About That UN Aid Convoy that was Attacked in Syria and the Video of the FSA “Barrel Bomb” Launcher Driving by the Convoy

by Scott Creighton

On Monday, in between endless reports about the terrorist distraction attacks in Jersey and New York, CNN, MSNBC, Fox “News” and the other corporate media speckled in a few stories about how Russia and Syria were now the responsible parties for the collapse of the Syrian cease-fire agreement because one of the two of them used airstrikes to attack a UN humanitarian aid convoy after it crossed the conflict line in the Big Orem area of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Nothing was said all day Monday about the US “accidentally” attacking Syrian troops on Saturday, killing 63 of them, in support of “ISIS”

No. By then, the story was all about how it “must have been” the Syrians or the Russians because it was “definitely” an air attack from war planes and the US says they didn’t have any in the area. Ergo… it “must have been them”

Today the story is hardly mentioned at all except for the occasional moment of outrage about Syria dropping “barrel bombs” on the convoy. The air raid with bombers has now turned into Syrian helicopters dropping “barrel bombs”

Well, funny thing is, the Russians and the Syrians absolutely deny attacking the convoy and it would seem that the trucks were attacked via mortars, not military grade missiles. Large mortars. Kinda like these perhaps.

Image result for free syrian army large mortar launchers

This is a member of the Free Syrian Army, from the Tawhid Brigade to be more specific. He is working on a homemade mortar. This is what is called a “barrel bomb” in our main stream media, only they never show the Free Syrian Army guys making them. Here’s another group prepping the “barrel bombs”

Image result for free syrian army hell cannons

Here’s another version:

Image result for free syrian army large mortar launchers

Do these guys look like Syrian army regulars to you? No? That’s understandable because they are actually part of Obama’s “moderate” terrorist destabilization campaign. Here’s how they are launched. This image is from the Telegraph. Over at the Daily Mail they talked about how proud they were of these things.

Image result for free syrian army large mortar launchers

Free Syrian Army fighters load mortar shells towards the Sheikh Maqsud neighbourhood of the northern Syrian

The launchers, like the mortars themselves, are homemade devices. Usually they are on wheels so they can be taken from place to place to quickly set up and lob some ‘barrel bombs” into a soft target neighborhood and then hitch it back up to the back of the truck and take off before Syrian or Russian planes get a fix on their position.

Image result for free syrian army large mortar launchers

Here are some kids getting involved in the act.

Image result for free syrian army hell cannons

They call them “hell cannons” and they are extremely inaccurate weapons of mass destruction. But inaccuracy is ok as long as your target is as big as a neighborhood and all the civilians living within it. It doesn’t have to be surgical to a military degree because, quite frankly, these cowards aren’t fighting the military, they are terrorizing civilians in order to drive them from their homes.

Back in October of last year, the Guardian reported that this was a photo of one of Assad’s “barrel bombs”

The caption of this image on the Guardian currently reads: “An unverified photo of an unexploded barrel bomb alleged to contain napalm gel.”

The caption of this image on the Guardian currently reads: “An unverified photo of an unexploded barrel bomb alleged to contain napalm gel.”

The Off Guardian pointed out their “mistake”

So these are the “barrel bombs” everyone on the complicit MSM are talking about. Of course, they aren’t dropped by Syrian army helicopters, they are lobbed from our moderates via their hell cannons.

Want to see something interesting?

This is a video taken by a drone of the UN aid convoy just after they crossed the line and were about to start distributing the aid to the embattled civilians in the terrorist controlled areas of Aleppo. This is right before the attack started.

Yes, that is a rebel vehicle driving along past the convoy after following them to this location, with a hell cannon in tow.

The video was released by the Russians of course and they clearly identified the weapon of mass destruction as one belonging to our moderates.

“The examination of the video footage made via drones of the movement of the humanitarian convoy in areas controlled by militants in the province of Aleppo has revealed new details. The video clearly shows how terrorists are redeploying a pickup with a large-caliber mortar on it using the convoy as a cover,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

So let’s recap, shall we?

