Hillary Shill Javier Palomarez of the USHCC Goes on Morning Joe to Demonize Trump on Behalf of Big Business

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jacob Monty, a member of Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, has withdrawn his support for Donald Trump because, according to Monty, Trump’s speech yesterday wasn’t “pro-business” enough. Monty just said that on MSNBC. Over at Politico, they ignore that part of Monty’s problem with Trump and claim he is withdrawing support because The Donald isn’t being ‘compassionate”. In his announcement of his support of Donald Trump, Jacob Monty made it perfectly clear, he supported Trump because he was “pro-business” and would handle the immigration reform situation with business in mind.


Immigrants are more likely to be employed: 61.5% of foreign-born workers, age 16 or older, are employed compared to 57.2% of native-born citizensJavier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Today on Morning Joe, the regular cast of neoliberal Hillary Shills (Mika, Joe, Willy and that old “legendary” propaganda peddler, Barnacle Jones (all white multi-millionaires by the way)) huffed and puffed about The Donald’s day yesterday. They were beside themselves trying desperately to figure out a way to spin his trip to Mexico and his immigration speech last night that would make him look like Hitler or Putin or whomever the monster of the day happens to be in Hillaryland.

They brought on Javier Palomarez right away to set the tone. He is the President and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) and one of the first points he decided to put out there in terms of his propaganda was that his group got together with the neocon/neoliberal George W. Bush Institute and figured out that illegal immigration is currently at a “net zero” rate these days… a bullshit statistic that is being parroted by every Killary and Big Business supporter in the country right now.

Clearly illegal immigration is not at a “net zero” rate. If it were, no one would give a crap about building a damn wall, now would they?

Javier Palomarez went on too say that after yesterday, it’s all over, The Donald is done, the race is over, you might as well call the whole thing off because he’s now pissed off the Hispanics and no one, NO ONE can be president unless the Hispanics say it’s OK.

This guy has also written that all future economic growth in America is directly tied to immigrant workers rather than natural born U.S. citizens.

How is that for an inflated sense of self worth? Us poor citizens can’t pick a president or keep the economy out of the trash bins without the say-so of our illegal immigrants.

Javier Palomarez doesn’t give a shit about Mexicans, either legally working in the U.S. or otherwise. He cares about the Big Business interests that fund his little Chamber of Commerce Lite NGO so he can continue to live the good life and that’s it. He cares about the needs of the Big Business owners and Wall Street and wants DESPERATELY to facilitate legislation that will allow these companies to bring MORE foreign workers into the country that can be exploited, used up and dumped by Big Business just as fast as humanly possible.

Let me give you a little background on this guy and his little business group:

Here is a partial list of businesses that support USHCC which include greedy oil companies, globalist banking/financial conglomerates and military industrial complex war-profiteers:

  • Apple
  • Bank of America
  • AIG
  • BB&T
  • CITIbank
  • Chevron
  • COMCAST (MSNBC owner which hosts Morning Joe)
  • Exxon Mobil
  • GE
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Microsoft
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Shell
  • VISA
  • Wells Fargo
  • Union Bank
  • Walton Family Foundation (Walmart)

(Do you think it would have been a good thing for Mika and Joe to mention to their viewers that their bosses support comprehensive immigration reform while they looked desperately to come up with any reason they could think of to denounce a presidential candidate who opposes it? Do you think “full disclosure” issues ever come up in their propaganda planning sessions? Somehow I doubt it.)

Here is an interesting quote from Javier Palomarez which gets to the heart of the real nature of the “humanitarian” drive for comprehensive immigration reform. Though it’s a real heart-warming argument to make about keeping families together and giving folks a chance to share in the American Dream, in reality, it’s about Big Business and that all important “growth” factor for Wall Street:

“The process of how people come to the U.S. and build their lives is a question of fundamental importance. It guides whether they can build prosperous and secure lives in this country…

Although these considerations can result in strong emotional tones within the immigration reform debate, what is sometimes lost as a key part of the conversation is the very important fact that immigration reform is an economic imperative for our country…

The current immigration system distorts the free market. Enterprises cannot get the (cheap) workers they need to fill the jobs they have determined are critical to their future growth and success. (cheap) Workers, with ability and drive (God knows there are no U.S. citizens with ability and drive), are turned away due to policies that hinder their economic advancement (a.k.a. “immigration laws”)…” Javier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

This is literally the legislative agenda of the USHCC regarding immigration from 2014 as compiled by Javier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce :

  • Expand the H-1B visa program of skilled laborers by 200% … at least
  • Expand the “guest worker” (read as temporary slave labor) the H-2A (farm) and H-2B (non-farm) programs by whatever measure Big Business wants
  • Make it easier, cheaper and faster for Big Business to ship in the “guest workers” (slaves) as needed
  • A “smarter border” meaning make it cheaper, easier and faster to ship things from Mexico into the U.S. without it being checked by border control officers (like heroin, cocaine and Mexicans)
  • Employ a “public private partnership” to oversee the border check process so some enterprising MS-13 member can get the contract
  • Kill E-Verify altogether because it hurts Big Business if they have to prove their cheap employees are here legally (or legal slaves)
  • Immediately stop all states from enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books on behalf of Big Business

