Wow. Wanna See Noam Chomsky Lie About Syria and Assad? (shades of his support of the Yugoslavia regime change operation)

by Scott Creighton

Fuck Noam Chomsky. I’m going to go out and buy a Chomsky book so I can piss on it and burn it. Fuck you Noam, you lying piece of shit.

EF: To what extent is the US administration responsible for Syria’s implosion?

NC: It’s hard to say. The Assad regime is absolutely monstrous and responsible for a large majority of the atrocities. IS is another monstrosity. The al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front is not much better than IS, while some of the other major groups are closely linked to it. The Kurdish groups have succeeded in defending their own territory and establishing a more or less decent system within. And then there are various other groups – local militias and parts of the original reform movement and some other more democratic elements. AlterNet

Hard to say? Really? It’s hard to say how much ObamaGod is responsible for the regime change operation taking place in Syria right now? Really? Assad is “monstrous” and bares responsibility for a “large majority” of the atrocities? Are you stupid? Every day SANA publishes new stories about those “democratic elements” firing more rockets into civilian population centers killing men, women and children with impunity. And the Kurds? Even the fucking Kurds say they are ethnically cleansing the areas they wish to take from the Syrian people for Greater Kurdistan and this cocksucker says they are “defending their own territory”? Who are they defending their territory from? KurdISIS™? The ones they let leave Manbij so they could head north to the next town they planned to destabilize and take for themselves? And is that the “more or less decent system” he’s talking about, the rule of the neoliberal puppet Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan?

What a piece of shit Noam Chomsky is. No wonder the defense contractor MIT keeps him on the payroll. He’s never met a globalist “humanitarian intervention” regime change operation run by a Democratic president that he didn’t like.

Hey Noam, go fuck yourself.

(sorry about the language folks, but this asshole pisses me off)

25 Responses

  1. Noam Chomsky is the academic version off Alex Jones.

    • I agree. He was never on board with the 9-11 truth seekers, that alone should tell you something.

    • I disagree. You get more truth and clarity from Alex Jones. Jones at least is a patriot who cares about the USA. Chomsky is deceitful and uses obfuscation to fool those well meaning SJWs.

  2. He did the same in relation to the war in Iraq. You should read what Layla Anwar from «An arab woman blues» said about him.

  3. Scott, the first two lines of your article told me that it was going to be another typical mealy-mouth-hedging-equivocating-talking out of both corners of the mouth Scott piece of writing that makes it impossible to tell what your position is. Do you, don’t you agree with Chomsky?
    OK, I’ll read it again, maybe I’ll be able to read between the lines.

  4. He opposed the NATO bombing in Yugoslavia did he not?

    He opposes US intervention in Syria which is more important than his
    criticism of Assad.
    He opposed the Iraq War.
    He opposes Obama droning.
    He implies denuking Israel to get a nuke-free Mideast.
    Not much to complain about in the interview other than his
    remarks about Assad.
    Yeah, he is wrong to oppose BDS also, but is still very critical of Israel.

  5. He is becoming more of a gatekeeper every day…

  6. chomsky has been critical of many u.s. policies, but only within the “acceptable boundaries”; he simply has too much to lose by embracing things like 911-truth, since he is a “respected academic” — and therefore has no credibility (just take a look at his lame and intellectually dishonest denial of 911-truth).

    he may oppose u.s. involvement in syria, but does he credit the so-called “civil-war” in syria to the u.s. & it’s allies? fuck him for that.

    and fuck him for opposing the BDS movement.

    fuck him for his dishonest answers regarding the federal reserve system/central banks, etc. — i guess the only alternative is communism, noam, you piece of shit?

    fuck him for denying 911-truth.

    in short, i agree with scott: fuck noam chomsky. fuck him right in his stupid ear. he’s a phony who doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect or time. there are a whole lot of people out there willing to pursue these topics and comment on them honestly — and the “respected academic” noam chomsky is certainly not one of them.

  7. The ultimate villain behind the destabilization of the Middle East is ISRAEL, all according to the Oded Yinon plan (look that up), but of course Zionist gatekeeper Noam Chomsky will not tell you that.

  8. The problem with Choomsky is he is absoluetly dead-set on his Marxian Economic Determist view of thew qwqorld, where-by everything is explained through “corporate control”.

    Every US foreign policy has to be explained throgh such an econimic/corporate manner: Iraq is about oil, Vietnam is about destroying an alternative to capitalism, etc….

