. government’s ability to create money out of thin air for federal spending.

    When you buy a Treasury security, money is debited from your personal checking account, and is credited to your Fed savings account. Nothing physical moves (since money is not physical.) When your T-security matures, money is debited from your Fed savings account, and is credited (plus interest) back to your personal checking account.

    The only sense in which the “national debt” is a “debt” is that the Fed must give you back your money with interest when your security matures. The Fed creates the interest money out of thin air, simply by instructing your bank to change the numbers in your personal checking account. This is true whether the purchaser of the T-security is an individual, a bank, or an entire nation. Each has one or more checking accounts.

    Since this process is entirely separate from the U.S. government spending on regular operations, the U.S. government has no “national debt crisis.” It’s all a lie. (If you could create infinite money out of thin air, would you ever have to borrow money to fund your operations? No. Would you ever have a “debt crisis”? No.)

    However the Americans people have a PRIVATE debt crisis (e.g. student loans). The American people are crippled by private debt, but no American will every have to pay a single penny on the “national debt” (or public debt). If a person deposits money in a bank, that is a loan to the bank. You do not owe that person. The bank does.

    All deposits in any bank (including the Fed) are loans by depositors. Banks love to be in debt (i.e. love to have deposits). Banks boast about it.

    When you buy a T-security, you deposit money in a Fed savings account. You can sell your T-security to someone else before the security matures, and receive money for it, but you will sacrifice the interest. Such sales happen every day in what’s called the secondary Market.


    The Saudis have threatened that if the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act becomes law, they will “cash in” their T-securities, and thereby “crash the T-securities market.”

    This threat is meaningless to the point of being hilarious.

    It makes no difference whatsoever to anything or anyone if the Saudis sell their T-securities (at a loss) or do not sell then. Either way there will be zero effect on the securities market, and zero effect on U.S. federal spending or federal taxation.

    Obama and CIA Director John Brennan tried to claim that the Saudi threat was real, and that U.S. taxpayers would suffer if Obama’s veto was overridden. However, everyone who knows anything at all about U.S. government finances yawned, knowing it was lies.

    If the Saudis sell their T-securities, they will screw themselves, since they will have to sell at a loss. They will have to discount the price, and forgo the interest.

    So what happens now?


    9-11 families can sue the Saudis, while U.S. government lawyers defend the Saudis. Nothing will come of this.

    So what’s the fuss?

    The fuss is that the Saudis are pathologically arrogant and conceited children. Any challenge to their “superiority,” however empty and symbolic the challenge, sends them into convulsions of rage and resentment.

    So, even if they end up paying nothing to 9-11 families, they will squeal and squirm.

    This will be delightful to watch.

  3. Scott I wrote you a personal comment here but WordPress ate it.

  4. When is Russia going to warn other countries that Syria is going to enforce a NO FLY Zone over it’s country and Russia will be helping to enforce this??? Whatever happens, I still think Putin is playing Chess & the NWO is playing checkers in this unfolding drama.

  5. Okay. My comments are being deleted,
    So be it.

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