Making Sense of the Kinder/Gentler Terror Distraction of Ahmad Khan Rahami

by Scott Creighton

On Saturday September 17th, the US military combined with Reaper drones from the British RAF and Australian, Danish forces attacked Syrian forces who were engaged in combat against our supposed enemy “ISIS” just south of Deir ez-Zour, Syria. 62 Syrian troops were killed and another 100 were wounded. When the attack stopped due to Russia demanding the US and coalition forces cease the attack, “ISIS” then moved into the area and took it from the Syrians. The United States, Britain, Australian and Danish forces did not then target “ISIS” after the “mistake” but rather they simply let them advance on the position cleared out by the coalition forces.

This event:

  • ended the cease-fire agreement for all intents and purposes
  • could easily be considered an act of war against the Syrian state which we have been trying to destabilize for the past 5 years
  • threatened to expose the true nature of our War on “ISIS”

Given the sheer magnitude of this event, it is understandable that those who planned it would wish to make sure that the MSM and the general population had something else to discuss all weekend and for the first part of the week while the well coordinated attack on Syrian troops by coalition forces in support of “ISIS” slips quietly down the memory hole as if it never happened.

In short, they needed a distraction… and a big one.

Part of irregular warfare is waging psychological operations in support of military campaigns. Creating distractions from failed or potentially unpopular operations falls under that general description. The regime change operation in Syria and the larger endless war everywhere against “ISIS” could easily be lost if the “rightness” of our cause comes into question in the minds of the masses, which is exactly what prolonged discussion and debate of this planned attack could have produced. But that wont happen now. That wont happen because Ahmad Khan Rahami, for no apparent reason, decided to make a bunch of bombs and target random spots across New Jersey and New York.

This weekend of terror distraction they concocted was, thankfully, devoid of fatalities. It was almost a street theater piece of performance art more than it was an actual terrorist attack. And for that, we should be thankful I suppose.

Let me explain what I mean.

Let’s take a look at what was planned and how it panned out so we can better understand the kinder/gentler terrorism of Ahmad Khan Rahami.

5k Semper Five Race Bombing

On Saturday morning here in the states, right around the time the coalition forces were bombing Syrian troops in support of “ISIS”, there was a 5k run scheduled to take place in New Jersey in support of Marine vets. It’s called the “Semper Five” run and it was supposed to start at 9am that day but they delayed it. Some say they delayed it because “a backpack was found” and others say they delayed it due to “late entries into the race

However that works out, the delay made sure no one was on the race course when the pipe bomb placed in a plastic trash can went off. There were two other devices in the can along with the one that detonated, but they didn’t, conveniently leaving them behind as evidence.

A number of Marine vets run in that race. It would be understandable were this to be a part of an irregular warfare operation that the architects of it would not wish to harm Marine vets after they went through all they did overseas only to be maimed back home running in an event for charity by some asshole running a domestic “hearts and minds” campaign.

Even still, the calculation could have been that the victim-less bombing attempt on Marines would certainly help generate anger in the general population as well as a great deal of immediate attention from the mass media. So, the plotters might have figured it works, even without bloodshed. And it did. The bombing dominated the 24-hour news networks all day until the next one on 23rd street in Manhattan went off later that night at 8:30.

On the other hand, why would Rahami attack Marines in Seaside Park? If anything, he and his family would have a grievance with the Elizabeth city council and perhaps local law enforcement over the all night chicken shack issue, but to my knowledge, he (they) have no bone to pick with the Marines or Seaside. So what could Ahmad Khan Rahami’s possible motivation be?

Someone had a motive. We know that because the bombs were put there. The question is… who had one?

The Dumpster Bombing in Chelsea

The big event in the weekend of distraction terrorism occurred around 8:30pm Saturday night. That’s about an hour after an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council was called to address the coalition attack on Syrian troops. An act of war, were it to have been done by anyone else, mind you.

At that time a device went off in Chelsea, an affluent quiet section of Manhattan.

The device was a low-powered, low-tech pressure cooker bomb from what I understand. Terrorism experts say it was on the bottom end of the sophistication range in terms of IEDs. There may have been shrapnel included in the design of it, but in terms of operation, the placement of the device negated that part of the attack because it was placed either inside or beneath a huge metal construction dumpster, thus reducing the effects of the detonation.

28 people were injured. Mostly superficial lacerations. The last victim left the hospital on Sunday afternoon and by no means do I mean to minimize the suffering of the victims of this attack by writing this article but one has to understand that in terms of planning and execution, this casualty count is extremely low and that is certainly by design.

