US Special Ops Training in Latin America Tripled, Docs Reveal

(So President Peace Prize tripled the number of graduates from new Latin American death squad schools? wow. I’m shocked. No one could have seen that coming… ಠ_ಠ )

from Common Dreams

U.S. Special Operations Forces training missions to Latin America tripled between 2007 and 2014, newly obtained documents by a human rights advocacy organization reveal, offering further evidence that it is “the golden age” of secret operations by these elite fighters.

The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) says the uptick happened during “a period when overall military aid to the region was decreasing” and as overall transparency about these forces, which include the Green Berets, the Navy SEALs, and Rangers, is waning.

Many of the missions these forces took part in, WOLA’s Sarah Kinosian and Adam Isacson explain, were trainings called Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET). While 12 JCETs trained 560 foreign personnel in 2007, the number zoomed up to 36 JCETs training 2,300 personnel in 2014.

Kinosian and Isacson write:

JCETs do more than train U.S. forces. They teach Latin American co-participants military tactics while also “gaining regional access with a minimal footprint,” according to the documents. The reports highlight that “[JCET] activities often enhance U.S. influence in host countries.”

The highest number of missions—21—took place in Honduras.  Most of those occurred from 2011 to 2014, a period when “when serious allegations levied against Honduran security forces—murder, torture, rape and extortion—went uninvestigated and unpunished,” Kinosian and Isacson write.

Nearly as many—19—missions took place in El Salvador, where the trainings may have been for a group of units ostensibly taking to the streets to fight that country’s war on gangs, and who have “been credibly accused of extrajudicial executions, crime scene manipulation, and enforced disappearances, among other crimes.”

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3 Responses

  1. Why not get the old Iran-Contra gang back so they can join in on the fun? I’m sure Eliot Abrams and Negroponte would be thrilled to be tossing Honduran babies into the air and catching them with bayonets made in the USA!

  2. My neighbor’s son is a lifer in the Special Forces. We were talking about ops in Latin America and he casually said “They (SF) kill people down there all the time”.

  3. When a proper investigation into Obama’s presidency is made, we will know how cynic, hypocrit, cruel and liar he is.
    He is also behind the scene in Caracas, last 1st September, when the righ-wingers of «MUD» organized the so called «Toma of Caracas». They even paid for snipers to kill their own people in the mass rally against the government.
    It was going to be a big hit for Obama, after Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment and the killing of Rodolfo Illanes in Bolivia. Unfortunately, for Obama, the coup in Caracas failed. The president of Venezuela does not seem so stupid as he is portrayed by mainstream press.

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