Angry Bernie Birds. Want Revolution? Forget the House Parties… VOTE TRUMP! (what?!?)

by Scott Creighton

They stole the nomination from Bernie supporters, from the real progressives in the party and there were a lot of them. So now we are faced with only one choice… the nuclear option.

People say one of my big drawbacks is that I don’t offer enough solutions to the problems I expose in my work. Ok. Fair enough. Here’s a solution:

All you Bernie supporters out there who are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore should go out and start beating the bushes in support of… Donald Trump.

WHAT!?!? Are you KIDDING?!?!

Nope. Dead serious. Vote TRUMP. Not only vote for Trump, make it painfully obvious to everyone everywhere that you are GOING to vote Trump then see what happens.


  • Trump didn’t steal your nomination, did he?
  • Trump didn’t illegally attack and invade Libya for French and UK business interests, did he?
  • Trump didn’t set up an illegal email server so he could commit more illegal acts while acting as Sec. of State and get away with it, did he?
  • Trump isn’t (as much of a) dedicated servant to the Likudniks in Israel, is he?

Personally, I don’t see the comparison. Any halfwit can run around saying Donald Trump WILL BE EVIL if elected president (like Bernie Sanders for example) but the obvious fact here is… that is a prediction, like saying the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year. It’s a guess.

However, we already KNOW Hillary Clinton is evil, so the “lesser of two evils” theory is tossed out the window. In the selection set, there is only ONE proven “evil”

That said… Donald Trump, as this article lays out, will NOT be the next president of the United States. He doesn’t want to be, first of all. He’s a Hillary fan. Always has been. Plus he’s a aging billionaire playboy who figures he can parlay this campaign into a cushy multi-million dollar TV payday or even his own network (run by Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon perhaps? Hmmm…)

So voting for The Donald isn’t about turning 1600 Pennsylvania Ave into Trump Towers East. It’s about forcing them to expose themselves stealing the election. It’s about legitimacy or the lack thereof. It’s about coming together in a common cause with other folks out there who are sick and tired of the business as usual of the Business Firsters.

It’s about firing the first shot of our real revolution and making them fire back, not just sitting around watching Bernie videos sipping lattes with our petty bourgeoisie neighbors wondering about which dog catcher nominees are “progressive” enough to get our support (while we vote for the neocon Hillary Clinton)

Think of it as PR for the “brand” of our country. Do we want the rest of the world to think we are ignorant and vicious enough to elect Hillary Clinton?

I don’t want Hillary to spend one single day in the Oval Office thinking she conned enough of us into voting for her and that she won the presidency legitimately. It worked for Obama but it can’t for Hillary. We already know way too much for that. We know what she’s done and we know what she stands for.

Truth is, this is a call to action in a true revolutionary sense. They will never allow someone opposed to those precious free trade agreements to take office and they will never allow someone who even feigns opposition to them to get control over them. We also know they need to send a message and that is that populism is NOT the prevailing ideological current in this country. They couldn’t POSSIBLY allow another Brexit vote to echo through the lesser halls of parliament across the world (especially now)

So they simply wont allow a Trump victory and that’s why we have to push for it. We have to make them steal the election.

One way or another, they are setting the stage for that very thing. Either Trump will resign his nomination due to his tax-returns or they will simply erase millions of Trump voters from key states so that Hillary Clinton is the next president and I suggest that when they do, all hell will break loose in this country.

If you recall, when George W. Bush took his first ride to the White House he was unable to get out and walk the last few blocks as is customary because angry voters who knew the election had been stolen, were pelting his motorcade with eggs. It was a horrible sight, one that was quickly dumped down the memory hole. An American president who stole an election starting off his first term in office in such a way. Set a tone didn’t it?

The left cover of a Clinton administration will falter and crumble were she to expose herself in such a way right off the bat. The missing anti-war movement that hid beneath the “3d chess’ bullshit of the Obama years will peek out from beneath their shame and retake the streets where they should have been lo these many years.

That is MY prediction. And the way to achieve it… is for Bernie supporters to vote Trump.

I know. I know. Sends a chill down my spine as well. But, in the end, you wont get Trump. You’ll get an exposed Killary and at this point, that’s about as good as it gets.

So yeah, I’m voting The Donald and predicting revolution. Not his, but ours.