Chelsea is not a tourist location. The streets of this neighborhood, though certainly not desolate, are not packed with pedestrians at 8:30pm on a Saturday night like Times Square would be. so picking this location ensured that the attack would certainly injure some, but not as many as one could have injured, had Times Square been selected. And of course, by placing the device in the dumpster, that almost ensured there would be no fatalities.

Why would Ahmad Khan Rahami pick Chelsea in the first place? And after doing so, for some unknown reason, why would this “terrorist” drop his bomb in a huge metal dumpster, ensuring it would be loud, but much, much less lethal? That’s just dumb.

On the other hand, Chelsea is well known right now as the home of Hillary Clinton’s daughter. That’s where they took Hillary after her episode on Sept. 11th so it’s fresh in the minds of the Dems.

Chelsea is also full of… how should I say this… white people. College educated, above middle class, working professionals who make up a good percentage of the Clinton support base. And don’t think politics doesn’t come into play here. I will get to that in a minute.

Of all the places in New York to attack, Chelsea provided a connection to a target market, kind of like the attempted attack on Marine Vets did. Just a different one.

But again, it was certainly a kinder/gentler terrorism attack, wasn’t it? No fatalities, no lost limbs and a hell of a lot of buck for the bang. This event dominated the news cycle from Saturday night all the way to today, Tuesday. It pushed the story of the “accidental” attack on Syrian troops right off the front pages of every news paper in the country. There were explosions, blood, victims… everything corporate media news feeds on and it was served up right on time and with just enough of all of those things to do it’s job without killing anyone.

That’s if you care to wonder about motive anymore. After James Holmes, Adam Lanza, the Tsarnaev brothers, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik or Omar Mateen, folks may have given up on expecting to find a motive in such events these days. Me? I’m old school. I know there’s always a motive somewhere, if you care to look.

The Evidence Drop in Chelsea (a.k.a. Two Rich Guys in Chelsea Want Poor Chicken-man’s Luggage)

Later on Saturday night, a call came in from a resident on 27th street, just a short ways away from the 8:30pm bombing on 23rd. The woman said there was a “strange pot” on the sidewalk in front of her apartment and the police rushed to the scene.

What they found was ultimately the key pieces of evidence that brought law enforcement to the conclusion that Ahmad Khan Rahami was their man. Here’s what they found and how they found it:

Image result for chelsea pressure cooker bomb


The woman who said she found it stated on CNN that she first saw it sitting there on the ground like this and simply walked away to go down and “hang out” at the first bomb scene for a while and upon returning home to 27th street, she saw it again and started worrying that it might be something more sinister so she called the cops.

Let me ask you this: if you had just been told about a bombing 4 blocks away and came outside to find this on the sidewalk in front of your house, would it take you a couple hours to piece together the clues in your mind, or would you be a little more suspicious right off the bat?

This particular “bomb” never went off. It never went off and it wasn’t detonated on site like most bomb squads do these days with everything they find lying around, including teddy bears in a kid’s park.

No, for some reason, they decided this one was okay to simply pick up and transport down to FBI headquarters and it’s a good thing to because that’s how they found the “evidence” so fast.

Notice the bomb contains a nifty little hand-written note right there with it. It mentions other bombers and terrorists in the past, as do many of the “manifestos” and boat-side scribble confessions of years gone by. Funny though, isn’t it, that a terrorist would include a hand-written note in a bag that he expected to blow up.

I guess it’s a really good thing it didn’t blow up and the bomb squad didn’t blow it up either. Just like it was a good thing they postponed that 5k Semper Five race and it was a good thing someone stuffed that other bomb in a nice, industrial strength dumpster before it blew up.

But I digress (or do I?)

How that particular piece of key evidence ended up getting to that point is another interesting story. This one involves video of someone they say is Ahmad Khan Rahami walking down the street in the neighborhood pulling two wheeled bags behind him. They say the wheeled bags contained the bombs but I have yet to see any wheeled bags in the photos of the crime scene.

There’s a reason for that apparently. Two well off rich guys in Chelsea decided they wanted the fat, poor Muslim chicken-man’s single piece of rolling luggage to complete their ensemble.

aaaand… I’m not kidding.

According to officials, they have video of two well dressed men going up to the bag Rahami supposedly left on 27th street and taking the bag down the street a bit, opening it, taking out the plastic white bag with the bomb in it, taking the bomb out of the bag leaving it on the sidewalk where the woman found it and then they took off… with the wheeled bag.

