As Warmongers Become Absolutely Desperate About Syria, Will They Stage a Major Event While the US is Distracted by Presidential Debate?

by Scott Creighton

While the people of the country are duly distracted by the WWE-styled event known as “Election 2016”, the situation at the United Nations is unraveling at record speed for Obama’s 5-year-old Syrian Regime Change Operation to the point where our representative in that institution is starting to act like a spoiled 13-year-old debutante who didn’t get the Ferrari cake she wanted for her coming out party.

In sharp contrast to Samantha Power’s petty toddler trick, Russian diplomats spoke truth to power that day telling the Security Council and the world that the problems in Syria stem from the US’s plan to remake the Middle East (or Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” plan as I have often described it)

Given that, it’s no wonder Samantha Power decided to respond the way she did.

Image result for fingers in ears i'm not listening

Samantha Power at UNSC emergency meeting she and the Brits called for

British, French and US representatives demanded an emergency UN Security Council meeting this weekend in response to a new wave of attacks from Syrian and Russian forces against their “moderate” terrorist proxy armies which are surrounding eastern Aleppo and starving and shelling the people in an effort to secure the city for themselves. The uptick in Syrian and Russian aggression against our proxy “freedom fighters” is in direct response to the US, British, Danish and Australian forces targeting Syrian troops last weekend in support of “ISIS” at Deir ez-Zor.

“Britain, France and the United States have requested an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the escalating campaign in Syria’s second city of Aleppo, diplomats said Saturday.AFP, Aug. 25

It should be noted that Syrian intelligence is now reporting they have audio recordings of “ISIS” fighters in Deir ez-Zor communicating with US coalition forces just before the “accidental” attack on Syrian troops. If that is true, the recordings have yet to be disclosed but the threat that they might be is certainly something that would send US interests into a panicked conniption since not only does the regime change operation in Syria depend on the “ISIS” boogeyman myth, but so does the bulk of our “Long War”, our “Hundred Years War” on global terrorism which started in the Bush administration and dutifully continued under Obama’s “CHANGE” regime. I wonder why that is.

National Museum Of African American History And Culture Opens In Washington, D.C.

Oh. Yeah. There is that.

The emergency session was called for by the Brits, the French and the US because they understand their terrorists are getting slaughtered in Aleppo which is a direct result of the collapse of the cease-fire agreement which the Syrians and the Russians desperately wanted to keep in place because according to the letter of the agreement, if it lasted 9 days, the US would have to hand over to those countries all their info on “ISIS” in Syria, something the Pentagon desperately did not wish to do. So after the attack on Syrian troops a week ago Saturday and the “moderates” bombing the UN aid convoy last Monday, the cease-fire deal was dead and the Syrians and Russians took off the kid gloves once again.

The results have been catastrophic for the CIA’s “moderates” (see this, this, this, and this) and our war planners in Syria certainly understood this to be a potential result of attacking Syrian troops and having our terrorists bomb the aid convoy long before those things happened, but it was apparently a necessary evil since they had to make sure the cease-fire deal was broken before having to hand over “ISIS” info to the Syrians and Russians (I’m confused. I thought we were at war with “ISIS”? Why not just give them that info anyway? Hmmmm?)

It’s been so bad for our Takfari contractors in the area, warmonger Lindsey Graham took the opportunity last week to practically demand bombing campaigns on Syrian and Russian planes from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense in a Senate hearing. The chairman said such an act would certainly provoke World War III and that kind of decision was a bit above his pay grade.

On Morning Joe, they too seemed determined to start bombing Assad’s forces and shooting their planes out of the sky before they can continue bombing the CIA’s terrorists into oblivion.

In short, the entire spectrum of warmongering regime change apologists for the New World Order (starting with Condi Rice’s “New Middle East”) have been reduced to a panicked gaggle of babbling Dr. Strangeloves as they seek to come up with any justification at all to continue to wreak havoc on the people of Syria in the name of “humanitarian concerns” on behalf of our “national interests”

This is evident in the behavior of our professional diplomats at the UN who have apparently dismissed any remaining pretense at being diplomatic and instead now resort to childish, infantile displays of arrogant distraction.

“The British ambassador to the United Nations walked out of the UN’s Security Council meeting on Sunday (25 September) after a heated session in which Syria and Russia were accused of war crimes over the offensive in Aleppo.

Western anger boiled over when Matthew Rycroft, was joined by the French ambassador Francois Delattre and US envoy Samantha Power in leaving the session as Syria’s ambassador was called to speak, Associated Press reported.” IBT

They call for a meeting and then after they finish lying about Russian and Syrian forces attacking civilians mercilessly, they stand and rush out the door before allowing the Syrian and Russian delegations to respond to those false claims. Like spoiled little children who don’t wish to be called out for their lies to their faces, they leave the room in a huff.

