Syria – The U.S. Propaganda Shams Now Openly Fail

(Go here to listen to John Kerry talk about banning Russian and Syrian planes from flying over locations where “the legitimate opposition, al-Nusra, is present” right after saying al-Nusra is al-Qaeda. Then read below where an al-Qaeda leader says “all opposition members in Syria are al-Nusra” and you start to understand what’s really going on and who are forces are protecting.)

from Moon of Alabama

The Obama administration, and especially the CIA and the State Department, seem to be in trouble. They shout everything they can against Russia and allege that the cleansing of east-Aleppo of al-Qaeda terrorist is genocidal. Meanwhile no mention is ever made of the famine of the Houthis in Yemen which the U.S. and Saudi bombing and their blockade directly causes.

bigger (source unknown)But more and more major news accounts support the Russian allegation that the “moderate rebels” the U.S. is coddling in Syria are actually in cahoots with al-Qaeda if not al-Qaeda itself.

Reuters reports (though only at the end of a longer story):

In Aleppo, rebels in the Free Syrian Army are sharing operational planning with Jaish al-Fatah, an alliance of Islamist groups that includes the former Syrian wing of al Qaeda.Meanwhile, in nearby Hama province, FSA groups armed with U.S.-made anti-tank missiles are taking part in a major offensive with the al Qaeda-inspired Jund al-Aqsa group.

The Wall Street Journal is more direct and headlining: Syria Rebels Draw Closer to al Qaeda-Linked Group

Some of Syria’s largest rebel factions are doubling down on their alliance with an al Qaeda-linked group, despite a U.S. warning to split from the extremists or risk being targeted in airstrikes.

Some rebel groups already aligned with Syria Conquest Front responded by renewing their alliance. But others, such as Nour al-Din al-Zinki, a former Central Intelligence Agency-backed group and one of the largest factions in Aleppo, pledged allegiance for the first time to the front in recent days.

Indeed al.Qaeda announced publicly that the CIA’s Nour el-Din Zinki and Suqour al-Sham joined its Jihad

As little back as August the State Department defended Zinki after some of its member abducted a Palestinian boy from a hospital near Aleppo and beheaded him in front of a video camera:

[I]n State Department briefings, [..] spokesman Mark Toner downplayed the incidents, or the possibility that the US would stop arming Nour al-Din al-Zinki just because they beheaded a child..

Toner insisted [..] “one incident here and there would not necessarily make you a terrorist group.”

The new news reports follow after an interview by the German former politician and journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer with an al-Qaeda commander published in English on this site. The commander said that Nusra (aka al-Qaeda) were directly supplied, via a subgroup, with U.S. TOW missiles. He added about such groups:

They are all with us. We are all the al-Nusra Front. A groups is created and calls itself “Islamic Army”, or “Fateh al-Sham”. Each group has its own name but their believe is homogeneous. The general name is al-Nusra Front. One person has, for example, 2,000 fighters. Then he creates from these a new group and calls it “Ahrar al-Sham”. Brothers, who’s believe, thoughts and aims are identical to those of al-Nusra Front.

Another interview recently published by the former military Jack Murphy was with a Green Beret soldier who served in Turkey and Syria. The Green Berets are special forces of the U.S. army. They are specialists in training and  fighting with indigenous guerrilla groups against governments the U.S. dislikes. The soldier interviewed was ordered to train “moderate Syrian rebels” in Turkey. Parts of the interview (pay-walled) are quoted here:

“No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort”, a former Green Beret writes of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian insurgents, “they know we are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘Fuck it, who cares?’”. “I don’t want to be responsible for Nusra guys saying they were trained by Americans,” the Green Beret added.

Murphy states bluntly: “distinguishing between the FSA and al-Nusra is impossible, because they are virtually the same organization. As early as 2013, FSA commanders were defecting with their entire units to join al-Nusra. There, they still retain the FSA monicker, but it is merely for show, to give the appearance of secularism so they can maintain access to weaponry provided by the CIA and Saudi intelligence services. The reality is that the FSA is little more than a cover for the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra. …

It is one thing when Russia says something, but another when Reuters, WSJ, and independent German and U.S. subject experts report this as facts. The first can be shunned as “Putin lies” but the others are extremely hard to refute.

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Amy Goodman Uses White Helmet Videos and Regime Change “Activists” from Syria to Promote Yet Another Humanitarian Bombing Campaign

by Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman, you’re pathetic.

When we talk about the “progressive” left being confused about Syria (and Libya before that) because of complicit phony “alternative” left-leaning journalists lying to them incessantly, none of the institutions out there are more responsible for that than is Democracy NOW! and Amy Goodman. Under the Obama administration, the once fearless anti-war activist and journalist has become an apologist for war criminals. There is no other way of looking at it. And not only an apologist for their crimes after the fact, but a complicit co-conspirator in the promotion of propaganda to seeks to justify more crimes against humanity in the future. She is practically on the payroll of US Special Forces doing work in their unconventional warfare division helping sway the “hearts and minds” of US citizens to accept and even call for aggressive military action against non-compliant nations across the world.

