Announcing the Hillary Clinton “Power Through” Talking Point Drinking Game

by Scott Creighton

The election cycle has gotten so out of hand this year, all we can do is collectively ban together and get drunk pretend none of it’s happening. To that end I suggest turning on one of the Hillary Clinton Apologist Networks like CNN or MSNBC and play the “Power Through” Talking Point drinking game.

The way it works is this: every time a blank-faced Stepford-wife of a Clinton surrogate comes on smiling like a maniac and talking about what happened this past weekend and says the phrase “powered through” you have to take a shot of whiskey. Cheap whiskey.

Don’t worry, you’ll be passed out in a matter of minutes since they are all on right now saying the exact same thing over and over again: “Hillary just wanted to POWER THROUGH this illness”

In terms of spin, it’s pretty obvious what they are trying to do: turn a moment of weakness into a strength by suggesting while sick, that Hillary Energizer Bunny just keeps POWERING THROUGH her commitment to the people.

Yeah right.

It’s a sad talking point, really. Weak. That’s why we have to drink, in order to numb our minds enough to get down to the same level as the dimwits who came up with the POWER THROUGH talking point.

“Gee Dad… she didn’t look like she was POWERING THROUGH that curb. Looks like she was trying to take a power nap in the gutter as those big guys POWERED HER INTO the van.”

Kinda looks to me like she’s been POWERING THROUGH some whiskey of her own.

But all that aside, let’s play the “Power Through” drinking game and see how long it takes to pass out in the van like a Democratic Presidential Nominee, shall we?

9 Responses

  1. Don’t know if you’ve seen this before Scott, but I immediately thought of you when I saw it. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that we’ll see a variation of this used in a Hillary-ocracy, given the state of her mental / neurological health. We’re creeping toward an evermore literal interpretation of the commander-in-chief being merely a puppet.


  2. You are so right about his. I was in the family room while my wife was channel surfing. I heard “power through” at least 1/2 a dozen times. I would have passed out if I took a shot each time!

  3. I’m beginning to think they’re setting up Trump to win.

  4. My opinion? If one wants a world war and global chaos, what better way than to insert a “wild card”? Trump can be the global scapegoat we were all warned about, and there’s nothing to see here, move along.

  5. Thanks for the laugh. Humor is the only thing that has kept me from putting a bullet in my brain.

  6. Actually they get drunk and everyone else gets the hangover.
    Here’s a news grab of Slick Willy setting the record straight on the bride, but unfortuately the truth seeped out and kindly CBS had to scrub his words nice and tidy.

    Apparently, the little woman is fine….depending on what “is” is. While powering through each day of pretending to care for the little people who obviously are no use to her, so much so that the sheer hatred is choking in her throat, she’s bearing up as best as can be expected of white trash royalty.

    • Disclaimer: I didn’t realize this site above was L. Brent Bozell III’s site. Besides NewsBusters.Org, he started the Parents Television Council because this holier-than-thou whacko wanted everyone to be good little boys and girls….while his best buddies the Bushes, Cheneys and the rest led exemplary lives, cranking up the rape and pillaging of the world full throtle.
      I try to read all sides of everything (except AJ and the other loookie-toonie stuff) but the story was valid though it’s just another predictable political mouthpiece site.

  7. […] was so embarrassing that ‘Power Through’ got its very own Talking-Point Drinking game! If you’re going to pull a scam like this, the trick is to not get caught. But then again, […]

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