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  1. Michael Parenti = The Shit


  3. That’s a great video. (I think he was energized by the beautiful young things in the audience to give his best performance.)

    But what has happened to his website, michaelparenti.org? It’s unavailable, How long has it been unavailable?

  4. Thank you for the powerful speech I’m ashamed I never saw before. This is why the gutless, so-called journalists today mock those who dare speak truth to power and Micheal Parenti doesn’t stutter. 20 years later what’s frightening is that you change the names of the nation-states and the leaders….it’s the same exact story. And I know you timed it with the news this week….the news that seemed to slip right by the alternative and the ulterior news journalists….Slobodan Milosevic was exonerated. Just like that. Alacazaam!!! Nothing ever happened. God, help us, we better get it together soon….our world is not going to tolerate 20 more years of this wretchedness.

    • well I am glad you picked up on that. I had just read “Slobodan Milosevic: The Killing of an Innocent Man” by Alexander Artamonov at Global Research (first posted on Pravda Report) when I decided to put this up. Not only was Slobodan cleared of the charges, so was Serbia in general.

      “International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague quietly acknowledged the innocence of former president of Serbia and Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. Ten years after the very suspicious death of the Serbian leader in a Dutch prison, the 1,300th page of the 2,000-page document on the case of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader, acknowledged that Milosevic had not committed crimes against humanity, nor had he organized any mass killings or deportations of Croats and Bosnians. In other words, it was an innocent man who died in a UN prison. French journalist Dimitri De Koshko was working in Yugoslavia at the time of Milosevic’s arrest. Koshko was closely following the parody of the trial in The Hague. In an interview with Pravda.Ru, Dimitri De Koshko talked about circumstances of the possible murder of the Serbian leader in prison.”

      The Clintons hate the left. The real left. They hate us with a passion you might expect to find in the Cheney or Bush households. They hate us and they kill us where ever they can get away with it. Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Egypt… and the sad thing is, a percentage of Sanders supporters will vote for her in spite of this obvious fact.

      • They came with a slick tongue, and there went the sun

      • Dude, there ain’t no Left or Right. All there is are honor and dishonor, truth and lies, cruelty and compassion.
        Ideology is just another tool for making you into just another tool. Just like race, militarism, and religion.
        If you feel the need to classify people, into what pigeonhole do you put Milosevic? He was a lifelong Communist who was widely condemned as a right wing extremist by the Evil Elite.
        I would call him a leader, and a man of honor.

        • Well, gee. I was talking about the Clintons.

        • right. they dont’ kill leaders because of their left leaning ideologies and practices, they just kill them for the fun of it. did you even listen to the video?

          • Serbia was attacked to cement the nascent Turkish- Israeli alliance. It had NOTHING to do with ideology. Same with the Israelis giving up Abdullah Ocalan- they didn’t hand over Ocalan to the Turks because they disagreed with the PKK’s ideology – it was and is all about power.

          • This machine don’t play video’s

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