FBI Now Seeking Information on “Leave the bomb, take the luggage” Guys from 27th St. in Chelsea

by Scott Creighton

Two Guys wanted for questioning by the FBI

They look like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down Seventh Avenue at the time,” Boyce added. DNA info New York

Back on Sept. 19th I wrote about the odd coincidence of two mysterious guys finding both bombs in Chelsea and Elizabeth, New Jersey during the weekend of distraction terrorism in the tri-state area. According to the official story, two well dressed guys were walking back and forth on 27th St. in Chelsea after the first bomb went off on 23rd St. until someone came by and dropped off the rolling luggage on the sidewalk. According to videos they have yet to release, authorities say the two guys opened up the luggage, removed the white plastic bag, removed the bomb and a note from the bag and left them on the sidewalk and simply walked away with the piece of luggage.

Here we are now on Wednesday and these two individuals, knowing full well how big this story is, have not contacted police anywhere and asked them if they might want the piece of luggage for their investigation into the attacks.

Not only that, but if authorities haven’t been able to find them in the area or anyone who might know who they were, that seems to suggest they weren’t from that area and it kind of makes one wonder… what were they doing walking around until they found a piece of luggage with a bomb in it?

Why would well dressed guys want a chicken restaurant employee’s luggage? Why would they mess with a pressure cooker bomb after opening the bag and seeing what it was? And more importantly… why, after pulling the obvious bomb out of the luggage and leaving it on the sidewalk for anyone to find, why didn’t they contact authorities with their nifty little cell phones and let them know about the dangerous thing sitting out in the open on 27th St.?

All good questions, right?

Apparently the Feds agree. They have put out a call for any information about these guys.

I hate to be the one to point this out but “two guys” could have meant two old guys or two kids or a guy in a wheel chair and his friend or two cross dressers out for a night on the town. There are a lot of possibilities when someone describes “two guys” finding the bag and leaving the bomb.

As it JUST SO HAPPENS these “two guys” are clearly of military age with military looking hair cuts and builds… and… dare I say it?… Middle Eastern (or Israeli?) features.

As I pointed out yesterday, isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that “two guys” found this bomb and left it lying there and then disappeared and then “two homeless guys” found the pipe bombs in Elizabeth on Sunday evening, left them lying on the sidewalk and then disappeared as well?

I wonder if these “two guys” look anything like the “two homeless guys” from Jersey. Just a thought.

Either way, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who finds that story from 27th St. a little suspect. Let’s see if they turn up.

And for my younger readers who may not get the reference…


UPDATE: One of the homeless guys in Jersey who found the pipe bombs has been identified. And no, he doesn’t look like these guys.

4 Responses

  1. These things just get sillier and sillier as time goes on and as they pretend to investigate.

  2. Once again you were spot on, but this time there seems to be an effort into finding out these ‘two guys’.

    • remember, the NYPD arrested and detained and then held the Dancing Israelis for about two months before finally giving into political pressure and allowing them to leave. I think there are factions within the massive organization of the NYPD that aren’t on board with this shit. Perhaps they got too much blowback from rational folks out here wondering why they weren’t trying to figure out who these guys were who set this bomb on a sidewalk in Chelsea and then left without informing authorities. No one for a minute believes those well dressed guys thought the crappy luggage was worth implicating themselves or someone’s life. So, yeah, one way or another, someone may be looking for them. I don’t know if they have found them or not. But also consider this… the case against the patsy is weak. They need the luggage to show it in his hand one minute and then next to a bomb the next. right now, they got nothing. so there are many reasons to find these guys and maybe, just maybe, someone in the detective’s office finds the story a little like bullshit much as we do. I can hope at least.

  3. Well, were the dancing Israeli’s jews or arabs? Also, was the luggage the clues to the culprits and not the pressure cooker? We all have to think like Sherlock these days since we cannot count on the journalists to do it.

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