Brutal Jordanian Dictator and U.N. “Human Rights” Commissioner (lol) Says Assad “is BELIEVED” to be Guilty of Violations

by Scott Creighton

As the tenuous ceasefire agreement in Syria still holds by a thread, it is being widely reported (first by Reuters) that the U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is condemning the Syrian government today “in a wide-ranging speech cataloguing human rights abuses around the world”

In a speech opening a three-week session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, Zeid said Syria was one of five countries that routinely refused to cooperate with human rights investigators.

“This is a state led by a medical doctor and yet is believed to have gassed its own people; has attacked hospitals and bombed civilian neighborhoods with indiscriminate explosive weapons; and maintains tens of thousands of detainees in inhuman conditions,” Zeid said.

“Words cannot convey how profoundly I condemn this situation.” Reuters

The level of hypocrisy of this statement coming from the Jordanian prince is stunning and it takes a profound measure of ignorance for journalists to report on it as if it were in any way a legitimate, news worthy accusation.

Prince Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is a member of the royal family of dictators in Jordan. As is the case with most of the neoliberal puppet royalty in the Middle East, he was educated in the U.S. and Britain and has been a loyal servant of the master class ever since. He did his part years ago as the previous Clinton administration regime changed Yugoslavia: “He also served as a political affairs officer in UNPROFOR, in the former Yugoslavia, from 1994 to 1996″. This “human rights” commissioner is a prince in the House of Hashim which has ruled Jordan since 1921.

Here is how Jordan is described on Human Rights Watch’s webpage about the country:

“Jordan hosted over 633,000 Syrian refugees in 2015, although authorities tightened entry restrictions and held thousands of Syrians in remote border areas with limited access to humanitarian aid. In November, Jordan deported at least 500 Sudanese asylum-seekers and refugees, most from Darfur, back to Sudan. The government curtailed freedom of expression, detaining and bringing charges against activists, dissidents, and journalists, sometimes under broad and vague provisions of the country’s counterterrorism law. Authorities have not released public information on trials of police officers for deaths in detention. The country’s broad anti-terrorism law threatens freedom of expression, and other laws criminalize speech deemed critical of the king, government and Islam. Jordan discriminates against women by not allowing them to pass Jordanian citizenship to their children” Human Rights Watch

In Jordan it is routine for outspoken activists to be arrested and sentenced to long prison terms for doing nothing more than writing a Facebook post.

Here is the evaluation of the Jordanian regime according to the United States State Department back in 2014. Keep in mind, the US and Jordan are snug as bugs in a rug and this is what they say about them:

“The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy ruled by King Abdullah II bin Hussein

The most significant human rights problems were: citizens’ inability to change their government peacefully ; mistreatment and allegations of torture by security and government officials with impunity; restrictions on freedom of expression that limited the ability of citizens and media to criticize government policies and officials ; and restrictions on freedom of assembly and association, leading to the repeated arrest of protesters charged with unlawful gathering. Other human rights problems included poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and denial of due process through administrative detention, prolonged detention, and allegations of nepotism and the influence of special interests on the judiciary. The government continued to infringe on citizens’ privacy rights. Government interference in the media and threats of fines and detention encouraged self – censorship . Violence against women was widespread, and abuse of children persisted.” Jordan 2014 Human Rights Report from US State Department

Well, if you want to talk about human rights violations, it would appear that U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein would be the guy to talk to about them BECAUSE HE AND HIS FAMILY OF ROYAL DICTATORS IN JORDAN COMMIT THEM EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

My favorite part of that evaluation from the State Department is the part that says the Human Rights Commissioner’s dictator family commits widespread violence against women and children with impunity.

And in case anyone forgot, Jordan has been harboring, training and shipping terrorists into Syria to attack civilians soft targets since the beginning of this “regime change by proxy” unconventional warfare exercise started. It was announced in 2013 that the CIA had set up special training facilities in Jordan a while before and that some of those they trained ended up getting together with al Qaeda in Syria (al Nusra) and forming something they called “ISIS”

In Jordan, operatives involved in training and arming rebels lament that “we’re being asked to do something with nothing,” a former senior U.S. intelligence official said…

The agency’s training effort is centered in Jordan, where the CIA has long-standing connections to the domestic intelligence service and access to bases guarded by the Jordanian military…

The latest setback came last month, when 11 of the largest armed factions in Syria, including some backed by the United States, announced the formation of an alliance with a goal of creating an Islamic state. The alliance is led by Jabhat al-Nusra, a group that has sworn allegiance to the al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan.” Washington Post Oct. 2013

Yeah, that’s right. The high UN Commissioner on Human Rights who is disgusted with the current president in Syria, the same commissioner who’s family likes to torture dissidents, women and children in his own country in order to get them to keep their mouths shut about what it’s like living in Jordan, is blaming Assad for the chaos in his country that was caused by the CIA and his royal family sending terrorists into the country for YEARS… terrorists who ended up becoming… ISIS.

In fact, it was reported as early as Feb. 2012 that Jordanian forces were training and equipping the terrorists for the destabilization campaign in Syria on behalf of the US and the CIA.

“Syrian sources claimed to WND that Jordan’s fingerprints can be seen on the opposition forces entering the country. They claimed that just this week they shot dead 15 armed smugglers coming into the country from Jordan and that Jordanian forces helped to cover the smugglers’ tracks on the Jordanian side of the border. They said the incident did not make it to the news media.” WND

How is it possible that anyone takes seriously what Prince Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein says about the situation in Syria? Especially when it involves his repeating already debunked accusations about Assad and the Syrian government and couching said accusations with the phrase “and yet is believed to…”

Yes, they are “believed” to be guilty of these accusations by ignorant, uniformed masses of folks who simply listen to the ridiculous propaganda and don’t bother doing even the most rudimentary research on the subjects.

Meanwhile, the UN Commissioner on Human Rights is “believed” to be guilty of his own human rights violations including torturing and raping women in his home country and abusing children and killing journalists who dare to say anything bad about the torture and rape of women and the abuse of children and is “believed” to have trained terrorists and sent them into Syria for YEARS.

And he is “believed” to be guilty of these things by folks who have done the research and discovered it’s a damn fact that his ruling family does these things routinely. Folks like Human Rights Watch AND THE DAMN U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE.

Meanwhile in other news, the CIA’s friend Adolf Hitler says it is BELIEVED that Bashar al Assad wrote Mein Kampf and is setting up extermination camps in Auschwitz.

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