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  1. catching the change in narrative? It’s there.
    And there is a no fly zone- the US just isn’t calling it one
    but it is

    • I posted a link to that article in an earlier article this morning. good work

      • thanks scott
        curious- checked your twitter feed- MoA the post
        “How The Hasakah Clashes End Kurdish Nation Dreams”
        I thought the headline was nonsense- The Hasakah Clashes expanded the Kurdish Nation Dreams..

        b is very hung up on Turkey, and the bad Turkey meme

        “U.S. special forces were in the area when the clashes started. There role in these is mysterious”

        Is US special forces role in these clashes mysterious?
        I don’t think so. In fact US special forces roles in advancing the Kurdish/Kurdistan agenda has been very clear, not at all mysterious.

        what were your thoughts on that piece?

        • Moon of Alabama seems to me to be one of the few websites doing what we do, exposing the grand plan of Greater Kurdistan. This is the second sentence in the article.

          “These clashes convince Turkey that the danger of a Kurdish state creation is imminent. This will unite the Turkish, Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi hostile positions towards such plans. This unity ends the dreams of an independent Kurdish nation.”

          That seems kind of straight forward to me. If these 4 targeted countries come together to fight the creation of Greater Kurdistan, then in fact, the NATO/US/Israeli project will fail. What question do you have about that conclusion? Seems accurate to me.

          This is the third sentence in the article:

          “The YPG declared that it wants all Syrian government forces to leave Hasakah. But those forces are the sole protection of the large Assyrian (Christian) and other minorities in the city. These minorities fear to be ethnically cleansed by the Kurds who try to install their own state in the north of Iraq and Syria.”

          Now he’s accurately describing the fears of the non-Kurdish civilians in the area as it relates to the very real possibility that they will be ethnically cleansed from the area via deportation or death at the hands of the US-backed Kurds.

          You see a problem with that reporting?

          As to your question about the mysterious nature of US troops in the area… I think he’s being a little sardonic (if that is the right word) because he clearly goes on to explain in the rest of that paragraph:

          “But those troops have absolutely no legal basis for their presence in Syria. They claim to be working with the YPG to fight the Islamic State, but the Islamic State is far from Hasakah which lies in the middle of a large Kurdish controlled area.

          As even a mainstream German defense correspondent somewhat irritated asks:

          thomas_wiegold @thomas_wiegold
          In other words: U.S. Forces practising area denial to other nations forces in their own territory?

          The U.S. has absolutely no legal standing in this and everyone knows.”

          I don’t know what questions you have as to what I saw in the article. I think he sums it up nicely with regard to his title when he writes:

          “There are signs that this predicted turn by Turkey is indeed accelerating. This move was initiated in the recent Turkish talks with Iran and Russia but the Hasakah clashes now play a role. On Friday the Syrian government sent a signal to Ankara when it, for the first time, publicly associated the Kurdish YPG forces in Syria (with which it had mostly been aligned so far) with the Kurdish PKK forces who fight the Turkish state.

          Ankara responded in kind and, for the first time, allowed for a compromise in the war on Syria that would keep the current Syrian government in power:”

          If Assad, Erdogan, Putin and the powers that be in Iran all come together to fight this nation building exercise, then yes, it would spell the end of Greater Kurdistan which might explain the sudden push for all out war on Syria.

          I think his point is the Hasakah clashes are exposing the plan for what it is and pushing Assad toward reconciliation with Turkey and Erdogan… and THAT may hail the end of the plan.

          Why do you have an issue with it? Am I missing something here?

          • MoA is very new to even discussing Kurdistan.

            And was in fact one of those cheerleaders for the kurds I’ve previously mentioned- I used to comment there, but, b banned me- the last comment that didn’t get published was one mentioning US support for the Kurds- All along. Including PKK
            That sticks in my craw a bit. So to speak.

            b also has claimed it was Turkey that broke the ceasefire with the PKK when it was not- and that is easy enough to validate


            He had the Turks invading Mosul when they didn’t


            And a whole host of rubbish along the lines of zero hedge..
            washingtons blog and even stephen lendman, who I used to really like.