“The day Ahmad Khan Rahami allegedly planted two bombs in Chelsea  — one of which detonated on West 23rd Street — two thieves accidentally helped to disable his second pressure cooker bomb left inside a rolling suitcase on West 27th Street, sources said.

The young men, who sources described as being well-dressed, opened the bag and took the bomb out, sources said, before placing the explosive into a garbage bag and walking away with the rolling suitcase.

“Once they picked up the bag, they seemed incredulous. They had actually picked this up off the street and they walked off with it,” according to Robert Boyce, the NYPD’s Chief of Detectives.

They look like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down Seventh Avenue at the time,” Boyce added. DNA info New York

These two young, military aged guys have disappeared into the woodwork of this story just like that other guy at the Aurora Century 16 mass casualty event disappeared, just like that guy they arrested out in the woods behind Sandy Hook Elementary disappeared, just like the 3 Hobos did on Nov. 22nd, 1963 in Dallas.

Poof. They’re gone.

You would think the authorities would be fairly interested in locating them since they seem to have been walking back and forth on that street as if they were WAITING FOR SOMETHING

You would think the authorities would wonder why two well off dudes would want some bum’s beat-up luggage.

You would think the authorities might consider it a little suspect that they opened the bag, found a bomb in it and rather than leave it alone and call authorities, they simply took it out of the bag and dumped in on the sidewalk and made off with the bag (which I have to expect would be considered key evidence)

I wonder how two trendy guys in Chelsea get familiar enough with pressure cooker bombs to handle and perhaps even disable them.

Curious, huh?

In the end, the two fashionable bomb-handling, military aged thieves aside, in the end all that was left behind was the white bag, the (disabled?) bomb and the awfully convenient hand-written note and a finger print…. just enough to lead authorities right to our patsy suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami.

I have yet to see the video of Rahami leaving the rolling suitcase behind. I have also yet to see the video of these two guys walking back and forth waiting for something, then making off with the bum’s luggage.

In terms of Rahami’s potential motive for this, I don’t know of one.

In terms of this being potentially a key part of what appears to be a rather contrived “hearts and minds” psyop, yeah…

Five Pipe Bombs for Two Bums in Elizabeth

In keeping with the two mysterious guys theme, on Sunday night, 5 more bombs were “found” in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They were sitting on a trash can in a backpack and the bums decided they wanted said backpack with the potential goodies inside, so, according to the story, they picked up said backpack and made a break for it, but the backpack was “too heavy” for them so less than a block away they put it on the ground, opened it up, found pipe bombs, spread said pipe bombs on the street right there, left and notified authorities.

I have yet to see any videos of Ahmad Khan Rahami walking around in either location in Jersey. If anyone has a link to videos like that please let me know.

The pipe bombs were not rendered inert. One of them went off as authorities were messing with them with their pricey little robots. The other four were taken into custody.

The “two guys” similarities in the stories from the found explosives is hard to miss and I think it is a key element in understanding what this series of events really was.

When handling any form of explosives my guess is, two is definitely company. Were something to go wrong, the second guy can administer first aid or simply scrub away as much evidence as possible before making a break for it. Also might be a good idea to have two guys in case some real bums show up and decide they want to fight for the abandoned backpack and bum luggage.

Who knows. Maybe it’s standard operating procedure to have two operatives handle explosives. Maybe it’s a rule in their union.

Whatever the case may be, having both of the undetonated ordinances “discovered” and then placed by two guys in BOTH circumstances is probably not a coincidence. It seems to me to be a pattern and in every case you investigate, you look for patterns that stand out… and this is definitely one of them.

No one has really explained at all why Ahmad Khan Rahami would leave a bag full of pipe bombs with no detonator on them on a trash can on the street. It doesn’t make sense. They couldn’t go off on their own and leaving them there like that absolutely insured that they would be found and eventually used as evidence against him. It’s ridiculous. If he didn’t want to carry them he could have tossed them in a river or buried them in the woods. Leaving them there makes no sense.

Again, I have yet too see any video of him leaving this bag on the busy business oriented block where they were found. Surely more than one of those businesses have security cameras. And again, if anyone has seen such a video, please let me know.

Now, when you think of this in terms of a psyop, it makes perfect sense that they would be left there to be found and it makes even more sense that you would have your guys “find” them.

After all, we are talking about working explosive ordinances. Very dangerous stuff to be leaving lying around if your running an irregular warfare operation. Someone might find them and decide they hate their neighbor enough to use them on him. Or the cops.

So, making sure you control the devices from cradle to grave is part of the operation. Hence the two fashionable Chelsea guys with really bad taste in luggage and the two bums who are too lazy to carry their stolen loot more than a block down the road.

