Interesting Video from Anonymous on the False Flag of 9/11, the Failing State of Globalist Imperialism and the Slow Run-up to WWIII

by Scott Creighton

“The powers that be would rather tilt the board than lose the game.”

Yes, I remember what Anonymous is. Or at least what part of it is. But this video is certainly worth watching and listening to. In the end it talks about how this neoliberal globalist agenda is falling apart right before the eyes of the masters of the universe and suggests a global war may be their last ditch effort to save their plans for total economic/military hegemony.

Towards the end they talk about how the West’s pitchman, Obama, is loosing influence with the other leaders of the world. Ironically or not, we have this image of Obama and the rest of the G-20 leaders posing for a group photo. And remember, all the other leaders got the red carpet treatment when they landed in China. All of them except President Obama.

Image result for obama photo g-20 summit china

Image result for obama red carpet g-20 summit china

The petro-dollar is under attack, their flailing “trade” deals are rejected across the board, they finally reached QE-infinity… all of this goes to show it cannot be propped up forever.

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  2. If you take the G-20 photo at face value, all the major powers are cooperating. I think this is the most likely the case behind the scenes as well.

  3. Devoid of imagination and decency, the only thing they can do is make war. And to save the asses of the puppetmasters they’ll do it happily. But what if they gave a War and nobody showed up?

  4. hey willy
    just an fyi- did a big post on Israel’s concern with Turkey’s entry into Northern Syria and relinked back to you article on Israel lovin’ ISIS
    with proper attribution of course
    Don’t think you would mind?

  5. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    And people still believe the “official” narrative…

    • I think less and less do each year. It’ll be like the JFK thing by 2030… 80% of the population will see it for what it is but until then we have to continue suffering the slings and arrows…

      • I like to hope it won’t take that long for 9/11. The facts are really hard to counter. Right now it’s blindly believing mainstream what have them going.

        Something is about to happen as everything is crumbling and they are ready to flip the board.

        • you know what gets me about the video? It focuses on the fact of the molten steel which is something that I focused on with my work on PETN det cord showing how it would indeed create the metal microspheres that the RJ Lee report found and Steven Jones tried to derail with his “nanothermite” stuff. Like they do in the video, it’s so obvious when you tell people that jet fuel can’t melt structural steel and they come back with “it didn’t have to melt it just weaken it” and you reply with “but tons of metal WAS melted”… it’s indisputable at that point and they are already agreeing with you. from there it’s simply a matter of the report by the RJ Lee group and they are stumped.

  6. A year or so back I stumbled across some disgusting “deep propaganda” at a talk advertised as about body language. The main example used over and over was a video of Obama greeting Putin in Russia with boundless energy while dissing Putin subtly with his body language. It’s almost as if the Chinese were aware of how the US was using these videos and decided to “reverse the dog.”

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