More anti-Russian propaganda from the New York Times

by Barry grey, WSWS (art added by AE)

McCarthy era propaganda

The New York Times has been spearheading a media campaign to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin and create an atmosphere of anti-Russian hysteria. This is in preparation for a sharp escalation of US military violence in the Middle East and stepped-up preparations for war against Moscow and Beijing.

Notice the name of the author

Using unsubstantiated assertions, political amalgams and outright lies in a manner reminiscent of McCarthyism, the Times has published virtually daily articles, editorials and columns asserting, along with Russian “aggression” in Syria and Ukraine, that the Kremlin organized the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers in order to embarrass Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and tip the election in favor of Republican Donald Trump.

The claim—presented by the Clinton campaign, the Times and much of the US media as indisputable fact—is that Trump is a political ally, if not a direct agent, of Putin. This allegation has become the focus of an attack by Clinton and the Democrats on the fascistic Trump from the right. It has been used to line up former CIA officials and Republican neo-conservatives deeply implicated in the invasion of Iraq, torture and other crimes of the Bush administration, along with an expanding list of billionaire financiers and CEOs, in support of Clinton.

There are precedents for such exercises in state propaganda in the guise of journalism. They have all ended with mass killings, the toppling of governments and, in many cases, the murder of government leaders portrayed as the incarnation of evil—Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, for example.

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3 Responses

  1. Joe McCarthy was the 1950’s version of a Truther. He was anti-government, not pro-government. He was an enemy of the Establishment and they ultimately co-opted him and then brought him down.
    As for Communism, start by reading ‘Tombstone’ by Yeng Jisheng. Don’t try to read the whole book – just the first three chapters and “Hungry Ghosts in Heaven’s Pantry”. There is enough grief and suffering in these four chapters to break anyone’s heart.
    While you are reading ‘Tombstone, never forget that no matter how bad it was in China, it was far worse in Russia.

    • I lived in China for many years until recently. I’ll look up that book by Yeng Jisheng.

      But I suspect it’s going to be more, “Mao killed millions of his own people” rubbish. Yeah, right. He killed millions of peasants who were the backbone of the Chinese Communist Party and of his army, people who supported Mao fully. It’s all 1950’s CIA propaganda. The truth is, millions died in several famines, which had been a regular occurrence in China for hundreds of years. I spoke to several people, now middle-aged or older, who remember being very hungry in the 1960’s.

      Maybe the very real threat of an American nuclear attack had something to do with the extremely fast industrialization of what was a basically rural society. Certainly the economy, especially the agricultural sector, suffered from this unnaturally fast industrialization.

      • The truth of the ‘Great Leap Forward’ is universally acknowledged by the Chinese people. There is no doubt or debate on the issue. The proof of this is that Yeng Jisheng remains a resident of China and a member in good standing of the Chinese Communist Party. Although dissidents in China are frequently harassed and even arrested, he never has been because his book has acquired semi-official status.

        Lunatic Western Maoists seem to have a great deal of difficulty overcoming their youthful programming. I suggest you give the book a try, and keep an open mind- these people were there, and lived through this.

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