Smoke and Dust (repost)

by Scott Creighton (repost from Mar. 2009)

Some of you know I am still looking into the use of det cord in the process of controlled demolition in the twin towers.  Well, during the other part of the research I am doing, I noticed something else; color differences between the smoke from the explosions and the dust kicked up from the demoed concrete slabs.  I noticed this first when watching a video of another “top down demolition” filmed years ago.

I decided to put some pictures together and see what you guys thought about it. (click on the pic for a larger image)

Smoke and Dust 1.

Pre-demo detail

Pre-demo detail

This first one here shows the buildings construction. Obviously, WTC 2 image is from construction and the Top-Down Demo still is from after final prep. But you can see they are both steel framed, reinforced concrete slab buildings. (notice on the 3rd floor of the Top Down shot, you can see through to the other side.)

Smoke and Dust 2.

Initial Demo

Initial Demo

As you can see (again, click the image for a larger view) we have two distinct colors of “smoke”. The lighter color coming from the floor area and the darker from around the columns.  It is my belief that this is part of the demo process; They first blow the floor system that links the columns together and then attack the columns themselves.  The lighter color material would be the pulverized dust that is kicked up. (now look just above the 3rd floor again. You can’t see through it because the “dust” from the pulverized floor is rising up.)

What they use for this process is a combination of explosives like RDX to take out the columns, as well as a product called “detonator cord“. The det-cord is itself a high explosive that looks like a standard cable, just with PETN stuffed inside.



The hi explosive inside burns at a tremendous temperature and rate of speed. They use it to help break up concrete structures and to link the “cutter charges” that take out the columns.

Smoke and Dust 3.

Flashes and Quotes

Flashes and Quotes

Not only do we see a clear pattern being repeated in both of these examples, where we have lighter colored dust of what appears to be the concrete floor slabs breaking up and then the darker, heavier looking “smoke” from what would be (IMO) the demoing of the core columns inside, but we also now can see the flashing of the det-cord… not only in the Top Down image, but also captured in the photo of the South Tower “collapse”.

Also included is an eye-witness testimony describing exactly the same thing we see in the Top-down demolition video. Several other witnesses testified to seeing these “flashes of orange” along with over a hundred of them reporting hearing “explosions”.

I just thought I would put this out there for you guys to look at and give me a little feedback.

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