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    I was joking about nominating the bloodthirsty “White Helmet” terrorists for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    However Stephane Dion is serious.

    Mr. Dion is an MP with Canada’s New Democratic Party.

    In a letter to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Dion wants the “White Helmet” killers to be given a Nobel Peace Prize for their “selflessness, bravery, and fundamental commitment to human dignity.”

    John Ryan, a retired professor at the University of Winnipeg, responds (I shall paraphrase his words for brevity)…

    If the White Helmets are supposedly not affiliated with any political party, and are devoted to saving Syrian lives wherever they are, why do they never help Syrians in government-controlled areas? Why do they only operate in Al Qaeda and Al Nusra occupied parts of Syria, especially in the terrorist-occupied sections of Aleppo?

    The US proxy war has nothing to do with “human rights and freedom.” It has everything to do with oil and natural gas policies that Syria had the audacity to oppose.

    It is a lie that somehow, all on their own, thousands of Syrian civilians voluntarily came together to form the White Helmet brigades. The media portray them as a “non-governmental” organization, but so far they have received $23 million from the US Government, $29 million (£19.7 million) from the UK Government, and $4.5 million (€4 million) from the Dutch Government.

    They also receive PR training, which is funded and run by a variety of other EU nations. This totals at least $60 million. Clearly the White Helmets are not a locally based charity group. And are we to believe that all this money is used to just “scour through rubble” to try to rescue civilians in shelled and bombed war zones?

    The White Helmets, originally called “Syrian Civil Defense,” was created by the UK and USA in March of 2013 as a propaganda ploy.

    The program was headed by James Le Mesurier, a former British military officer and private contractor whose company is based in Dubai. The source of the $300,000 original seed funding is uncertain, but millions came in afterwards with open acknowledgements from the USA, UK and Holland.

    The “White Helmets” are paid liars. They falsely portray Assad and the Syrian Army as monsters slaughtering civilians, especially children. They demand a No Fly Zone against Russian and Syrian aircraft. They are active on social media, with a presence on Twitter and Facebook. They write anti-Assad guest editorials that appear in high profile newspapers. These assassins and head choppers have received glowing praise from the Huffington Post to the NYT. They have been heavily promoted by the U.S. Institute of Peace (U.S.I.P.) whose leader began a press conference by declaring, “The U.S.I.P. has been working for the Syrian Revolution from the beginning.”

    The White Helmets claim to be 3,000 in number (which is absurd). They claim to have rescued over 60,000 people (which is even more absurd).

    Raed Saleh is supposedly the head of the White Helmets. On 19 April 2016 he wads denied entrance into the USA because the FBI had him on its no-fly list as a known terrorist.

    In one video, Al Nusra members in Aleppo execute a civilian (5 May 2015). Moments afterward, White Helmets appear on the scene to remove the body in a body bag. YouTube quickly deleted the video at the behest of the US government.

    How can the White Helmets be called an ‘independent relief organization’ when they are funded by the US and other countries that want to destroy Syria’s government? They are not humanitarians. They are butchers.


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