As Trump Surges in Polls, “Russian Election Hacking” Story Serves as Pretext to Cover Massive Election Fraud in November

by Scott Creighton

As Donald Trump starts surging again in the national polls, suddenly and without any real evidence to support the claims, the press is parroting an FBI report that the Russians are hacking our election systems and essentially wiping voters off the registration lists.

“I’m less concerned about the attackers getting access to and downloading the information. I’m more concerned about the information being altered, modified or deleted. That’s where the real potential is for any sort of meddling in the election,” said Brian Kalkin, vice president of operations for the Center for ­Internet Security,“…

James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence, has told Congress that ma­nipu­la­tion or deletion of data is the next big cyberthreat — “the next push on the envelope.” Washington Post

For those of you who don’t recall, Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic Party nomination via a number of illegal election rigging techniques, one of which was by purging hundreds of thousands of voters from the registration lists who were likely to vote for Bernie Sanders.

In California, the DNC purge of likely Sanders voters resulted in hundreds of thousands of his supporters having to fill out a provisional ballot, which of course, wasn’t counted… resulting in Hillary’s “victory” in a state where her rallies drew 500 people while his, 50,000.

Oddly enough:

“Until now, countries such as Russia and China have shown little interest in voting systems in the United States. But experts said that if a foreign government gained the ability to tamper with voter data — for instance by deleting registration recordssuch a hack could cast doubt on the legitimacy of U.S. elections...

For example, if a voter’s name were deleted and did not show up on the precinct list, the individual could still cast a provisional ballot, Hicks said. Once the voter’s status was confirmed, the ballot would be counted.” Washington Post

Some estimate up to a million provisional ballots were illegally shredded before they were counted by the DNC just after the California primary.

The FBI has no evidence whatsoever that the Russians hacked these systems. What they do know however, is there are millions of Americans now who fully understand that our election method of choice, unverifiable electronic voting machines, are rigged and our election system as a whole is completely illegitimate. We know that from the 2000 and 2004 elections where George W. Bush (and more importantly for their agenda, Dick Cheney) were ushered into office and we know that from such glaringly rigged examples as the Alvin Greene primary “election” in South Carolina in 2010.

Picked to Lose: The Alvin Greene Story | American Everyman

Add to those examples the Hillary Clinton primary “victory” of 2016 and what you have is a broken system serving the vested interests of the billionaires and corporate oligarchs who back corrupt, tainted politicians like Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton.

In 2008 they didn’t need to hack the system for the general election: they did it in the primary and selected the extremely unpopular John “bomb Iran” McCain to run against Mr. Peace Prize at a time when everyone, including republicans, were desperately opposed to more war in the Middle East.

This is basically the same idea they had with the selection of the extremely unpopular Donald Trump. The guy isn’t even a republican yet he won the primary easily after making as many missteps as he possibly could, leaving him to joke one day about still being the nominee after shooting someone on 5th Ave.

After calling Trump a racist every time Hillary gets caught with her hand in the Big Money cookie jar and suggesting anyone who supports him holds “KKK values“, the slander/shaming campaign of Team Corporate Whore Clinton find themselves losing ground and losing ground fast. Kinda like the TPP and the TTIP, the Clinton campaign is finding out the longer they stay out there in the public eye, the more folks understand what they are and decide they want no part of them.

Linking Clinton to these corporate “free trade” agreements is a perfectly natural comparison. Peas in a pod, if you know what I mean.

Therein lies the problem.

You see, democracy as an idea is hated by these folks. They abhor the notion that the state must be run by consensus of the majority because they view the majority of us as unwashed, ignorant cattle just sitting around waiting to be slaughtered when it best suits those masters of the universe who make such decisions, with our best interests in mind of course.

You can go back to that whole Magna Carta thing if you like, which of course is the real foundation of our constitution, or what’s left of it. In case you didn’t know, whenever our CIA successfully “democratizes” a country somewhere, in come the neoliberal technocrats to rewrite that nation’s constitution, and it NEVER gets closer to Magna Carta ideals, in fact, the new ones are decidedly anti-Carta.

Which brings us back to the TPP and the TTIP, both of which put corporate interests over and above existing legal protections, including constitutional ones. Essentially, they are considered global corporate bills of rights.

All that said, is it any wonder that the masters of the universe, who Hillary Clinton serves without fail, decided that Bernie Sanders wasn’t really the best choice to go up against Donald Trump this year? Is it any wonder that they prefer Hillary Clinton, who once said the TPP was the Gold Standard of free trade agreements over Donald Trump who said these deals cost Americans their jobs and a good measure of their quality of life?

This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. And when negotiated, this agreement will cover 40 percent of the world’s total trade and build in strong protections for workers and the environment.” Clinton said in 2012. 

In summation, is it any wonder that with Clinton faltering in the polls, the masters of the universe have decided they would rather risk another stolen election than have someone opposed to their trade deals sitting in the Oval Office?

And, is it any wonder with the New McCarthyism developing in our Scoop Jackson Democratic Party of corporate ass-wipes, that Russia would be the inevitable patsy?


11 Responses

  1. I agree with S.C.

    The media’s endless chorus about “Russian hacking” serves two purposes:

    [1] It smears Trump (“The evil Russians are helping to get Trump elected!”)

