Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: Something is Seriously Wrong with Hillary Clinton’s Health

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I guess I was a little late: according to David Shuster, they are considering replacing Hillary Clinton as the nominee.


It would appear that the Dems have rigged the nomination process once again now stating that if she backs out, then THEY get to have a little vote in their back offices and decide who becomes the nominee instead of it going to Bernie (who actually won the nomination in the first place before they stole it from him)

“Should Mrs Clinton drop out of the race, the DNC would hold a special meeting to vote for a successor. Party rules indicate that a new nominee would be elected by a simple majority vote.” Express UK

The Express article says that Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine and Joe Biden are the potential candidates to replace Hillary Clinton on the ticket. The only one of that group who had a single vote cast for them during the primary process is Bernie Sanders but according to the article, he’s largely considered the last person in line for the task.

Last week Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wrote an article titled “Can We Just Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Health Now?“ which I took him to task for on Sept. the 7th. I wrote that the totality of evidence proved that something was seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health and used my own personal experience with similar medical issues to do so.

The vast majority of the MSM attacked anyone who wondered about Hillary Clinton’s health issues claiming were were all “conspiracy theorists” for simply acknowledging what appeared to be serious respiratory issues she was having recently.

Yesterday, Hillary had to leave a ceremony commemorating the events of 9/11 in New York a little early due to what the Clinton camp called an “overheating” episode. The temperature in New York was only 79 degs. She was helped to a waiting vehicle by an aid while holding here chest.

Then, as she was waiting to get into the van, she was clearly being held up by the same aid while leaning on a concrete barricade. When the vehicle door opened for her, she stumbled toward the door and seems to have collapsed before getting in. Her staff kept her from hitting the ground.

Turns out, her doctors now say Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia and “was put on antibiotics” on this past Friday.

“Clinton, 68, was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, and “was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule,” Dr. Lisa Bardack said in a statement. ” CNN

So let’s recap. In the course of a week or so, Hillary Clinton has gone from being “perfectly healthy” to suffering from “allergies” to “pneumonia” and what’s even more interesting is the fact that if Hillary hadn’t been videoed stumbling while getting into a van yesterday, she and her staff would have continued to lie about her medical condition. Her public fall on Sunday is the only reason they told anyone about her diagnoses of “pneumonia” on Friday.

Curiously enough, it was Friday night “at a New York fundraiser Friday night with liberal donors and Barbra Streisand” when Hillary unleashed her “basket of deplorables” tirade on “half” of Trump supporters, calling them everything from racists to Islamaphobes to wife beaters. Considering that she had supposedly just been diagnosed with a very serious medical condition, why was she even there?

If you watch the video of her making that statement on Friday night, you can clearly see she’s not well even then. She’s licking her lips, her voice is cracking. She’s ill. And she also seems a bit off. Was she drunk? You decide.

Pneumonia can turn into walking pneumonia very easily and that is very dangerous for people Hillary’s age. My neighbor, roughly the same age, just spent a week in the hospital due to that illness.

If Hillary is suffering from pneumonia, why are her people allowing her to run around attending fund raisers and 9/11 events as if nothing is wrong? Why didn’t they simply suspend her activities for a couple days back then, like they have done now?

Seems to me they chose that illness because it fits the recent cough spells and her stumbling yesterday but the truth is, her congestion goes back to November of 2015 and I seriously doubt she’s had pneumonia since then.

However you look at it, something is seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health and it seems to be getting worse fast.

40 Responses

  1. Hmm, there is something odd about her stance there. Jim Stone thinks that she is handcuffed in that video and I think her movements are more consistent with an uncooperative prisoner being forced into a paddy-wagon than merely stumbling as the media has it.

    • handcuffed? uh, I don’t see her handcuffed. But I do see her leaning back on that concrete barricade like she is completely out of it and I do see her being dragged into the van and that is kind of like a prisoner being stuffed in a paddy-wagon, so I agree there. But no, I didn’t notice any handcuffs.

      • I guess it’s more wish fulfilment than confirmed reality.

