Ahmad Khan Rahami: Friendly Fat Muslim Chicken-man by Day, Mad Bomber at Night? “Two Guys” Found Both Bombs?

by Scott Creighton

Thankfully there is a convenient video shot out of a window (shades of the Boston bomber shootout?) showing Ahmad Khan Rahami, the friendly fat Muslim chicken-man, running down the street in Jersey before he was shot and disabled by police, eventually arrested and taken alive into custody.

At first he’s kind of standing there waiting to take off down the street yet according to the story, he was already being chased by cops who had already shot him once, right? So why was he just standing there waiting to take off?

Then you have the “I seen it” video where you see absolutely nothing.

Then the “chicken-man down” video.

He worked at the chicken place and sometimes gave out free chicken cus he was an evil Muslim I suppose. Either that or he was just a decent friendly guy living in Jersey.

A frequent patron of the restaurant, Ryan McCann, 33, said Ahmad Rahami was friendly and did not seem outwardly angry. Rather, Mr. McCann said, he was obsessed with fast cars, specifically Honda civics custom built to race.

Mr. Rahami wore Western-style clothing, hung out on the sidewalk with friends and often slipped his regular customers free food, he said.

“He’s a very friendly guy; he gave me free chicken,” Mr. McCann said. “He was always the most friendly man you ever met.” New York Times

They said he was arrested after being found “sleeping in a doorway” a couple miles from his home. Sleeping in a doorway? He figured he would take a nap while he was the subject of the biggest manhunt in New York since that vender’s truck was called a bomb in Times Square? Why would he do that?

The Feds say that he traveled to Afghanistan some time ago but that he wasn’t on the radar of the FBI like so many other previous terror suspects were.

And I just saw this….

According to the story from the Elizabeth, New Jersey bomb scare, two men walked out of a restaurant and found a heavy bag sitting on a trash can. They figured they could steal it and picked it up and took it half a block away until, they said, it was too heavy for them to carry so they set it down and looked inside and found some bombs that were later picked up by the police.

Well, interestingly enough, another set of guys are actually the ones who found the other unexploded bomb in Chelsea.

“Surveillance video shows a man dragging what appears to be a duffel bag with wheels near the site of the West 23rd street explosion about 40 minutes before the blast, according to multiple local and federal law enforcement sources.

About 10 minutes later, surveillance video shows the same man with what appears to be the same duffel bag on West 27th street, multiple law enforcement sources said.

In the video, the man leaves the duffel bag where police later found the unexploded pressure cooker. After he leaves, the video shows two other men removing a white garbage bag believed to contain the pressure cooker from the duffel bag and leaving it on the sidewalk, according to a senior law enforcement official and another source familiar with the video.” CNN

What? Are there just roving bands of male couples roaming around Jersey and New York opening various bags they find on the street all day long? What do you think the odds are that both of these bombs were found by two guys taking a bag they find lying around and opening it and then leaving the bombs laying on the sidewalks in Jersey and New York? How long can you leave a bag lying in the tri-state area without having some Jersey shore boys rummaging through it?

Wouldn’t it be funny if it were the same two guys? ah, I’m just kidding. They wouldn’t be that sloppy.

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    Well that didn’t take long.

    Pesticide makers are now paying “experts” to use the Zika hoax to claim that DDT was utterly harmless, that all claims regarding DDT’s toxicity are a hoax, and that DDT was the most wonderful public health weapon of all time.

    These “experts” say that the ban on DDT was nothing more than a power grab by the EPA, using “environmentalist junk science.”

    They say that DDT will save billions of lives, and that anyone who opposes the global use of DDT is directly responsible for malaria, and for microcephaly in children.

    They are urging governments to use DDT worldwide to control the (fake) “Zika threat.”



    The article below notes that 3,177 pregnant women have contracted Zika in Colombia, and not a single one of their babies has microcephaly. Therefore Zika does not cause microcephaly. The article also suggests that microcephaly in Brazil is caused by the larvicide Pyriproxyfen, which is added to drinking water. Despite this, the article favors the global use of DDT.


  2. What a load of crap! I can’t possibly express how sick I am of this Muslim-blaming nonsense. Oh, god! Pressure cookers again??? No way! Is this the silliest one yet or what?

  3. Typical of a nation ruled by the media.
    This was just to cover up the story in Syria, with 62 soldiers dead.

  4. Look at that first video – who the hell has a camera like that? Cameras in the 1850’s had better resolution than that.
    I was hoping that the campaign of fake ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terrorist attacks’ was finally over, but no, the Evil Elite seen to think that there is some benefit in continuing this idiocy. Is there anyone left who still believes what they see on TV?

  5. “Fat Man” – the evil Muslim comic book version of Bat Man.

  6. Ok, let me guess. Within a week we will learn that both these “terrorists” had been under surveillance for years….and yes “both”, because both of were connected by secret Fu Manchu code rings they wore. US Intel was all over it. The FBI, the MI-5, Mossad, Interpol, The French Foriegn Legion, The Daughters Of Bilitis, and The International Loyal Order Of The Friendly Racoons, all had them on their watch list. The only thing that is surprising is that J. Edgar Hoover came back from the grave with a smart, gingham dress and sensible shoes, of course, to drive these perps to both crime scenes in Minnesota and NY simultaneously. What? Oooooeeeeoooo……?!

    Everytime there is an outbreak of truth in the news cycle (US provoking more war, Hillary-viscious criminal vs. poor sick lady, Trump’s ratings up) it is like some virus that has to be treated with the vacination of “TERROR”….and the underlying message is, “Don’t get too smart, or we might have to come and innoculate you.” No one, and I mean no one, is falling for this cheap manipulation of fear anymore. Well, maybe a delusioned few who want to believe in something….and all I can say to them is, “Join the club,” but you must know by now that something is wrong with media “truth.” Right? Smell something?

    This started in full force on 9/11, when they (you know who) were telling every one to stay home and be afraid. All day long the mixed message (Psy 101) we can’t let the terrorists win – Ooooo TERRORTERRORTERROR. And no one was afraid. Americans from thousands of miles away raced to New York not knowing if the attacks were even over yet….but they had to get there to help suffering people. It’s the natural thing for healthy humans to do. But those behind these crimes were calling for lower emotions to rule. They surendered their humanity years ago and nature has them now at the end of a choke chain. Just like all the rest throughout history, they’ll run for so long and….Snap! You can see them losing it already….look at Hillary and Bill’s faces. All of them….it’s over. Look into the dead eyes on the faces of all these sub-human war profiteer/criminals, look at the desperation of the Lie Machine in the media they’re babbling like amature drunks on New Year’s Eve….it’s over. All they’ve got is fear….and they better start owning some of it real soon. Their unnatural games have caught up to them and fewer people are being distracted from the real issue. We, our parents and those before who built this country want to know where the nation’s wealth has gone. Never mind every four years at election time but every, every day….”Where’s the money, motherfuckers?”

  7. I wonder how Alex Jones and PJW will spin this incident. Are they going to lick boot for the police state?

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