    [2] It provides camouflage for Hillary’s team. (“Yes we hacked the electoral system, but only to restore it to normalcy after the evil Russians damaged it. We did America a FAVOR!”)

    I also agree with S.C. about how money powers choose their U.S. presidents.

    STRATEGY ONE: the money powers choose who they want to install in the White House, and they also choose a competitor on the other side who they will torpedo at a crucial moment. An example was Mitt Romney’s comments about “makers” and “takers” during a closed-door fundraiser in May 2012. The money powers made sure that Romney’s comments were discussed in all the corporate media outlets, thereby ensuring an Obama re-election.

    STRATEGY TWO: the money powers choose who they want to install in the White House, and then they use a technical maneuver to finish the job. For example, they had the US Supreme Court declare that Bush, not Gore, won the 2000 election by one electoral vote.

    STRATEGY THREE: (the most common) the money powers choose who they want to install in the White House, and they run him against a buffoon (e.g. Obama vs. McCain and Palin).

    STRATEGY FOUR: the money powers choose who they want to install in the White House, and then they rig the primary process, followed by having the media continually smear the opposition candidate (e.g. Trump). Never have I seen an election in which the corporate media outlets smear a candidate so continually. If you click on Google News on any given day, the top story will be (1) the latest tragedy, such as an earthquake or plane crash, or (2) the latest attack on Trump by the Washington Post. Indeed, Google News is basically a blog of Trump-bashing, occasionally punctuated by other items.

    On a different note, I have never seen a presidential election as surreal as this one. In many ways, Trump is the de facto Democrat, and Hillary the de facto Republican. Nor have I ever seen the Republicans so hostile toward their own candidate. Nor have I seen the money powers so blatantly push a candidate (Hillary) who is so universally despised.

    Despite all this, the one travesty that most rankles me is the utter disgrace that is Bernie Sanders. I was not surprised when Sanders betrayed his supporters. Sanders was a Pied Piper for progressive lemmings. Back on 6 May 2015, Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report characterized Sanders as a “sheep dog” whose job was to herd progressive Americans into the Hillary camp. It was all so predictable that I would have let it go if Sanders had disappeared after his sell-out.

    What makes him disgusting are his comments and appearances AFTER his betrayal. Each appearance of Sanders is another slap in the face.

    Still, I should be grateful. Every slap in the face by Sanders drives more people away from the utter abomination that is Hillary.

    • and yet so many of our fellow citizens still believe our elections are real … unbelievable. but the sad truth is that many still do & will vote for hillary (in spite of her record) in order to save us from the “evil” trump. god, how can people believe this shit any more?

  2. Scott,
    Check this shit out. Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security) is thinking maybe Homeland Security should be in charge of the elections. He thinks that having all those independent jurisdictions running around doing their own things during the elections is a problem. Much better to have DHS run it start to finish, right?

    • it’s the second round of the “Help America Vote” act, isn’t it? Putting more money into electronic voting machine systems run by outside contractors. Bush did it in 2001-2003 right? Getting ready to steal the 2004 election so he and the neocons could remain in power the full 8 years for their operations. Bringing the system under the rubric of Homeland Security makes me wonder if they don’t have plans to outsource the contracts to foreign companies like all those internet security companies they have over in Israel these days.

      • You ever wonder if the Clinton’s were in on 9/11? (Had foreknowledge, etc.) Maybe the reason Hillary was supposed to win in ’08, and is going to win this time, is as a reward. Just speculating. No-one ever mentions them in regard to 9/11, but I sometimes wonder…..they sure have power over most of the politicians because of SOMEthing.

        • I doubt they had inside access to the planning which I think was conducted by Rice et al at the Vulcans meetings in 2000, but to some degree I think they were certainly aware that some “New Pearl Harbor type event” was on the table and they certainly understood why. Keep this in mind though… they ushered in the new rules on banking and derivatives, which, in my opinion, did FAR MORE DAMAGE to the people of the United States than 9/11 did, so to that end, if you see that as an act of economic terrorism, they certainly set that stage and knew that was coming. they in fact planted those bombs.

          • I ran into Rice one day a couple of years ago as she was walking out of a building at Stanford. Didn’t register who it was at first, then a bunch of ids flocked over to get selfies taken with her. She just seemed like anyone else, albeit a little more famous. Had a little black SUV waiting for her along the road to whisk her home or wherever she was going, but no security detail, now that she was just a prof again. It was weird to consider she may have had direct knowledge of, maybe even a hand in planning of, the murder of US citizens and the destruction of US property only for the purposes of corporate profit, empirical expansion and eternal war.

            • She’s drifted off into the background, Powell busies himself tinkering with his cars, W is painting feet or some such… they served their time, did their work for the new world order and have slipped away to retire from public life in quiet affluence like nothing ever happened. I bet they have nightmares though.

  3. Ha! First it’s Trump saying “We’re gonna build a wall, and Mexico is gonna pay for it.”. Now, it’s Clinton saying, “We’re gonna steal the election, and Russia’s gonna get blamed for it”. This is getting just too stupid. I happened to be a around television the last few days (ugh) and saw Morning Joe a couple of times. What clowns.

    • it used to be that they went after Trump and Clinton equally. Now they have their tongues so far up Hillary’s ass, you can’t understand a word they’re saying. and I just cant take anymore of that smug look on Mika’s face. it’s almost like she’s doing a parody of a self-satisfied fake liberal asshole as opposed to just being one.

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