            Can’t say if it was intentional or mistaken, but, if he’s talking Kurdistan now it’s only because it can no longer be avoided-

            To his credit he raises some good points and it’s good to finally see someone else talking about it

            Oh and when I was allowed to comment there his response to me regarding a discussion on Egypt was something along the lines of my mechanistic thinking- cause b is always right (arrogance)

            This is where I first found out about you writing on Kurdistan


            via gwen and I cited MoA as one place that never wrote about Kurdistan- along with zero hedge

            It’s my own issue Scott. One bitten twice shy you could say. I was just curious what you had seen in his piece.

            • I think most folks in the alternative community with few exceptions (yourself being one notable one) would be considered “new” to the Greater Kurdistan exposing team. I have my own previous issues with MoA blog and I am on record with them. But when I read this piece I thought it was good in the sense that it covered much of what folks like us have been saying for well over a year now (you even longer I think) and marks a kind of turning point. Clearly his work isn’t as detailed as yours or even mine and his track record on the subject leaves much to be desired. But, all that said, getting the facts out there is important and the more people who are talking about this operation in ANY way, is good for us and more importantly, good for the people of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and eventually… Iran. It’s also good for our soldiers who are going to end up fighting Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria eventually if these assholes are allowed to continue. So yeah, I give em credit when they deserve it. When they don’t I don’t.

              Zero Hedge is clearly a neoliberal bullshit rag.

              • zerohedge- yuk
                people leave links at my place like it’s the gospel..
                can’t speak of their financial stuff, but, the political stuff- forget it.

                • Yes, me even longer– Until you I felt like the odd gal out.
                  I would say to hubby, how is it I’m seeing this and no one else is???
                  To say I was perplexed would be an understatement
                  That’s why I was so glad when Gwen told me about your writing..
                  I was no longer alone 🙂

                  • I think the coup seems to me to have been a turning point for some who just didn’t get it. Of course, the influence peddlers are still saying Erdogan is the next _________ (insert “Hitler”, “Gaddafi”, “Saddam”… pick one) but the ones who were simply guilty of not doing enough research and going on what others in the small network of “honest” alternative journalists were saying, those seem to be a little more skeptical of the bullshit ________ (insert “Erdogan used gas on Syrian people” or “Erdogan runs ISIS” or “Erdogan sells ISIS oil” to your tastes) memes that were put out there. At least that is what I am hoping. The coup kinda exposed the gig for a number of them who seem now to be a little more quiet on the subject like Steven Lendman for example.

                    • btw willy: did you notice Syria accused the French of being involved with the gassing of people in Ghouta??

                      I suspected the Israelis were involved and Syria accusing the French is equal to Israel being involved, France being such a zionist outfit!!

  2. […] via Clashes in Hasakah Leading to Kurdish-Arab War in Syria? (South Front video) — American Everyman […]

  3. Hey Scott:
    The censored comment I attempted to leave at MoA as follows:


    PennySeptember 17, 2015 at 2:10 PM

    So, I left this comment at MOA- Yes, b, still censors my comments, while allowing much nonsense to flourish- but it’s his show

    “Emptywheel asks if those boots on the ground are also helping the Kurds against Erdogan”

    Whoever Emptywheel is? It’s nice to finally read someone on the ball! It’s been obvious for some time now that the Kurds are aligned with NATO and NATO has thrown Turkey to the wolves- PKK wolves.

    Posted by: Penny | September 17, 2015 at 05:05 PM

    I don’t know who this “Emptywheel” is or what has caused b to consider that opinion, but, for myself, one lone free thinking blogger who has been spouting on the destabilization of Turkey, the PKK and co as a stay behind army etc for a freakin’ year now! It’s nice, albeit a bit late in coming to see someone else besides me talking about this!

    PennySeptember 19, 2015 at 4:25 AM

    for the readers here:
    Two days have passed and my comment never appeared at Moon of Alabama
    I looked and unless I missed it, it’s censored completely
    Looks to me as if it should have met b’s standards? whatever those might be?
    but alas…..

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