On page 29 of their handbook regarding their legislative agenda, the USHCC is a proud supporter of ALL so-called “free trade” agreements including the TPP, TTIP and NAFTA (of course)

Global leaders in government and private industry must work together to promote global economic integration through free trade agreements to increase mutual profits and build prosperous economies.” Javier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The USHCC says the public health, welfare and safety must take a back-seat to the profit margins of Big Business where ever possible:

“The USHCC acknowledges the important role regulation can have in promoting public health, welfare, safety and the environment, yet these considerations must be carefully balanced with the critical goals of economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation” Javier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Javier Palomarez detests Trump’s stated immigration plan. Say what you will about The Donald being a neoliberal himself (which he clearly is) and about whether or not he will follow through on his stated policies (which he probably wont) the fact is, Javier Palomarez is acting as the voice of the neoliberal ideologue class in America. He hates the idea of E-verify, he hates the idea of setting trade deals with the goal of benefiting U.S. workers and he hates the idea of the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws across the board. These are the basic tenants of Trump’s plan and they aren’t revolutionary in any stretch of the imagination unless of course you happen to be a cheerleader for neoliberal economic ideology like the folks at Morning Joe are and like Javier Palomarez is.

Yes, current immigration laws do “distort the free market” which is exactly why they want comprehensive immigration reform and it’s important to remember, it’s not neoliberal Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform, it’s neoliberal George W. Bush’s comprehensive immigration reform we are talking about. Like many other Bush agenda policies of the past, Obama simply co-opted it and smeared his left-cover all over it until the fake “progressives” forgot who wrote it in the first place. That’s why it’s called the Washington Consensus (look it up if you don’t know)

Now I call your attention back to that quote I opened up this discussion with:

Immigrants are more likely to be employed: 61.5% of foreign-born workers, age 16 or older, are employed compared to 57.2% of native-born citizensJavier Palomarez, President & CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Truth of the matter is, illegal immigration costs U.S. workers their jobs and it only benefits the Big Business interests of this country. Not only that, but it drives wage structures down as well for legal citizens who manage to hold onto their jobs. It costs them wages, benefits and job security while the businesses see their profit margins skyrocket to record highs.

However, contrary to what the folks in Hillaryland would have you believe, it’s not just whitey who’s losing jobs. Blacks, Hispanics and even legal immigrants from all walks of life are losing jobs, wages and benefits at a tremendous rate right now due in large part to an influx of illegal immigration. Yes, the global race to the bottom known as neoliberal “free market” trade deals also effect these margins, but a very real causal relationship exists between the mean standard of living for the average U.S. citizen and illegal immigration. That’s the whole point of what the neoliberals call “flexible work-forces”

I would have been much happier if I heard Trump last night say that these trade deals like NAFTA must be voided because they cause illegal immigration by design by forcing the relocation of people from their native countries due to the economic despair they cause. Truth is, were it not for NAFTA, we would not have these problems and all of these folks from South America and Mexico would be glad to stay at home and work there, if only they could find a job that actually pays a living wage. But they can’t because their neoliberal politicians sold them out just like ours are selling us out right now.

This is the heart of neoliberal ideology, which is what Javier Palomarez clearly supports. In fact he’s made a profession out of it.

In his PDF on the USHCC legislative agenda outline, Javier Palomarez made it very clear that the United States needs to shift their focus when it comes to VISA policy. He wrote that the U.S. currently gives out more VISAs due to family unity (bringing people into the country to be with family members) than we do due to filling worker need for Big Business. Something like 70% of the current VISAs are given due to family considerations and that number is WAY TOO HIGH Javier’s tastes. He suggests something like 90% of them should be given out to Big Business so they can bring in some more cheap labor slaves.

Like I said before, he doesn’t give a shit about families. All he cares about is service to the masters of the universe.

They used to have a name for slaves who betrayed their own in service to massa. I can’t remember exactly what word they used, but there was one rather well-acted character in Django Unchained who seems to be an appropriate comparison right now. I just can’t put my finger on it. Who was that? What is that term they used to call people like that? It’s right there on the tip of my tongue. Home something.. apartment something… house something…? What was that again?

Well whatever it was, that’s what Javier Palomarez is and I’m hoping one day Quentin Tarantino makes a movie about him but something tells me that sellout wont anytime soon. Like Javier, Quentin knows what side his tortilla is buttered on.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you, I had no idea his background and philosophy was that insidious:)

  2. Seems we is on the horns of a dillema, Doctor. First the Russians were going to hack the election and now the illegal immigrants are going to mess them up….golly gosh, oh heck. oh gee….I hope our people in charge will make sure everything is on the up and up. I just know, darn it, that our politicians will bend over backwards to see that this erection is right in the end.

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