Looks Like The DNC is Readying the Flock to Replace Hillary with Biden

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As I said in the article, they are screwed if they try to force Joe Biden on the Dems. Don’t take my word for it…

Hillary’s flailing poll numbers, her constant reveals relating to her various crimes of the past and her sagging health issues are making it seem quite clear that she may have to be removed from the ticket in order for the Goldman Sachs crowd to be happy about their chances in November. To that end, there’s a lot of talk circulating in the media right now on the fringes about Hillary Clinton being replaced by someone at the top of the ticket.

David Shuster started the whole thing off yesterday afternoon with a simple Tweet:

From there the story has spread and it looks like the selection process will be about as democratic as the primary process was:

“Should Mrs Clinton drop out of the race, the DNC would hold a special meeting to vote for a successor. Party rules indicate that a new nominee would be elected by a simple majority vote.” Express UK

Yes, the establishment DNC who cheated Bernie Sanders voters out of their primary pick will be the only ones allowed to have any say in who replaces Killary at the top of the ticket:

“If Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic nominee had to leave the race, the DNC would need to gavel back into session and re-do the process all over again. The DNC consists of more than 200 members, selected by Democrats in all 50 states as well as the chairs and vice chairs of each state party. Except this time, the average Joe rank-and-file Democrat would be shut out; it is the DNC officials that were railed at throughout this year’s campaign who are afforded the power of finding a replacement.  Article III, Section 1, the clause that provides the DNC with that power, is as straightforward as can be: “The Democratic National Committee shall have general responsibility for the affairs of the Democratic Party between National Conventions…This responsibility shall include…filling vacancies in the nominations for the office of President and Vice President.” National Interests blog

This situation has never happened before and it would appear if it does happen, the DNC are once again determined to thwart the notion of democracy by installing a selected candidate, probably Joe Biden, rather than simply going to the next Democratic Primary vote getter, Bernie Sanders.

If they do this it will prove once and for all that the Democrats are anything but. Also it should be noted, Joe Biden will be less popular than Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders on the other hand consistently beat Donald Trump in polling during the primaries. Were he to be selected to run, he would beat Donald quite easily. Unfortunately the populist agenda of Sanders sends the wrong message for the Goldman Sachs crowd, so that could never be allowed.

They are already talking about the possibility of postponing the election as well but that is far more unlikely.

Between Hillary’s collapse after lying about her health and then her making the “basket of deplorables” comment to a bunch of wealthy donors and Bill’s defining “make America great again” as racist code speak (and several videos of his saying those exact words while campaigning in the south) the Clintons are self-destructing, falling into their own footprints at near free-fall acceleration like the Twin Towers did 15 years ago.

Looks to me like we may be forced to vote Biden or Trump in November while the Clinton crime family retires to run their Clinton Global(ist) Initiative slush fund in peace and quite. The press, try as they have over the past few months, are not going to be able to hoist her up for long. Poor Morning Joe. Poor poor Mika.

11 Responses

  1. The DNC has already proven it’s anything but. No more crooks for me. As far as I’m concerned, the “parties” are done.

  2. Why not a ‘body double?’ That’s a time-honored tactic used from the Roman Emperors to today. And the Caesars didn’t have CGI.

    In the video that the witch is being led into the van, why are her hands behind her and why does it look like she has on handcuffs?

  3. Leave it to Goldman Sachs to fuck itself so imperially by putting all its chips on a diseased nag that’s literally collapsing into the dirt stretch. I can’t stop laughing!

  4. Wow! Talk about reality TV! This election campaign is as dramatic and, dare I say, as entertaining as any TV program.

    That’s my general, objective impression from here in Australia.

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