Hillary’s Little Helper: What’s Up with “the most qualified candidate ever”?

by Scott Creighton



Hillary Clinton attended the Congressional Black Caucus gala event last night along with her campaign second, President Obama. She delivered a stilted, monotone speech which stood in stark contrast to the fiery one Barack gave in which he angrily told black people he would be “insulted” if they didn’t go out and vote for corrupt Hillary in the same numbers they went out to vote for him back in 2008 and 2012.

Let’s face it: Barack Obama is running for office once again only this time, when he wins, Hillary will get the job, not him. That’s the best that the DNC can come up with as their chosen candidate falls in the polls to Donald Trump.


Much has been made about Hillary’s state of mind recently. Not only her health, but her odd behavior has been the focus of much blogging. Her little “humorous” twitching episode and her freaking out over “BALLOONS!!” at the DNC convention a couple months ago. All of that is what led to speculation about her health issues, not her stumbling episode which finally forced the MSM and her campaign to admit something was wrong.


Today we have a new addition to this growing list of Clinton videos which call her state of mind into question.

Last night she answered some questions at the back of her campaign plane about the recent events in New York and at the Cross Roads mall. Her condition is… well.. suspect at best.

I don’t know if that is over medication or…

I’ll tell you one thing, if this is the most qualified presidential candidate ever, we’ve had some fucked up presidents in our history.

In the video game We Happy Few, citizens of a mythical little town are all forced to take their “Joy” medication in order to remain happy and content living in their artificial world. If they don’t they start to see things as they really are and the brutal Bobbies target and attack them for being “Downers”

That’s the point I was making back on July 29th when I first made the comparison between Hillary’s apparent mood altered state and the game character (first image)

Looks to me like someone is keeping Hillary jacked up by either over medicating her or via some other means during this election process. I don’t remember her ever looking and sounding like she has been recently over the 30 some odd years of seeing her in the public eye. Something is definitely going on with her.

One Response

  1. Wonder if Mr. Peace Prize has read Dante’s Inferno? If he did, he’d know the hottest and most tortuous circles of Hell are reserved for traitors like him?

    As for the hag, every time I see that witch, it reminds me of that scene in the “Wizard of Oz,” where Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal who is really talking.
    But HRC has the important DIEBOLD/ESS voting bloc locked up, so strike up the inauguration music, and sing, “Her she comes…”

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