UN Team Heard Claims of ‘Staged’ Chemical Attacks

by Robert Parry, Off Guardian

United Nations investigators encountered evidence that alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian military were staged by jihadist rebels and their supporters, but still decided to blame the government for two incidents in which chlorine was allegedly dispersed via improvised explosives dropped by helicopters.

In both cases, the Syrian government denied that it had any aircraft in the areas at the times of the purported attacks, but the U.N. team rejected that explanation with the curious argument that Syria failed to provide flight records to corroborate the absence of any flights. Yet, if there had been no flights, there would be no flight records.

The U.N. team also dismissed out of hand the possibility that jihadist rebels who had overrun some air bases and thus had operational helicopters at their disposal might have used them as part of a staged event designed to incriminate the Damascus regime and thus justify U.S. or other outside military intervention.

Another problem with the U.N. team’s findings is that the home-made chlorine bombs had minimal military value, inflicting relatively few casualties and only a handful of deaths.

Why the Syrian government, which was under intense international pressure regarding alleged chemical weapons use and was in the process of surrendering its stockpile of such weapons, would have jerry-rigged a handful of homemade bombs and dropped them for no discernible military effect makes little sense.

However, since Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been thoroughly demonized over his harsh reaction to an uprising that began in 2011, pretty much any accusation against him – no matter how unlikely or implausible – is widely accepted in the mainstream Western media and political circles. In other words, the U.N. team was under pressure to reach a guilty verdict.

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2 Responses

  1. “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been thoroughly demonized over his harsh reaction to an uprising that began in 2011.” ~ S.C.

    With respect, I saw no evidence of a harsh reaction, nor of an actual uprising.

    By 2009, neoliberalism had infected Middle Eastern governments and oligarchs. By 2011 this resulted in the multi-national “Arab Spring,” consisting of widespread but peaceful demonstrations against unemployment, rising food prices, worsening inequality, and political corruption. Rising food prices were further exacerbated by a prolonged drought.

    NATO (led by the USA) used this “Arab Spring” as a pretext to bomb Libya to rubble.

    In Syria the USA decided to hijack the “Arab Spring,” and began by sending snipers from Jordan to the city of Deraa in Syria, located just two miles from the Jordanian border. In Deraa the masked snipers sat on rooftops and fired down on the peaceful demonstrators below. Corporate media outlets falsely claimed that the snipers worked for the Syrian government.

    For the USA this trick has always been routine. It was repeated in several Syrian cities, causing chaos and confusion, and opening the door for endless hordes of U.S.-backed terrorist mercenaries to flood into Syria. The Syrian government was obliged to protect average Syrians by fighting the foreign-backed terrorists.

    Corporate media outlets falsely call this a civil war, when in fact it is a proxy war.

    Scott correctly notes that home-made chlorine bombs have minimal military value, and no propaganda value for the Syrian government.

    However, as false flag attacks, they have great propaganda for the
    nations that are maintaining the proxy war. Therefore, if there are any chlorine attacks at this point, they are not conducted by the Syrian government.

    • uh…. that clip of an article is from Robert Parry, not me. I hope I made that clear by writing “by Robert Parry, from Consortium News” and I have the same problems with Parry’s interpretation of a lot of things, including the ones you point out in that clip, but it’s important to note he is correct when he writes that there is no evidence of Assad using chemical weapons against civilians in Syria which is why I put it up there.

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