KurdISIS™ (H/T Penny) Retreats Across Euphrates River – Erdogan Attacks ISIS™ and the Kurds Retreat: What Does That Tell You?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: MoA blog continues with their Erdogan-bashing campaign suggesting “ISIS” and Erdogan cut a deal and the poor Kurds were too ambitious and trusting of Papa Biden. Suggests this is all a plot by Recep ” To recreate an Ottoman empire which would include at least north Syria and north Iraq”. Funny isn’t it, how he accuses Erdogan of doing what the Kurds are doing? Interestingly enough, the first comment on his site says this “The “Neo-Ottoman” meme is just more of the usual Zionist Bullshit. Surprised to see it surfacing here

I’m not.

Are you paying attention or is Donald Trump’s immigration “pivot” too compelling right now?

It’s difficult for people to understand what’s happening in Syria at the moment in terms of Turkey and I completely understand that. I’ve been covering the situation over there for 5+ years and it’s still difficult to keep it all straight. I mean, if André Vltchek, a man who has worked in Turkey for 20 years and published multiple books on the subject doesn’t get it, why should we. Turkey is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and it seems nobody can forecast their actions.

However, that is not too say there aren’t clues presenting themselves as the situation unfolds and one very key piece of the puzzle that seems to be absent from most analytical work on the subject, I think, could bring much of the confusion into focus: KurdISIS™ (H/T Penny)

But perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian Greater Kurdistan national interest.”

Over at common Dreams, the confusion is evident: U.S.-Backed Turkish Offensive in Syria Targets U.S.-Backed Kurds (not ISIS)

As difficult as it is to wrap your head around Turkish politics, I don’t think this particular development is that confusing at all if you’re willing to simply open your eyes and see our new glorious “freedom fighters” in Syria for what they really are.

Haaretz is also reporting that the real target of the Turkish incursion into Syria the other day was the Kurds, not ISIS™

“The Real Target of Turkey’s Syrian Operation Is the Kurds, Not ISIS. The Kurdish takeover in Manbij and their stated intention to further encroach on ISIS territory raised the stakes for Ankara..” Haaretz

We know the Israelis back both the Kurds in their efforts to create Greater Kurdistan as well as what is called ISIS™ in Iraq and Syria. The Israeli military has put troops in harm’s way to save the lives of ISIS™ fighters while “Top Israeli officials have repeatedly stressed that they would “prefer” an ISIS victory in Syria over an Assad victory.” (Brandon Martinez) The Israeli air force has even targeted Syrian forces in support of ISIS™ fighters because ISIS™ has the expressed desire to force a regime change in Syria, just like Obama, just like al Qaeda… and just like Israel.

Israel’s support of the Kurdish cause is well documented. The fact that they are buying the stolen Syrian oil that flows from ISIS™ to Iraqi Kurdistan and then on to Israel is also well documented. Now that the Syrian Kurds have declared themselves to be a new nation, Israel was first and foremost to recognize them.

So here we have the Israelis supporting two conflicting sides of a so-called war. Two sides who are doing deadly battle with one another (supposedly). How is it that Israel supports both of them simultaneously?

Well, they do it the same way the US does it. Right? They do it because ISIS™ in Syria, as I have written for years, is NOT some terrorist organization hell-bent on the destruction of Western civilization because they “hate our freedom” but rather because they are an irregular warfare proxy army sent in to further destabilize Syria and present the needed pretext for the US to engage in the battle themselves.

Obama couldn’t justify invading Syria or “humanitarian” bombing it because of the “civil war” after they announced their creation and support of the “moderate terrorists” like the FSA and al Nusra. That would just be a war of aggression by different means.

So he had to have something else, something new and dastardly to use as the pretext… and ISIS™ was born.

And as I have pointed out many times, ISIS™ in Iraq is a different animal. Again, it is the same needed pretext, but for a different purpose. The General Military Council of Iraqi Revolutionaries was starting a REAL revolution against our brutal puppet in Iraq, al Maliki. It was gaining ground and threatening to undue all those profits our “national interests” were enjoying in the country (“Its time we started seeing Iraq as a business opportunity” Hillary Clinton, 2011)

Thus, Barack Obama needed a justification to bomb targets in Iraq and ISIS™ was born.

Around the same time, our CIA “moderates” were losing badly in Syria, they were even being shipped out by Saudi Arabia and sent down to Yemen in order to destabilize that developing government after the Houthis kicked our puppet out of that country. Obama needed a reason to start bombing in Syria so ISIS™ was said to be over there as well.

Turns out, ISIS™ goes everywhere the CIA/Obama want to drop some bombs on behalf of our “national interests”. Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan… Iran even.

So who is ISIS™? That is the question and I think in the case of Syria it stands to reason that the planners of such things figured they would empower a minority group in the region with aspirations of grandeur to run the destabilization campaign in the north-eastern part of the country with the expressed goal of depopulating the region so they can create “lawless areas” of the country and make it ripe for the formation of “Western Kurdistan“… part of Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” plan, or Greater Kurdistan as I call it. That is “irregular warfare” by definition.