This latest segment she did on the situation in Aleppo, which her propagandist producers called “Worse than a Slaughterhouse”, proves my point and solidifies her position as the Judith Miller of the fake alternative media.

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Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong: Sept. 29th Interview with Vanessa Beeley

One quick thing: the interviewer states that al Qaeda was created by the US after “the Russian invasion of Afghanistan”. That’s not entirely accurate. The Afghanistan Mujahideen was created by the US at that time and al Qaeda stemmed from that for one thing. Most importantly, Russia did not invade Afghanistan. The new Afghan government at the time was building closer ties to Russia and looking to them for assistance. They came in by invitation of the Afghanis, it was not an invasion. So our actions back then were similar to what is going on in Syria. We were not just attacking Russians in Afghanistan, but also the Afghan government at the time. It’s a small difference, but I think a critical one to note.

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Neoliberal News of the Day: Sept. 29th, 2016

by Scott Creighton

(I have a thing to do this morning, so I am getting a very early start. You guys have a good day)

Forget Ebil Putin! Trump Now Linked to Castro… Kind of: Rachel Maddow, of the MSNBC division of the Hillary Clinton 24-hour spin campaign, breathlessly touted a story last night that she said her tenacious producers dug up for her as an “early exclusive”. That means the publishers of the anti-Trump propaganda fed it to them so her fake-left audience would be ready to buy their yellow-journalism magazines this morning first thing. The story is; now we can tie our Putin-bashing New McCarthyism hate toward Donald Trump to a much older “Damn Ebil Commies!” hate of Fidel Castro. According to the “story”, one of Donald Trump’s businesses back ’98 “did $68,000 worth of business with communist Cuba while it was illegal to do so under the Fidel Castro regime” and then, according to an out of breath Maddow, he “lied about it to a group of Cuban exiles in Miami”. When you dig a little deeper what you find is his company hired another company to travel to Cuba to see about setting up future business deals in the country… after the Castro regime fell.  Seven months later he told a group of Miami Cubans that he wouldn’t do business in Cuba while Castro was still in power. It was a fact-finding mission for a neoliberal billionaire who was anticipating a successful regime change in a socialist country. And of course, the money was paid to a US based firm, not Ebil Commit Castro himself, as the Clinton people at Maddow’s show would have you believe. Rachel called it her “two scoops” story which I guess meant one scoop was Putin and the other Castro. Or, based on the legitimacy of both stories, you could say it’s two scoops of bullshit.

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#TrumpWon First Debate – US Public (Corporate News Outlets Assert the Opposite)

(Mr. Tracy has collected screenshots from Variety, Slate, Heavy, The Hill, Fox 5, TIME and other polls that all show Donald Trump winning the first presidential debate this year. Of course, that doesn’t stop the complicit corporate media from saying Hillary won in their eyes. Tracy makes another good point when he reminds us it was the Clintons who freed up corporate media to gobble up all the little guys and consolidate all of the media back in ’96.)

by James Tracy, Memory Hole

It’s no secret that the same interests exerting ownership of major media regard Donald Trump’s candidacy as a very real threat to the status quo. This is reflected in the severely negative news coverage of the Trump campaign, particularly when contrasted with that of its counterpart–you know, the wife of the man who gave corporate media so much of their booty by signing into law the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Unsurprisingly in the immediate wake of the first presidential debate of 2016 major cable news outlets unanimously argued that Donald Trump lost the matchup, or, at the very least it was “not his night.” For example, veteran MSNBC presstitute Chris Matthews effused that Clinton “cleaned [Trump’s] clock” and  was the “home run debater–the Babe Ruth of debaters.”…

Granted, such polls do not meet specific social scientific protocols of academic institutions or polling firms–the latter of which often tailor surveys toward client preferences, as CNN’s commissioned poll suggests. Yet the spontaneous nature and presence of such polling across an array of online media catering to various political persuasions vis-a-vis the cable news talking points provide a glimpse of how much American public opinion appears to be at variance with the media monopoly that still controls what many mistake for actual public sentiment.

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SANA Reports Coalition Bombed Two Key Bridges in Der Ezzor After Syrian Army Crushed an “ISIS” Advance

by Scott Creighton

[It should be noted for historical context that back in Nov. of 2013, it wasn’t “ISIS” that was supposedly fighting the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor, but instead, it was our “moderate rebels”

Syria’s eastern city of Deir Ezzor is effectively a divided city, split between government and opposition-held areas.

The rebels briefly gained an upper hand when they captured the Siyasiyeh Bridge in late January, effectively cutting off regime supplies to the adjoining province of Hasakeh. But the price tag was a heavy one.” News Deeply

Now ask yourself how did these “rebels” magically turn into “ISIS” while the Syrian army was combating them and then ask yourself if you really believe the Pentagon when they say they “accidentally” bombed Syrian forces in support of these “Rebels/ISIS” just outside the strategically important city.]

SANA News is reporting the news that US coalition aircraft have attacked and destroyed two bridges that span the Euphrates River in the countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.

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