28 Responses

  1. I supported Bernie and I plan to vote for Trump as a protest vote. If the HC team has to delete/steal/forge millions and millions of votes to win, Trump who is petitioning for Election Pollsters to work for him during the election will be able to document (and sue for) substantial fraud. IMO he would love the opportunity to do so. The more votes he gets the clearer the fraud, the cleaner the win, vote for Trump:)

  2. I helped Bernie win my state. Since Trump is the absolute antithesis of everything we fought for, uh, no, I would write in “Donald Duck” before voting for him. I don’t have to like Hillary or even trust her. We will still have divided government no matter who wins, and other checks and balances. Trump must be stopped, and his exclusionary, hate-filled philosophy of unchecked greed repudiated at the polls by the largest possible number of votes, so the next giant dickhead will think twice before going down a similar path. Let Trump use his money to buy an army and go find a nice banana republic or an island, where they will pretend to worship him and do his bidding.

  3. So, Mikey, tell us- how much did you get paid for writing that Big Fat Paragraph? I seriously want to know, as I need a job. I am now too old to stoop down and pick up bottles and cans, and the recycling center just seems to get further away every time I peddle down there. As for slinging bullshit, I reckon I could out-type you any day.

    So tell us- how much do whores like you get paid?

    • I want to know too …

    • I think it’s like $15/hr. Not a great deal for selling your soul imho. TRUMP is the only option. But let’s be honest, it’s not gonna get to that. Clinton is not winning. She is not electable in an honest election and they know it. They will kill him and/or start a war and/or civil uprising before the election if he is for real. If he’s not, they’ll make him bow out, call some sort of electoral crisis bullshit and get what they want anyways. The only way out is for intelligent humans with knowledge and morals (and 2nd amendment) to collectively take out the garbage. The entire world is f’ed. Until we eliminate the rothschild, soros, central bank, imf, cfr, bilderberg et al gang.

    • I want to know too. I get paid well now, but I could do that on weekends. I think it would be extremely easy to knock off apologetic crap that nudges people away from looking too closely at your boss. $15/hr isn’t too bad for crap that requires no real preparation.

  4. Mike is a lying political whore, just to be clear, spreading the BS myth about “divided powers” when in truth incredibly destructive (to regular Americans) legislation has sailed through Congress in the last twenty years with bi-partisan support despite these mythical “checks and balances.” That’s because both parties, much like Mikey, are paid whores for the parasites at the very top who pull their strings.

    • What I said was “divided government”. I don’t know what you mean by “divided powers”. The Senate is statistically likely to flip to the Democrats, while the House is likely to remain Republican-controlled. These two things would be true whether Trump or Clinton are elected. If Clinton wins, the House will fight her constantly. If Trump wins, the Senate will fight him. So things will remain the way they are now, President vs Congress.

      I’m retired from medical imaging, by the way. Decent 401k, a pension, and SS. I wouldn’t work for $15/hr, though there are satisfying volunteer activities I am happy to do for free. Being stuck at a computer writing for peanuts doesn’t sound much fun though.

  5. What? Vote for Trump? But he said racist things! And in American society, what counts is not what you DO, but what you SAY.

    In America, words speak louder than actions. You can be as racist as you like. You just can’t SAY anything racist. Indeed, the more you DO racist things, the more you are praised as a “liberal.” The more you SAY racist things, the more you are condemned as a KKK member.

    Hillary in her actions has personally overseen the genocidal extermination of Muslims, but Trump said he wants a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigrants. Scandalous!

    Hillary helped to pass NAFTA, and helped her husband end welfare, and helped pass criminal justice “reform” that led to the mass incarceration of Blacks, but Trump says he wants to build a wall on the US southern border (which already exists). Outrageous!

    Hillary is an arch-neoliberal, and will therefore help to further expand and deepen institutionalized racism, but Trump has said innocuous things about Blacks as a group. Horrendous!

    To repeat: in American society, what counts is not what you DO, but what you SAY. As long as you don’t say anything racist, you can be as racist as you like in your behavior.

    Addressing the post above, Scott recommends that we vote for Trump in order to force Hillary’s camp to obviously steal the election. I like the idea, but I fear that Hillary can always herd the masses into the slaughterhouse by fabricating an external “threat.” For example, if Hillary declares war on Russia, most Americans will cheer Hillary because “GO TEAM!” Hillary can reduce average Americans to poverty and slavery, but one false flag will make the slaves pray for her happiness and wellbeing. One false flag will start a nationwide stampede for war, no matter how obviously it was staged.

    This is the herd instinct in action. Most Americans are herd animals. They claim that they don’t believe the corporate media outlets say, but in fact they believe whatever the media tells them. If the corporate media outlets call someone a “brutal dictator,” then most Americans will see him as a dictator, no matter how kind and saintly he actually is.

