US Proxies in Syria Violated Ceasefire ‘to Prolong War Until Clinton Presidency’

from Sputnik International

… Almassian said that recent attacks in Syria demonstrate a lack of political will in Washington for a ceasefire, and splits in the US administration on the matter.

“After the latest attack in Deir-Ez-Zor and also the recent developments in Aleppo, by attacking the humanitarian convoy, it becomes clear that there are parties who are able to damage this ceasefire, and these people are within the American administration itself. These are people who support Hillary Clinton and they are not interested in a peaceful solution now,” Almassian said. While Us Secretary of State John Kerry wants to end Barack Obama’s presidency with a peace deal in Syria, the White House is being thwarted by the US defense department and its allies in the region, who “want to prolong this war in Syria until Hillary Clinton comes to power.”

“One of the preconditions (for a ceasefire) is that the American administration should be united behind this ceasefire, not that the Pentagon is against and the White House is with the ceasefire. So obviously, there is no consensus within the American administration itself.”

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One Response

  1. Sputnik says that many people in Washington want to prolong the war against Syria until Wall Street can install Hillary in the White House.

    I agree with that, but can someone please tell Sputnik to stop using terms like “US-led anti-Daesh coalition”?

    The correct term is US-led pro-Daesh coalition. The USA and its allies arm, train, fund, transport, and medically care for terrorist mercenaries, which are not “rebels” as Sputnik calls them.

    As for the Russians, I fully suspect they will back down when Hillary orders Syria to be carpet-bombed like Libya was.

    If the Russians truly had a backbone, they would have ended the US-led nightmare by now.

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