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  1. Good report…

    My guess is that this gentleman is not aware that by the time Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, Ford had become a vital cog in Hitler’s military machine. After the war ended and American authorities scoured the records of Ford Germany, a U.S. army investigator would conclude that “even before the war a portion of German Ford had, with Dearborn’s consent, become an arsenal of Nazism…

    We’re all peeling back this onion together and as we do the stench becomes unbearable; but bear it we must…

  2. Yes, D. G. Seaman, we will not forget.
    What I’m become more and more curious about is the Democratic VP candidate since it appears he will ascend to throne after Killary is elected and then deposed due to health, judicial procedures, or some other unconventional operation. Say about six months in …

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