But don’t simply take my word for it. Here’s what Ibrahim Biro, the head of Syria’s Kurdish National Council, said about what the Kurds were doing in Syria:

They’re exploiting the [international] fight against the ISIL terrorist group to attack their opponents,” he said.

In recent months, the PYD has reportedly indulged in the ethnic cleansing of areas under its control, arbitrarily detained its political opponents and forced local residents to fight on its behalf.” World Bulletin, Aug. 17, 2016

All that said, isn’t it now a little easier to understand why Israel and the US tacitly support both the Kurds and ISIS™? Keep in mind, Obama didn’t bomb those ISIS™ convoys of stolen Syrian oil for years as it was going on (and being shipped to Israel via Iraqi Kurdistan) until the Russians did it first. Then Obama decided he had to do something so they dropped some leaflets on a convoy warning them about a pending bombing and the drivers took off leaving their tankers to be hit (and filmed for propaganda purposes of course)

“Intensifying pressure on the Islamic State, United States warplanes for the first time attacked hundreds of trucks on Monday that the extremist group has been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria, American officials said…

Until Monday, the United States refrained from striking the fleet used to transport oil, believed to include more than 1,000 tanker trucks, because of concerns about causing civilian casualties…

To reduce the risk of harming civilians, two F-15 warplanes dropped leaflets about an hour before the attack warning drivers to abandon their vehiclesNew York Times, Nov. 2015

Why would Obama do that? Allow ISIS™ truckers to escape unharmed? They are ISIS™ right? The enemy. If he had killed all those truck drivers I promise, ISIS™ would have had a hard time finding replacements. That’s for damn sure. So why warn them?

For that matter, why would Obama allow ISIS™ fighters to simply drive out of Manbij and head north to the next city they intended to destabilize in preparation for a Kurdish takeover like they did in Manbij? Who made that decision? Oh wait… the Kurds made it:

“US Army Col. Carver, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighters, told Pentagon reporters the decision to let Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) convoys leave the city was made by commanders of the Syrian Democratic Force (the Kurds).” RT

Anyone else starting too see a pattern here? We don’t bomb ISIS™ drivers as they truck the stolen oil down to Iraqi Kurdistan and when the Kurds finally take control of Manbij, it’s the Kurds who decide to let ISIS™ escape the city so they can head NORTH to JARABLUS CITY where, according to Haaretz and other sources, the Turks attacked them (the Kurds) and drove them out of the area… and now reportedly back across the river.

“Turkey’s U.S.-backed push into northern Syria Wednesday was aimed at ISIS, but also sent Ankara’s nemesis – and American ally the Kurds – retreating east of the Euphrates, making good on a vow from strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” FOX News

So what does all of this tell us?

It’s unclear what it means for Turkey. Yes, they got Biden to yank the chain of our war-dogs in Syria a bit, KurdISIS™

But what did he have to give up in order to achieve that goal? Eastern Syria?

Erdogan did meet with our puppet dictator Barzani day before yesterday just before Joe Biden came along and met with him as well.

Seems to me a high price too pay for inclusion at the big boy’s table… someone else’s homes.

And when you extrapolate the deal to it’s natural conclusion, the formation of Condi’s New Middle East, Greater Kurdistan, is worthless without a rather large chunk of Turkey and Iran to go along with it, so whatever Erdogan is thinking, he should keep that in mind.

But one thing this move does accomplish more so than anything else I think is the exposing of what ISIS™ really is in Syria. I mean, folks… given what we have already seen over and over again, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we and the Israelis and the French really aren’t at war with ISIS™ in Syria. And there’s a reason for that: KurdISIS™

Are you paying attention?

14 Responses

  1. ISIS and the Kurdish militias are tools of the USA, 100% under control and causing chaos………..same as Erdogan. Tools of imperialism in a controlled conflict.
    Syria is the only one not playing ball and following orders in this mess.

    Greater Kurdistan is unfolding with the help of lapdog Erdogan. He is not independent, nor is ISIS, nor are the Kurds.

    PS Stolen oil from Syria, with both Kurds and ISIS playing a role went primarily through Turkey as everyone knows, did you forget that??

    • what does “primarily through Turkey” mean? Does that mean Obama gets a piece of every drop of oil that comes through the XL pipeline? They shipped it back through Iraqi Kurdistan and then began the refinement process and transfered it to Kurdistan Region Government trucks… so the Turks at the border didn’t know WHERE it came from. They assumed it was Iraqi Kurdistan. And “going through” Turkey is a far cry from what Israel did buying it on the cheap knowing exactly where it came from.

      And one more thing… in the wake of the failed coup we should all understand that there were a LOT of military leaders in bed with the US all this time. Many of them, now gone, backed our regime change op in Syria and I would guess they had more to do with helping FSA terrorists cross the border than Erdogan did.

