Gary Johnson Tanks His Own Campaign to Save Hillary’s: “What is Aleppo?”

by Scott Creighton

Anyone remember this CNN (Clinton “News” Network) town hall meeting with Gary Johnson?

Question: Hillary Clinton?

Johnson: A wonderful public servant

Question: Donald Trump?

Johnson: I’m sure there is something good too say about Donald, somewhere.

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson just went to the epicenter of pro-Hillary propaganda peddling, Morning Joe, and deliberately tanked his own campaign the day after the famed Commander in Chief forum by responding “What is Aleppo?” when asked what he would do about it by Barnacle Jones (a noted Hillary or Bust devotee of the status quo):

Why is it important where he delivered his own Ghost Punch knock-out dive? Because a number of “moderate” (a.k.a. Scoop Jackson) dems and independents watch Morning Joe and that is exactly where Johnson is receiving much of his support outside the very limited Libertarian Party (and if you don’t think it’s limited, lets go back and discuss the Ron Paul Revolution for a little while)

Johnson needs to get to 15 percent in the polls to make the cut, and right now he stands at about 10 percent. Libertarian groups are pouring more than $1 million into cable-TV ads and other messaging leading up to the first debate.

This should worry the Clinton team — even though Johnson is a former Republican governor. In the latest NBC/Survey Monkey poll, Clinton holds a respectable 6-point lead over Trump in a head-to-head match-up, 48 percent to 42 percent. But when you add in Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton’s lead drops to four points (close to the margin of error), with Clinton at 41 percent, Trump at 37 percent, Johnson at 11 percent and Stein at 5 percent.

This has been consistent in polls for weeks. Stein is garnering very limited support — most likely from fringe leftists and disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters, many of whom are expected to sit out the election — while Johnson appears to pull in independent voters, more so from Clinton than from TrumpOregon Live, Aug 1, 2016

And that was Aug… this is from two days ago:

“On Tuesday morning, Washington Post-Survey Monkey released polls of all 50 states. The race is tight across the country, but perhaps most interesting is the success of Gary Johnson. The Libertarian is doing as well as 25% in his former governing state of New Mexico, and reaches 15% or better in 14 other states. Johnson’s appeal is not relegated to any one region of the country. His worst showing is in Mississippi, where he is only at 4%. That state represents one of only eight where he fails to reach double-digits.

In the national survey, Johnson is at 12%, up 1% from the last time the group conducted the poll. The sampling of course takes place only 20 days before the first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. Should the Libertarian wish to have any chance of victory in any state (or nationally), he likely must be invited to that debate, as well as the other two on October 9 and October 19. The Johnson campaign would also immensely benefit from running mate William Weld‘s inclusion in the October 4 vice presidential debate.” Libertarian Republic, Sept. 6, 2016

Johnson and the Libertarian Party, say what you will about them, were starting to prove themselves to be a viable alternative to the One Party, Business Party system we have in place here in the land of the Big PX. Were he to have continued on that trend and perhaps taken advantage of appearances on shows like Morning Blowhard, then perhaps he could have reached the 15% national cut-off number arbitrarily set by the One Party, Business Party minions who set such limits on candidates so they can participate in debates.

Of course, that wont happen now.

Gary went on to explain that we need to “hold hands” with Russia and come to some agreement about how to fix the problem in Syria but that we really shouldn’t be there forcing a regime change in the first place.

Looks to me like the Clinton campaign has decided to cash in their Johnson votes along with the ones they stole from the Sanders camp. I don’t care what idiots like Paul Joseph Watson say about Johnson costing Trump more votes than Hillary, the facts are pretty clear: Johnson was swaying more votes from Clinton than Trump and his deliberate tanking of his own campaign at this particular time when Trump is surging in the polls makes it seem obvious to me that when the “wonderful public servant” needed a bump, Johnson was more than willing to shoot himself in the foot and take a dive for the Hillary team on national television. I mean, what do you expect? Libertarians are neoliberals… just like Hillary.

12 Responses

  1. I’ve said it many times before. This is theater and everyone has their part to play. Some are bit parts and same are leading players.
    Was it Plato who said that actors and authors should be licensed (a.k.a authorized) by the state because their ‘craft’ was/is so powerful?

  2. MSNBC just had some talking heads sitting around chatting about this little “slip” by Johnson saying “what bad timing for him. He was on the rise and so many people didn’t like what they heard from Clinton or Trump the night before and he comes out with this”

    oo. Yeah. What bad timing, huh?

  3. I love laying on my “Oh-that’s-just-conspiracy-theory” knucklehead friends, “Isn’t it odd that every mistake, every error in judgment, every accident in the last forty years always seem to be a windfall profit for the same people?”

    • There is a more effective rebuttal few are using (yet) which is to reply “so you’re telling me you’re one of those Coincidence Theorists who believe everything happens by accident and chance?” Try it.

  4. “i’ll let you what?…”

  5. In the interests of liberty, Gary Johnson long opposed compulsory universal vaccination.

    Two weeks ago, however, Johnson (the “libertarian”) reversed himself, and now favors this assault on liberty.

    Perhaps he is seeking to get donations from Big Pharma.

  6. I haven’t paid much attention to Gary “Jonestown” but it looks like he is committing mass political suicide.

    The first time I ever heard/saw him was the other day in this short video where he jumps all over the interviewer for saying “ILLEGAL immigrants.” A great vid for sharing with those who are beyond nauseated over political correctness:

    • wow, I had never seen that one either. He’s a neoliberal. That was the trick of “libertarianism”.. trying to make it seem like an alternative to the Washington Consensus. Like trying to make Obama seem like a “CHANGE” candidate. Open borders are a big part of the neoliberal economic ideology. They call it “flexible work forces”. People displaced by neoliberal economic ideology coming into their areas and driving some out because of lack of work or low wages. They are displaced, desperate and willing to work for much less than the standard wage where ever they migrate. So, the neoliberal economic effect is to greatly reduce the wage structure where it is implemented as well as in the surrounding areas, getting locals to compete for work with desperate migrants with little to no committed budgetary restrictions like mortgages, insurance, child-care considerations, car payments, etc. It’s a race to the bottom and I am not surprised by Johnson’s support of this ideological concept. It is the Washington Consensus after all. It’s not Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform after all, it’s Bush’s.

      • “Open borders are a big part of the neoliberal economic ideology.” ~ S.C.

        The neoliberal ideal of open borders cuts both ways. It includes both immigrants and capital. Open borders means no restrictions on offshoring, or on corporate domination of foreign economies, or on corporate pollution of foreign environments. It means no tariffs to protect local industry. It means no limits to the cancerous growth of financialization and the race to the bottom. It means that all power and sovereignty is held by corporations, not by governments or societies.

        Libertarianism is essentially neoliberalism. It seeks total liberty for the rich, and total enslavement for the rest. The Koch brothers call themselves Libertarians.

        As for Gary Johnson’s righteous bloviating about “illegal” versus “undocumented” immigrants, who is he trying to impress? Hispanics? They ignore him.

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