    But Syria defies such explanations. It has no real oil, and isn’t a socialist experiment. So he can’t use Marxist rhetoric to explain US policy towards it.

    So he therefore has to just say “Well, it’s its own thing”.

    Ofcourse,he could mention Israel, but again that would mean admitting Israel influences US policy in the region, and that would undermine his “corporate control” model.

  9. Noam Chomsky says nothing about Israel’s aid to Al-Nusra gangster fighters. Remaining silent about this issue is cumplicity with the real monsters who want to perpetuate this war in Syria.

  10. Once again a “leftist” blog (Alternet) gulps the Empire’s kool-aid.

    This is a worsening epidemic. For example, below is an article at the “progressive” Counterpunch blog that blasts anyone who questions the Empire’s proxy war against Syria and its government. (“Assad is a brutal dictator” and blah-blah-blah. The terrorist mercenaries from abroad are “patriots” and “freedom fighters,” and so on. Standard neocon excrement.)

    The same perversions often appear at other “progressive” blogs such as Common Dreams.

    As for Chomsky, I don’t know if he’s senile, or if his lifelong Zionist sympathies are showing. (He’ll be 88 this December.) When Chomsky was much younger, he occasionally questioned Israel’s endless atrocities, fearing that they would ultimately lead to the downfall of his beloved Israel. But he has never questioned the Zionist abomination itself. (I have read most of what Chomsky has written during his life.)

    Irrespective of Chomsky’s twisted politics and his supremacism, I loathe Chomsky as a person. During the last decade or so, during interviews, Chomsky has always looked drugged as he mumbles inaudibly and unintelligibly, saying nothing. He’s like Stephen Hawking, except that Hawking has a legitimate reason for his impediment.

    Chomsky makes my skin crawl. You’ve heard of “shaken baby syndrome”? When I see Chomsky mumbling inaudibly, I want to yank him out of his wheelchair and subject him to “shaken geezer syndrome.”

    • that’s offensive. I guess Ashley laments the fact that not enough on the left are real Scoop Jackson, neoliberal, neocon Dems. I’m fucking amazed Counterpunch published that warmongering crap

    • I just read that article on Counterpunch. I’d say it’s a good, textbook example of political propaganda, even a parody of propaganda. Read it very closely and you might see what I mean. I ignored that.

      What I found useful were the references to groups that support Assad. I intend to bookmark the websites of those groups!

      By the way, I stopped reading Counterpunch a long time ago.

  11. you don’t as yet understand the significance of Allepo, Crimea, the Talmud needs to destroy the Russian Orthodox, they have comprised majority of the Christian faith, the Vatican being the prime example. the end goal is Constantinople, the capture of Allepo Citadel was meant to have happened in 2012, it has failed

  12. Have you read Professor Tony Hall’s recent 7 part series on the disinfo traitor Chomsky? It makes a nice supplement to this article…

  13. Chomsky is right. Moreover, you would have to prove that the protests were orchestrated by outside forces, which is hard to believe considering the Neoliberalism regime of Assad coupled with massive food shortage and a large number of Iraq refugees which the system didn’t accomodate for. The people then went hungry in the context of a bad harvest in Russia due to immoderate temperatures. They protested, and Assad, being a brutal state capitalist, has been killing the most out of all the actors. That’s because they have the air, etc.. When innocent people are dying you should at least be able to have perspective on those on all sides. The US & Turkey & Qater definitely helped create ISIS and al-Nusra. But in the end, the people (on their own) did try to rise up against the wealthy elite in Syria. They were desperate, and they were also killed for it. No leftist, socialist, anarchist or communist should ignore that…

    • the people voted overwhelmingly to keep Assad in power in 2014. In Dec. of 2010, Obama sent Robert Ford over to Syria to be our first ambassador to that country in a very long time. He set out right away meeting with opposition leaders trying to create a color revolution. The staged “protests” began in March of 2011. They were NEVER legitimate. In Oct. of 2011, Obama had to pull Ford out of the country because they got word of what he had been doing and threats were made against him.

      “Until they removed the US ambassador he was running around the country trying to encourage groups to overthrow the Syrian government. That is not the role of any diplomat.” Michael Scheuer

      So no, there was never a real revolt against the government of Syria. It was staged, just like the one in Libya and just like the one in Ukraine. Staged and instigated by Western forces with the intent to create an atmosphere conducive to regime change.

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