        Watch her arms, see her hands; handcuffs can’t be seen, their presence can only be inferred. I’ve been watching the movement of arms as she’s hustled into the van and I can’t see conclusively that she’s been handcuffed.

        Hilary isn’t to big to jail; if she has become a liability to the powers that be. I think that they have been trying to force her to stand down and drop out of the presidential race without success. They promised her the nomination for 2016, they delivered, but now, they want her to give it up “voluntarily”. That way they can’t be accused of reneging on their promises.

  2. “Hillary had to leave a ceremony commemorating the events of 9/11 in New York a little early”

    Well, yeah… 3 hrs early

  3. Have you seen the ABC clip where the commentator says, “Breaking news, Hillary Clinton is dead, we will hav..” and the signal is cut? That clip and the bums rush to get her in the truck seem to indicate that something is happening, but what?

    • There is quite a bit emerging that puts this into perspective. I found the doctors comments in the first link very measured and professional.

      Then we have this curious little sequence. A TV personality Dr. Drew speaks candidly about Hillary’s brain injury and his show gets cancelled the next week.

      In a sense this whole episode has turned into a dream like sequence of stage managers rushing around to literally keep the illusion going for “just a little longer”. I expect her accelerating health problems are undermining the original plan to get her into office and then hand off to the VP. It will be interesting to see three things.

      1) Will Trump attack this issue with intensity? If he doesn’t we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is completely bought and paid for and doing his best to throw Hillary the election.

      2) Who will start posturing as the “voice of stability/continuity of governance” as Hillary’s decline continues? This should provide some indication of which faction retains a measure of control.

      3) In so far as the entire scenario will inevitably end in crisis, what grand false flag is the deep state preparing to try to wrestle a measure of continuing control from the jaws of complete meltdown? I really am looking for the long awaited Project Blue Beam operation to commence with an ET Messiah making his pitch.

      • I think they have plans to switch out Joe Biden for Hillary in the near future. It’s illegal and perhaps they are simply waiting for the right legal briefing to justify it, but that’s my guess.

        • How about putting Jeb Bush in Killary’s place? That way the DNC will not alienate any of the voters they’ve garnered so far.
          Oh wait … he already lost to Trump some time ago.

  4. I am by nature a compassionate person. And I realize the stress of a political campaign can take a tremendous toll on mind and body. Why then is it so difficult for me to marshal a normal emphatic response to a poor woman so obviously in such physical distress? Is it because she has brought it all on herself. In her attempt to hide from the public her mendacity and mean-spiritedness she has always maintained such a iron-clad false front that it is now not strange now to see that facade literally eating her alive. I think the expression “Hoisted on her own petard” is applicable here. This would be worthy of a Greek tragedy were she a decent, otherwise deserving person inadvertent brought down by the gods for her own hubris. Unlike Sophocles though, we are not rooting for this tragic heroine but rooting for the fates to bring her down. Sad. So very sad.

    • OK, now…. I’m kind of in the same boat you are. I do have some measure of empathy toward this woman in spite of what she has done to so many other people over the course of her life. Yet, I think it’s more about how they are desperate to use her in the wake of the failure of Jeb to garner the republican nomination. Yeah, they can hack a few points here and there and even flip results if they are 5 or 6 points apart, but Jeb was loosing in a massive way and in the end, Trump turned out to be unhackable. So Hillary had to steal the nomination from Bernie and run for the office in earnest, whereas before I think she was the foil being used to take a dive for Jeb. Now she is stuck being their candidate to the end and frankly, I don’t think she wants it anymore than Donald does. Her health situation is a major issue for them. I almost see them trying to switch Joe Biden for Hillary in the near future, though that is illegal I think (it would have to go to the next nominee in vote counts during the primary contest, which would be Bernie of course). She is clearly not well enough for this yet here they are, literally dragging her around like something out of Weekend At Bernie’s from event to event trying to tell us she’s just fine. Ironic isn’t it how they treat her now as a commodity just like she has treated other humans in just such a manner her entire professional life. And like you said, were she to be a decent person, yeah, it would be a Greek tragedy but as it stands, it’s more like A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House

    • I meant ’empathic” but spell check misdirected me — again.