Again, one way this part of the story makes sense, the other way it doesn’t. You figure out which is which.


Did you guys know that when there are bloody terror related attacks in the US, Donald Trump’s poll numbers go up? It’s a fact. Look it up.

Did you know most of the military intelligence complex war-mongers openly support Hillary Clinton, including the head of the CIA and the Pentagon? That’s a fact as well.

Here’s the trouble they MAY have faced: how to distract Americans from that coalition attack on Syrian troops while not piling up a bunch of dead bodies and shifting the pulse of the current election way to Donald Trump’s favor. I think the solution they came up with, though it is still “terrorism” technically, was to come up with a kinder/gentler terrorism, one that distracted the public and pushed the “ISIS” narrative, while remaining careful to keep the Trump bump to a minimum.

At the time of writing this, Ahmad Khan Rahami is being reported as “not cooperating” with the investigation.. which means he hasn’t confessed as of yet. Folks like Trump and Lindsey Grahm are saying he should be treated as an enemy combatant, tortured and deprived of his constitutional rights as a US citizen in other words.

For those of you who still think Trump represents any real CHANGE, I suggest you go back and research “Barack Obama 2007”. That should clear things up a little.

At this point, some five days after the event, it’s pretty clear to me what this was and I feel there are some pretty convincing pieces of evidence that prove it. And most compelling of all of them is the way the kinder/gentler terrorism of this past weekend was carried out in a kinder and gentler fashion.

Ahmad Khan Rahami is not a bumbling mastermind who sleeps in doorways while trying to escape. At this point, I don’t know what he is: patsy stooge or complicit stooge.

But I can tell you this: this was a hearts and minds campaign and not a very well disguised one at that. Perhaps it was hastily cobbled together, perhaps they simply don’t feel the need to put that much effort into these things anymore since the MSM is clearly unwilling to turn over even the most obvious and blood-soaked rocks in what they call their “journalistic investigations”

Whatever the case may be, they got what they wanted. The Obama act of war against Syria is lost down the memory hole kind of like those two well dressed thieves in Chelsea with really bad taste in carry on luggage.

13 Responses

  1. The Bank for International Settlements just made a rather uncharacteristic announcement, saying that conditions are right for a “full blown banking crisis” in China. For those who are not familiar with diplomatic doublespeak, this is very close to a formal declaration of financial war.

    WW3 is here.

  2. Nice piece. They regurgitate the same old script with minor adjustments. The inbreed “elite” is not so smart, they are only standing on the shoulders of their forefathers. And for Trump. He is just an other turd from the same ass-hole. No more, no less..

  3. Brilliant article, Scott. This clarified a lot of things for me.

  4. Thanks for putting that together. And yes this man was known by the FBI for two years.

    • thing is, the FBI came out yesterday and openly said he was not on their radar, that they had never had contact with him. He was also charged with a serious crime at the time, which was eventually swept under the rug. I wonder if his father called him a terrorist in a fit of rage because he was going back and forth working for some contractor as a terrorist destabilizing Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria.

  5. Kinder, gentler terrorism is one way for folks to come in contact with what’s known as capitalism with a human face (make that human mask … ). What’s not to like?

  6. There’s no question anymore whether these things are carried out by Muslim “terrorists” or government operatives. I wasn’t going to even bother trying to find out what happened. I’m amazed but thankful that you still have the patience to do it. If I had any money, I’d donate. Sorry. I hope you get all you need.

  7. All the replies here so far are talking about the distraction, so the distraction has served its purpose!

    What about getting back to the real story, that of the international war crime of attacking and killing the soldiers of a sovereign country on the soil of that country?

    But even that is not the full story. The full story is that someone either wants to start war between the US & Russia or is testing Russia to see how far it will go in defending the Syrian government.

    As I have written here before, the most pressing thing for Americans to do right now is to revive the anti-war movement and do it in BIG way, before it is too late. Focusing too much on the election campaigns is another form of diversion from the real story.

    Obviously, November to January will be a very dangerous time, no matter which puppet is elected president.

    Notice how Obama is out playing golf when key events happen, just like Bush Jnr. was.

  8. seems the DeepState demons could be preparing their end game/ grand finale for the lame duck interregnum…
    timing financial crash / food panic / Policestate lLockdown
    with Big FF frame-up December Surprise.

    time To Get Out From Under? and go…

  9. The one thing I know about Trump is that he’s not career Washington, like Clinton.

    Another thing is that his even being where he is right now is a big surprise.

    I am so sick of DC that I’m ready to take a chance on a surprise

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