Hillary Dropping in Polls Like a Comatose Stroke Victim on a Sidewalk is the Fault of …. Bernie Sanders

by Scott Creighton

Watching the desperation grow in the Clinton propaganda corp is a kind of a hobby for me these days. Donnie Deutch this morning went into a frothing at the mouth episode when someone dared to suggest it may be a little hypocritical to call out Trumps presumed foreign business entanglements while ignoring the Clinton’s proven ones. Deutch started literally screaming about how everyone in the media should be ranting about Donald Trump’s tax returns every moment of every day until he hands them over to people like Deutch who can then manufacture some dissent among the growing Trump faithful.

For those of you who don’t know, Deutch is a silver-spooner, son of a big-time advertising exec, who took a job at Daddy’s firm and made tons of money doing it. He’s had a couple failed TV shows, one was dropped after one episode.

Deutch’s rising anxiety level mirrors that of the other Clinton sycophants on MSNBC and CNN alike. They are desperately trying to spin Hillary’s nose-diving poll numbers as something other than folks finally waking up and realizing they can’t stand to vote for either of these two clowns, but at least, one’s just a clown and not a raving war-monger being backed by all of Dick Cheney’s neocon drinking buddies.

To that end I have been noticing a growing trend among the influence peddlers over the last few days and that trend is to find a way to blame Hillary’s tanking numbers… on Bernie Sanders.

Yes, believe it or not, young people can’t stand Hillary Clinton.  I don’t know if it’s her war-mongering they can’t stand or her lying endlessly about anything she talks about or her constantly stuffing money in her pockets from Goldman Sachs or the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation, but whatever it is, the young vote wants nothing to do with her.

Go figure.

Given this undeniable fact, the pundits that shill for Killary are starting to suggest maybe that wouldn’t be the case if Bernie would be MORE enthusiastic about supporting Crooked Killary at his stump speeches.

Yep. They fully expect the guy who had the nomination stolen from him by Hillary Clinton (and the unDNC) to be MORE full of excitement when endorsing her stolen candidacy and if she continues to fail in the 18 to 34 year old range, they will certain heap more blame on him as time goes on.

Of course they fail to notice Hillary’s continued lying or the fact that she is now supported openly by every war-mongering Cheney-era neocon that ever took a paycheck from Halliburton or Tel Aviv. Yeah, I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. It’s Bernie’s fault.

I guess what they want is for Bernie Sanders to somehow muster the passion among young voters for Hillary that he did for himself over the course of the stolen unDemocratic Party nomination process. They want Bernie to win the election… for Hillary.

Kinda like they want Joe Biden to win the election for Hillary.

Like they want Bill Clinton to win the election for Hillary.

Like they want President Obama to win the election for Hillary.

Because it’s now fairly obvious, first woman president in this country or not, Hillary Clinton can’t win the election for Hillary, so someone has to.

The desperation evident on the faces of the Clinton apologists like Donnie Deutch is an ugly thing. It creates all sorts of twisted logic, strange bedfellows and breathless rants against the “conspiracy theorists” out here as it creeps ever more visibly into our election cycle this year.

Bernie Sanders isn’t doing enough to get Killary in the White House. The damn pinko commie scourge Putin is tampering with our glorious fair and balanced election process. The conspiracy theorists are working with “ISIS” to bring down the beloved Clinton family which represents our Shining City on the Hill.


If only we had those tax returns, everything would be alright.

If only that and Bernie Sanders would get off his ass and win this election for Hillary… that lazy selfish commie bastard!

It’s going to get interesting folks. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

And Donnie? You keep that shit up, would you? I haven’t laughed so hard since my Redskins tried to play defense Monday night.

Watching desperation dripping off of your formerly smug, self-satisfied faces? Priceless.

4 Responses

  1. yes, she is dropping in the polls because she has competition (any kind of competition). She ought to have been like o’bama in his senate bid and had ALL the competition eliminated to run unopposed (but she’d probably still lose votes to those preferring the local dog catcher as a write-in over her)

    • in one poll she is losing to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian who didn’t know what Aleppo was. Even if Trump backs out, she might still lose. And technically, that would be a one candidate election in terms of our fake two party system. pretty sad actually.

  2. I doubt that Sanders can do anything to boost Killery’s popularity.

    Sanders disgraced himself too badly when he groveled to Killery before the Democratic convention.

    Plus, Sanders showed that he is an establishment insider when he rejected the Green party’s offer to make him their candidate.

    The “sheepdog” plan was for Sanders to corral leftists and get them to bleat with optimism as Killery led them to the slaughterhouse. However the strategists did not count on the masses becoming so disgusted with politics as a whole when Sanders betrayed them.

    Meanwhile Killery is too ill to campaign, and too overconfident to launch media blitzes. As a result, young people see the letters “SOS” tattooed on her forehead (Same Old Shit).

    If I can’t have Stein for President, then I will take Trump. Not because I like Trump (I don’t) but because I fear Killery. Trump is a buffoon, but Killery is a neoliberal hag. She’s a cross between Margaret there-is-no-alternative Thatcher and Madeleine the-price-was-worth-it Albright.

    I hope that her medical problems are terminal, excruciating, and humiliating.

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