    • With the human life’s Hillary Clinton have on her non-existing conscience – she deserves no empathy.

  5. It blows my mind to watch the psychopathy of the Clinton family. The overwhelming addiction of political and absolute power of the entire family overrides any concern for their wife and mother, and country for that matter. Just shoot her up and hope that she lives past election day.

    Pulling in $143 million in a month of campaigning certainly will leave a lot of angry donors if she croaks.

    I’m so angry at our complicit media, the DNC, the unbelievable denial of half our populace, and the list goes on. I feel I’m living both in a Greek tragedy and The Twilight Zone, although I may turn on my tv for the first time in 12 years and watch the debates.

    • unfortunately they arent’ going to happen. She will drop out sometime soon I suspect and Joe Biden will be ushered into office to continue the Obama administration’s agenda.

  6. Standard care for an over 64 year old diagnosed with pneumonia is hospitalization. Why was she just given antibiotics? You don’t collapse from a mild form of pneumonia. She is circling the drain.

    • there are some out there saying she is already into “walking pneumonia” and I agree with you, her doctors and staff would have insisted she be hospitalized Friday as soon as she were diagnosed with the condition, not allowed to go to fund raisers and attend a rally outside in New York on Sunday. Something is definitely wrong with her beyond pneumonia.

  7. If they want to replace killary, I know someone else who fits the bill:

  8. The witch will soon return to Satan. I have a bottle of champagne in the cooler, ready to pop when the time comes.

    • Prkinsons possibly but when Lyin Joe Biggs is brought out in the first part of your video as a source for your info and it involves him saying SS agents told him that on the sly, that’s the end of the video for me.

      • I don’t know who joe biggs is but the doctor describing it as Parkinsons sounded believable. I did know someone with Parkinsons and he had trouble speaking and was always shaking and trembling which I didn’t see with Hillary.

        On the other hand many think it’s vascular dementia and it would be a little concerning thinking of her doing the nations budget with these symptoms:

        Symptoms of Vascular Dementia

        Symptoms of vascular dementia depend on what part of the brain is affected and to what extent. Like Alzheimer’s disease, the symptoms of vascular dementia are often mild for a long time. They may include:

        Problems with short-term memory
        Wandering or getting lost in familiar surroundings
        Laughing or crying at inappropriate times
        Trouble concentrating, planning, or following through on activities
        Trouble managing money
        Inability to follow instructions
        Loss of bladder or bowel control
        Hallucinations or delusions

      • scott, i have no idea who joe biggs is, and can kinda relate to your discounting the SS source (but…are they so honest?–remember JFK?).

        in any event, i kinda felt the same kind of discounting impulse when the alleged and self proclaimed medical doctor said that he was doing “just like the CIA does,” or words to that effect, as if that demonstrated his credibility. AYFKM?

        but beyond that, if you can get past it, the video is worth watching for the chronological order of the HIllary issues, and the videos that seem to show, that she really is in bad shape.

        bottom line, Mrs. Clinton looks like one sick chick to me.

        For what it’s worth.


  9. i believe she is suffering from a combination of “affluenza” and “cuntopathy” — the poor woman.

    but i don’t believe for a moment that the powers-that-be will replace her with biden — they’re riding this thing through to the end. hillary will be president, even if they have to steal it for her the same way they did the democratic party nomination.

  10. Jim Stone just lost a lot of credibility with the handcuff story. She is clearly not handcuffed.

    They didn’t do anything about vince foster who is going to arrest her on the streets of nyc … for what jaywalking?

  11. Most likely there was a campaign focus group and pneumonia polled strongest so they went with that.

  12. The following are cited in Hillary’s own publicized medical records…

    (1) Hillary has hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. For this she is taking Armour Thyroid, which is prepared from pig thyroid glands. This treatment is highly unconventional, has not been used since the early 1960s, since it causes weird side effects such as loss of bone density.