This is the same thing Samantha Power did a week ago after US forces bombed Syrian troops for the first time in this protracted regime change operation. It is becoming a pattern for these soulless liars of state.

“Yet again, US’ ‘diplomacy’ threatens to further destabilize the Middle East. After NATO murdered Syrian soldiers in broad daylight – an act of war against Syria and, arguably, against Russia – by conducting airstrikes on behalf of ISIS, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had the gall to walk out of a emergency UN Security Council meeting on the matter. Instead of responding sanely to Russia’s request for information, Power completely side-stepped the issue and, delusional as ever, demanded that Russia pressure Syria to ‘push for peace’. Stunned, her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin called her walk-out an act of ‘unprecedented contempt.’Corey Schink, Monday Sept. 19th

Before she abruptly left the room, angry about her Ferrari cake, Samantha Power went to great lengths to prop-up the myth of the “White Helmets” as some kind of neutral saviors in the country interested only in rescuing civilians and preserving life in the conflict-torn region. She did that because it was those same “White Helmets” that presented the video that blamed Russia for bombing the UN aid convoy and many of the civilian areas in Aleppo that are actually bombed by the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists.

Like Colin Powell before her so many years ago, Samantha Power is flat-out lying to the Security Council, which, like Powell before her, she knows are informed enough to understand what she is saying is a complete fabrication. But, like Powell, she does it anyway with the intended audience being the American people, not diplomats.

The “White Helmets” Power praised in the UNSC emergency meeting are US/CIA/British funded agriprop assets with the expressed mandate being to help facilitate the US-backed regime change in Syria. They are there to produce propaganda aimed at de-legitimizing the Assad government and to provide assistance on the ground to the Takfari terrorists throughout the country. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is fact.

The White Helmets have received over $ 40 million in funding from the US Government [USAID] and the UK Foreign Office despite their claims of being “fiercely independent and accepts no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict”

The UK and US governments are involved in the illegal war against Syria and are intent upon “regime change” in Syria, therefore they are “directly involved in the conflict”.

The White Helmets claim to be “unarmed and neutral” while embedded in areas occupied solely by Al Nusra [Al Qaeda] and ISIS. They are armed. They have been photographed and filmed supporting Al Nusra/Al Qaeda who are foreign mercenaries massacring the Syrian people. petition

The “White Helmets” are a hearts and minds campaign created in support of a military action, in this case, the forced regime change in Syria. They are an example of irregular warfare and they utilize the same Takfari terrorists, this time playing a different role in the production.

The paid influence peddlers on Twitter are also apparently getting desperate:

We do what we can.

The situation in Syria is becoming critical but not because the terrorists are winning, but because they aren’t and that’s a serious problem for the New Middle East/New World Order clan. Our diplomats are lying through their teeth at the UNSC like Colin Powell on meth and our beloved and “trusted” news folks on the right and the fake left are breathlessly promoting the same lies on an hourly basis back here at home.

If that doesn’t remind anyone of 2003, I don’t know what would other than perhaps that photo of the First Lady hugging on a proven war-criminal.

What concerns me is the fact that the Russians and the Syrian have apparently refused to back down and allow our terrorists to dissect the Syrian state with impunity. It also concerns me that the Russians have also decided against slowing oil production, which is keeping the price of oil relatively low and pissing off the masters of the universe to no end. When you couple all of that with the fevered pitch of New McCarthism in the states over here, the potential for a catastrophic development unfolding in the next few days 9or hours?) is pretty high.

Something is going to have to give in the next few days in Syria and I fear with the warmongers calling the shots in D.C. it doesn’t bode well for the Syrians… or for our troops whom they seem more than willing to send into harm’s way to protect their New Middle East operation.

It’s funny isn’t it? All of this going on right out there in the open and all folks can talk about is the existential threat a Donald Trump presidency would pose to our country because he supposedly demeans women and wants to build a wall. Obama and his second, Hillary Clinton, are literally pushing the envelope of WWIII and their loyal followers are more worried about Trump negotiating with Putin.

I guess when you look at it that way, this scene makes a lot more sense.

Absorbed in their own little self-centered worlds when it comes to facing the reality of their chosen candidate, Clinton supporters seem to have something in common with Samantha Power this year: their infantile coping mechanism.

Image result for fingers in ears i'm not listening

Clinton supporters being faced with the reality of their candidate’s other personality

Let’s hope WWIII doesn’t go “bang” under left-cover ObamaGod while the fake left isn’t listening.

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  1. Excellent writing, Scott. The photos say it all don’t they? Wow.

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