      And as I wrote yesterday, Erdogan meeting with Barzani is despicable. Him apparently cutting a deal with Biden et al to allow half of Syria to be turned into Greater Kurdistan is as well. This changes none of that. I still feel that way.

      • No, it does not mean Obama gets a piece. It simply means Turkey plays ball with the evil empire.

      • Oil going through Turkey only means the pipelines, which already exist, were used. Same as they always are. Pipelines don’t discern- they can’t discern. I’ve written extensively on this topic..

        Yes, Israel was the biggest purchaser of KurdIShIS oil… must be a coincidence 😉

        • Thousands of trucks driven by Kurds/ISIS and associated CIA approved scum went through Turkey with the blessing of US lapdog Erdogan…………everybody paying attention knows that to be fact. Ya got the Israel bought lots of that oil part right tho, nice job!

  2. Fort Russ, an awesome blog covering the onslaught of Russophobia, has a compelling analysis of the event, suggesting that this reflects Turkey’s turn away from NATO:


  3. From GR News
    “In the aftermath of the July coup, many were hopeful Turkey would realign itself geopolitically and play a more constructive and stabilising role in the region.

    Instead, while citing the threat of the Islamic State and Kurdish forces along its border, a threat that its own collusion with US and Persian Gulf States since 2011 helped create, Turkey has decisively helped move forward a crucial part of US plans to dismember Syria and move its campaign of North African and Middle Eastern destabilisation onward and outward.”

  4. “To recreate an Ottoman empire which would include at least north Syria and north Iraq”. Funny isn’t it, how he accuses Erdogan of doing what the Kurds are doing?”

    That’s quite a claim with very little to support it. Not surprising from b.
    Who, coincidentally, was quite quiet as Kurds annexed Syrian territory and while Kurds annexed Iraqi territory.

    Is there a pattern presenting itself? Sure looks that way.

    • The Kurds are not driving the bus here cupcake, the USA NATO alliance is.
      The Kurds have no power without the USA and do nothing of substance without US directing them. They are pawns being used to fragment Syria, just like they are used in Iraq by the USA.
      But Erdogan violating Syrian borders just adds to the notion in the west that Syria is fair game, and of course Erdogan is helping the US goal of fragmenting Syria with this latest incursion. Those are the obvious facts.

  5. Isn’t it interesting how the media presents Syrian territory as ISIS territory

    ““The Real Target of Turkey’s Syrian Operation Is the Kurds, Not ISIS. The Kurdish takeover in Manbij and their stated intention to further encroach on ISIS territory raised the stakes for Ankara..”

    It’s not ISIS territory, it’s Syrian territory.
    Israeli media may not want the masses to think in those terms, but, that is the more accurate, correct, terminology

  6. Willy- this is interesting


    “Turkey’s Erdoğan, Russia’s Putin agree over phone call to accelerate delivery of aid to Syria’s Aleppo”

    On August 26, Russian and Turkish presidents, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, conducted a telephone conversation. The presidents discussed the situation in Syria and agreed to continue personal communication conversation. The conversation was initiated by President Erdogan.

    “The leaders had a detailed exchange of views on the state of affairs in Syria. They noted the importance of joint efforts in the fight against terrorism,” a message from the Kremlin said. In addition, the presidents discussed “issues of further development of Russian-Turkish cooperation in political, trade and economic spheres in light of the agreements reached at the meeting in St. Petersburg on August 9.”


    • It seems to me that Erdogan is desperately playing “everybody’s friend” for the time being in an existential attempt to keep the various contending wolves at bay.

      Erdogan obviously knows the US is totally ready to take him out, so he had better placate the US for the time being since he has no assured strong position with anybody.

      My take is that he obviously wants a better deal than what he’s gotten from NATO and so is open to the Russians, but the Russians know that and are playing on his desperation to get the better end of any protection deal – wouldn’t it be nice for the Russians to have greater control over the Bosporus or perhaps some oil pipelines running through Turkey or both? The worst the Russians would get either way would be ‘more of the same’ so they have nothing to lose either way and can sit pretty with any offer. Some such quid pro quo could well be a Russian condition of rescuing Erdogan from regime change, which if accepted by Erdogan would immediately signal NATO to up the assault on Turkey.

      The Russians may even want to help him but probably are squeezing him against the US because they have a shopping list too…and because, since Turkey is already a NATO item, they need some serious assurance that he is not ‘playing’ them on behalf of the US: a guarantee Erdogan cannot give without NATO finding out and upping the regime change efforts against him. A very tricky position to be in.

      One item to always bear in mind is bakshish; even with their Gulen proxies all in jail, the US (Russia too) has plenty of extra cash to just go in and directly bribe people to sell Erdogan out – always a great technique in any regime change scenario when cheaper methods fail.

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