    (2) In December 2012 Hillary contracted a stomach virus while in Europe as secretary of state, became dehydrated, fainted at her home, and suffered a concussion. The concussion caused brain damage that requires her to wear prism glasses in private. The brain damage also impaired her balance, such that she frequently falls down, and cannot walk up any flight of stairs unassisted.

    (3) Hillary has had two episodes of deep-venous thrombosis (serious blood clots in the leg requiring medical treatment).

    (4) Hillary has had a condition called a transverse sinus thrombosis, which is a clot in the collecting system for cerebral spinal fluid. This, plus the clots in Hillary’s legs, prove that Hillary has a defective coagulation system.

    Those are the facts. In addition, there is speculation. The blog below has photos that supposedly show a hole in Hillary’s tongue. If the photos are real, then Hillary likely had an oral cancer tumor removed.

    Many people wonder if Hillary has incipient Parkinson’s disease, whose symptoms include dysphagia, which can happen at any stage of the disease. Dysphagia causes difficulty in swallowing foods and liquids, which in turn causes fits of coughing when eating or drinking. As Parkinson’s progresses, swallowing becomes severely compromised. Food or liquid frequently gets into the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonia (i.e. suffocation), which is the leading cause of death for Parkinson’s sufferers.

    P.S. I have ZERO sympathy for her. “We came, we saw, he died,” cackle, cackle.

  13. WordPress is eating my comments again.

  14. People magazine in now reporting:
    “Pneumonia Bug That Struck Hillary Clinton Also Seriously Sickened Several Members of Her Staff”

    “Everyone’s been sick,” a campaign source tells PEOPLE.”

    They just keep digging deeper and deeper. Let’s see, she has left the 9/11 event due to a highly contagious Pneumonia Bug that she was diagnosed with Friday and everyone on her staff has been falling sick around her collapsing right and left which somehow explains the chronic coughing fits she has had for months. She is dragged into a van by staffers who act like they have been through this many times before and is taken to Chelsea’s apartment to expose Chelsea to this highly contagious illness and then appears on the street a few hours later apparently feeling well and hugging a 9 year old little girl with no concern for her health.

    Also at her appearance on the street outside Chelsea’s apartment she appears to have lost 20 pounds, has no secret service protection nearby nor the big doctor who is never more than 3 feet from her with a large needle in his hand.

    • The needle in that doctor’s hand is perhaps an auto-injector of Diazepam (aka Valium) which the doctor uses to control Hillary’s apparent seizures.

      By “seizures” I don’t mean Hillary’s quirky gesticulations. Those are not seizures.

      I mean Hillary’s frequent losses of awareness. The Diazepam calms her down enough for her to collect her faculties.

      Clearly she is very ill, and her symptoms are worsening.

  15. The corporate media outlets say that Hillary has pneumonia (i.e. fluid in the lungs) but they have not said why Hillary has pneumonia.

    Daniel Tamburello of the New Hampshire House of Representatives believes that Hillary’s pneumonia was caused by Parkinson’s. Tamburello’s own father had Parkinson’s, and he died of pneumonia

    The epiglottis is a flap made of elastic cartilage tissue covered with a mucous membrane that is attached to the entrance of the larynx. It closes during swallowing, so that liquids or food go down the esophagus instead of the trachea. The epiglottis does not function correctly in people who have Parkinson’s disease. As a result, liquids fill the lungs, causing pneumonia, which is the leading cause of death in Parkinson’s sufferers.

    With pneumonia, you suffocate even though you may be breathing properly. This would explain Hillary’s frequent fainting and her collapse as she was being ushered to her van.

  16. It’s called the “Sicillian Flu.” All the organized crime capos showed up in court for their indictments dying, with tubes up their noses, or in wheel chairs. Notice that this is absolutely diverting attention from her world-class criminal career that a week ago was closing in on her. My religion forbids me to hate her, so I hope she gets the best medical care….in the penitentiary.

  17. […] via Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: Something is Seriously Wrong with Hillary Clinton’s Health … […]

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