  • The Americans now say “barrel bombs” hit the aid convoy and destroyed it.
  • I have shown you documented proof that “barrel bombs” are being launched by our moderates in Syria, not the Syrian government.
  • And… here we have Russian footage of just such a hell cannon that launches “barrel bombs” being driven right past the aid convoy moments before the attack began.

Did I lose anyone with that because to me, it seems pretty straight forward.

He said that “it is unclear yet who accompanies whom: the [pickup with a] mortar accompanies the convoy with “White Helmets” volunteers or vise versa. And most importantly, where did the mortar disappear near the destination point of the convoy and what was the target of its fire during the convoy’s stop and unloading?” Sputnik International

They lost track of the launcher as it drove away from the convoy. The drone was there to track the aid, not random WMD launchers in the vicinity.

These photos are of the attack and the aftermath.

Image result for un aid convoy attacked in syria photos

Image result for un aid convoy attacked in syria photos

The al Nusra-linked “White Helmets” were there to “tell the story” of the attack. It should be noted, al Nusra was in the area attacking the southwest part of Aleppo on the same day, according to the SOHR (another regime change entity, like the White Helmets and al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria))

Image result for un aid convoy attacked in syria photos

It won’t be long before forensic investigations are done on the aid convoy. They are located in a terrorist controlled area so there may be an issue with the White Helmets collecting all the pieces of our moderate’s “barrel bombs” before UN investigators get there, but they can’t get all of it and in the end, the truth will come out.

But by then the damage will be done.

It’s important that folks understand what “barrel bombs” really are and more importantly, who is using them. If they understood that, the New York Times articles about “barrel bombs” taking out the UN convoy would speak for themselves.

A little information goes a long way, doesn’t it?

No, it wasn’t the Syrians or the Russians who attacked the aid convoy that was trying to get help to the tens of thousands of Syrians being terrorized by our moderate terrorists in that area. It was our destabilization contractors. The Pentagon is on record having wished to end the cease-fire long before it even began. It was they who attack Syrian forces so “ISIS” could advance on Saturday and it was someone working for them who gave the moderates to order to attack that convoy and set up the al-Nusra-linked White Helmets to be there with some video equipment to make a video of the event and blame the Russians right off the bat.

That’s what happened and it’s a Goddamned shame. Someone at the UN said it was the act of cowards, and on that point, he was dead right.

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15 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    Despite US claims to the contrary, evidence strongly suggests that US-backed moderate terrorists bombed the UN aid convoy. Note that the incident conveniently pushed the US bombing of the Syrian Army out of the headlines.

  2. Nice work, as usual, Scott.


    I recently noted that many “left wing” bloggers are obsessed with spreading right-wing lies for the US government.

    For instance, they echo imperialist filth about Syria. I cited a nauseating example in the Counterpunch blog.

    Socialistworker.org spews the same pro-imperialist trash, claiming that the US-backed terrorist mercenaries are fighting for “democracy,” and that “Islamists are leading the armed resistance” against “Bashar al-Assad’s repressive regime.”

    Socialistworker claims that with the cease fire, “the Assad regime intensified its relentless bombing of civilian targets.”

    Socialistworker calls U.S.-sponsored terrorists “the resistance.” It calls the US-sponsored proxy war a “revolution,” claiming that, “Assad and his regime responded with barbaric violence and repression,” having “unleashed its full military might on nonviolent protests, going so far as to drop chemical weapons on civilians and bomb hospitals.”

    Socialistworker claims that Obama’s terrorist mercenaries work not for Obama, but for Assad, who “released jihadist terrorists from jail to cultivate a Sunni sectarian fifth column within the revolution.”

    Socialistworker calls Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah imperialists. “Assad’s counterrevolution would most likely have failed without the intervention of its imperial and regional supporters.”

