Russia is Responsible for UN Aid Convoy Bombing Even if They Didn’t Do It Says Warmongers in Senate

by Scott Creighton

Talk about your standard issue “basket of deplorables”

Lemniscat is posting some good short little clips on Twitter showing the new warmonger extraordinaire, Sen. Lindsey Graham, questioning Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dunford about the situation in Syria.

At first Sen. Graham asks Dunford about his plan to “hold” Raqqa. Raqqa is a Syrian city supposedly under control of “ISIS”. That would be the same “ISIS” our military allowed to leave Manbij and the same “ISIS” we apparently helped “accidentally” by bombing Syrian troops who had them penned down with no way to resupply.

Gen. Dunford replies that “we” currently have “14,000 Arabs” as part of what seems to be an occupation force he intends to use to “hold” the Syrian city.

He says that “may” consist of “part” of the holding force but apparently he needs to “resource” it some more.

In this clip, Sen. Graham is upset that Assad is still in power and opines about using a “military threat” to force regime change in the country.

And finally, in this clip, everyone involved agrees that Russia is “responsible” for the bombing of the UN aid convoy… even if Russia had nothing to do with it.

In all likelihood, due to statements from people on the ground in the area and the spokesman for the Red Crescent, there was no airstrike on the UN aid convoy in the terrorist-controlled area of Aleppo last Monday. and if there was no airstrike, it was more than likely attacked by our “moderate” terrorists in the area using one of their “hell cannons” which can clearly be seen driving by the convoy minutes before the attack started. The Russians and Syrians have no reason to attack the convoy and kill the cease-fire while the Pentagon made it very clear they never wanted the cease-fire to succeed. Had the convoy not been bombed, the US would have had to share their information on “ISIS” with the Russians and the Syrians as per the letter of the agreement.

Sen. Graham is simply doing his part in promoting a never ending war-time footing for the military industrial complex and the starting up of yet another highly profitable Cold War with Russia. I seriously doubt many even in the Pentagon wish to get into a shooting war with Russia, Iran, Syria and China all at once. More likely, they all agree that a new Cold War, complete with all that new Cold War spending on the military industrial complex, would be a great thing. A profitable thing.

At least I can hope they don’t want to get into a shooting war with Russia, Iran, Syria and China all at once.  Then again

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7 Responses

  1. In a warped way, they’re right. If Russia weren’t a friend of Syria, then Syria would already be destroyed so since Syria isn’t destroyed, it’s Russia’s fault that o’bama has to bomb them some more.

  2. Eighty percent of all blogs and corporate media outlets (including “progressive” and “anti-war” blogs) are claiming that the aid convoy was attacked by Russian bombers and Syrian “barrel bombs.”

    Their “proof” is that “witnesses confirm it.” What “witnesses”? They don’t say, but the fact that I ask for verifiable evidence shows that I support a “murderous dictator.”

    Four out of five Americans are cattle.

  3. It’s a time warp. Welcome back to the 1950s, folks. Duck and cover …

  4. The Aleppo offensive is going well.

    Today at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Samantha Power accused Russia of “barbarism,” saying that Russia and the Syrian government were “laying waste to what is left of an iconic Middle Eastern city.”

    TRANSLATION: Aleppo is finally on the verge of being liberated from the US-backed terrorist mercenaries.

    Save the Children (an NGO funded by western imperialist governments) claims that the Russian and Syrian governments are mostly killing innocent children.

    TRANSLATION: The U.S.-backed terrorists are being routed.

    Staffan de Mistura of Italy is a special UN envoy tasked with seeking a “peaceful resolution” (i.e. regime change) in Syria.

    Mr. Mistura claims that the Russians and the Syrian government have reached “new heights of horror” (i.e. they are having spectacular successes against the US-backed “moderates”).

    Mr. Mistura claims that the Russians are using incendiary bombs and US-style “bunker busters” to kill children. He says that the Russians and the Syrian government are guilty of “war crimes.”

    TRANSLATION: they are on the verge of total victory in Aleppo.

  5. This is comical.

    As the Empire becomes increasingly desperate, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says that Russia’s defense against US-sponsored war crimes are “war crimes.”

    Samantha Powers has developed a kindergarten-level habit of walking out of a UNSC meeting whenever a Russian representative is speaking.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) is demanding that additional sanctions be imposed on Russia and Syria, plus new sanctions on China, Iran, and any other nation that does not fervently support regime change.

    Pro-imperialist rags like the UK Guardian are claiming that Assad controls the U.K. government.

    The Israeli Debka-File blog claims that Iran now has bases in Italy, and continues to expand.

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged world powers to work harder to end the nightmare in Syria (i.e. to triple their support for regime change and the proxy war).

    Desperate indeed.

    Iran’s Fars News says that 250 “moderate” terrorists in Damascus surrendered to the Syrian government in exchange for a chance to return to normal lives. Meanwhile, 600 militants were pardoned in the city of Sweida (Arabic: Al Suwayda) near the Jordanian border, plus 130 militants from Homs Province.

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