    Despite all this, I shall vote for Trump. Not because I like him (I don’t) but as a symbolic slap of Hillary. Mine is just one vote in a nation where the popular vote doesn’t elect presidents. However a vote is like a candle in the dark. One candle can’t be seen more than a few feet away, but enough candles together can be seen from the International Space Station.

  6. I’m sorry I gave you the page view.

  7. I’m voting Jill Stein. At least she represents my values. If more people voted for what they really believed in, versus voting the way they are “strategically supposed to” (i.e., “but the Supreme Court nominations!”), we might get somewhere. Screw both Trump and Clinton.

    When people tell me I am throwing my vote away, I say, “No, not voting is throwing my vote away. Voting for whom I think will best serve the country is called democracy.”

  8. I support Scot’s idea. But I think there is a definite chance that Trump will, in fact, be elected.

    Trump has always had a policy of strengthening the US military and, from this, the end result would probably be the same as if Killery were President, i.e., World War 3, which is a virtual certainty were Killary to be elected. In other words, Trump & Killary are two peas from the same pod on this issue.

    Scot mentioned the anti-war or peace movement in passing, and the fact that it is now almost non-existent in the US. In addition to voting for Trump, I suggest that Scot and other like-minded people work very hard, and urgently, at reviving a very large-scale peace movement in the US. Many small anti-war groups need to be formed, then coalesced into an unstoppable mass movement.

    • I agree that Trump is not so different from Clinton and that a Trump presidency in some ways serves their interest better than Hillary does at least in the sense that they are able to establish the notion that ONLY billionaires are qualified to rule the United Businesses of America. But I think Trump’s decidedly populist opinions can’t be allowed to prevail even if he does fully intend to turn his back on them like Obama did even before he got into office. And I think regardless of the outcome, the antiwar movement will grow stronger. I would like to see the Bernie folks and the Trump folks come to understand there isn’t a “dimes worth of difference” between them and come together to oppose whomever is in office or at least their neoliberal principles. The divide and conquer faction will be there though, so little hope of that.

      • My main point is that a nuclear World War 3 is looking increasingly likely. And unlike previous wars, the USA mainland can expect to be hit, this time by nuclear bombs if it first bombs Russia or China. The whole thing might start with a serious attack on Iran, and it will depend on how much Russia & China are drawn into that conflict.

      • Aha! I see your subconscious brain ticking over. The statement about “not a dimes worth of difference” is saying that Americans are NOT too divided to unite as peaceniks.

        But more broadly, not just on the topic of peace, wouldn’t it be good if some “lefties” like you Scot and some conservatives like, … I don’t know, Justin Raimondo, Mike Rivero or Paul Craig Roberts , if you got together as a united group BASED ON THOSE POINTS THAT YOU ALL HAVE IN COMMON AND CAN AGREE ON? And had a website.

        • In that united group, I would included Ralf Nader, William Engdahl, Michel Chosudovsky, James Corbett, Eric Draiser, Dennis Kucinich and Anthony Weiner (just kidding).

          • The group, the website, can agree not to touch on certain topics or to allude to them, such as gay marriage, climate change etc.

            The website would only contain their works on topics that they all agree on. Of course, different members might not agree on minor points but this is to be expected in any group.

            Each member who has his or her own website can link to this common website and display it prominently on their own website.


            • While that’s an interesting idea, the real issue is getting anyone to recognize the populist groundswell (60%+ regardless of party) that is anti-war, against growing wealth inequality, pro-increased taxation on the ultra-rich, and for spending more money on infrastructure at home and far less overseas. THAT is the party/candidate that needs to start running everywhere. The job of the people you mention, if they truly have our best interests at heart, is to kick-start that movement. Nothing more; nothing less. By their fruit ye shall know them.

  9. SO INTEResting! I love it! Have you seen the original Producers (1967, with Gene Wilder?) If Trump actually won the election after all of his recent over the top statements, his stomach would fall out of his ass. He must be counting on losing so he doesn’t have to deal with his outlandish promises. Lucky for him, he probably has top cover assurances that he will lose one way or another and will have full authorization to start the Trump TV News Network, which will be a fake right wing mouthpiece on a private Trump station, where he can spout his made up opinions and pretend he has been right all along, albeit persecuted by the establishment, and get richer and more famous the whole time. A win-win situation.

  10. I’m not the only one who has realized that a looming WW3 is the TRUE big question of today.

    Have a look at this easy-to-read article, and the Newsweek link that is included in that article –

    John Pilger has also recently pointed out the urgency of this question.

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