    Socialistworker says that, “Faced with savage violence mobilized first by the regime and later by its international supporters, the Syrian revolutionaries who rose up to demand democracy and justice in 2011 had no choice but to take up arms in self-defense.”

    Socialistworker condemns Obama for not annihilating Syria, like Obama did Libya. “Thus, whenever the Assad regime crossed supposed ‘red lines,’ like his continuing use of chemical weapons, the U.S. preferred to cut deals with Russia rather than take any action that might topple Assad.”

    The lies go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

    Such right-wing excrement is what passes for left-wing “progressivism” today. And many “progressives” gulp it down.


  4. Corporate media outlets claim that the Syrian government uses “barrel bombs” against civilians.

    I tried to find image or a video on the Internet that shows a Syrian government “barrel bomb.” I saw artists’ concepts. I saw smoke clouds. I saw bodies lying on the ground. I saw ancient, rusted, 55-gallon drums lying amid rubble, full of holes. I saw photos of Syrian helicopters dropping conventional munitions. I saw a video of a guy (Turkish? Syrian?) lighting a fuse on a long thin cylinder, and shoving the cylinder out of a helicopter.

    But I could find no photo that unmistakably showed a “barrel bomb.” President Assad denies that they exist.

    My conclusion is that corporate media outlets use “barrel bomb” to denote any kind of weapon the Syrian government uses to defend civilians from the US-backed terrorist mercenaries. Mortars, conventional bombs, tank shells, and rifle bullets are all “barrel bombs.”

    The “barrel bomb” is one of those propaganda motifs that fire the public imagination. It’s like Israeli claims about endless “Hamas rockets” (that do not exist).

  5. (1) I wish your article was republished by Sputnik or other English language Russian publications. You do much better job then Sputnik and others.

    (2) I think the timing of attack was important to coincide with UN meeting.

    • @ Utu: Good point.

      The USA’s “moderate” terrorists often time their false flags to coincide with UN events.

      They timed their Ghouta chemical attack (21 Aug 2013) to coincide with the presence of UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria.

      They timed their attack yesterday on the UN aid convoy, plus their attack on a warehouse belonging to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, to coincide with the last meeting of the UN General assembly this year. That meeting took place today.

      Ban Ki-moon is about to finish his final term as UN General Secretary, and the USA is preparing to install his replacement, whoever it may be. As always, the USA will use bribes and threats to rig the General Assembly vote.

      Moon hopes to secure a comfortable position in the Empire after he leaves office. Therefore today he used his final speech before the UN General Assembly to blast the Russian and Syrian governments, claiming that…

      [1] The USA’s proxy war against Syria is a civil war between “freedom fighters” and a “brutal dictator.”

      [2] Those who oppose the USA’s proxy war “have blood on their hands.”

      [3] The Syrian government has killed far more civilians than have the US-backed “moderates.”

      [4] The Syrian government “continues to drop “barrel bombs” on innocent civilians, and to “systematically torture thousands of innocent detainees.”

      The USA claims that Russia attacked the UN aid convey, using Syrian “barrel bombs.”

      Moon stopped short of assigning blame for that attack, saying only that those who did it are “cowards.”

  6. I agree with utu; your articles should be carried by other publications. You do really great work, thank you.

  7. It is not logical for the syrian army to bomb a UN Aid convoy. It is like bombing their own army.

    One thing that really upset me this week, was reading this:

    When you see jerks like these smiling and hugging bombs, as if they were toys, it means that something is really wrong in the planet.

    • did you hear Obama patting himself on the back at the UN for reducing the amount of nukes in the world… while he is actually building more tactical nukes his warmongers think they can actually use in combat? yeah, something is wrong with the planet. I’m surprised they didn’t boo him off the stage.

    • That article could be sort of cointel pro. Nukes are a deep state/military fraud. There are no working nuclear weapons. It only exists in propaganda.
      Wouldn’t completely rule out that the notion of nukes being fake generated some interest this year so there might be some propaganda countermeasures even just because of that. (The source pri.org would pass as an outlet for intelligence too.)

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