In-fighting Among Our Glorious New Freedom Fighters, The Kurds : Ibrahim Biro Threatens the West – Don’t Support the Wrong Kurds

by Scott Creighton

Who is going to be in charge of the biggest chunk of President Obama’s new country, Greater Kurdistan? Who will preside over the unveiling ceremony of the great statue of President Peace Prize? Someone from the Great Ruling Barzani family or someone else, some Baathist someone else? Only time and bloodshed can tell.

Watching the Kurds fight among themselves, squabble I should say, is funny. They expose themselves daily and no one is paying attention.

The Kurdish National Council was founded in Hawler on 26 October 2011, under the sponsorship of Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani..” Wiki

Take for instance what Ibrahim Biro, the head of Syria’s Kurdish National Council, said Wednesday about the PYD, the Syrian arm of the terrorist PKK group:

They’re exploiting the [international] fight against the ISIL terrorist group to attack their opponents,” he said.

In recent months, the PYD has reportedly indulged in the ethnic cleansing of areas under its control, arbitrarily detained its political opponents and forced local residents to fight on its behalf.

Biro went on to assert that western countries tended to overlook rights breaches committed by the PYD in northern Syria — a policy he said “facilitates the group’s ongoing domination of the region”. World Bulletin, Aug. 17, 2016

How about that. Here we have a Kurd in Syria openly admitting that at least one faction of the Greater Kurdistan project is being aided and abetted by the United States as they ethnically cleanse the parts of Syria they want for themselves and as they detain and erase political opponents of their future rule. He also states that their so-called fight against ISIS™ is a crock of shit, that’s it’s simply a pretext for them to use to be able to move through Syria raiding and looting and killing local civilians so they can carve themselves a piece of the country for their own Greater Kurdistan.

Imagine that. A prominent Kurdish political leader right there in the country saying EXACTLY what Penny and myself (and WAY TO FEW OTHERS) have been saying for well over a year. Only, he goes on to threaten the Western nations that they better not support the left-leaning Kurds as opposed to the Barzani clan Kurds. Say’s we will “regret it” if we do.

It should be noted, the PYD is associated with the terrorist organization, the PKK. It should also be noted that in spite of that, the PYD claims to oppose any form of Kurdish nationalism. That’s right. As best as I can understand it, the PYD is looking to establish a level of Kurdish autonomy WITHIN a unified Syria. This is in direct conflict with the aspirations of the Kurdish National Council who wish to break off what they call “Western Kurdistan” to form a 1/4 of Greater Kurdistan (North Kurdistan = part of Turkey, South Kurdistan = part of Iraq and Eastern Kurdistan = part of Iran)

Despite its current apparent strength in Syria, the group’s leader, Salih Muslim, claims that the group desires Kurdish autonomy within a new democratic Syria rather than Kurdish independenceARA news, Aug. 3, 2016

The PYD appear to be a leftist Kurdish group. In fact they are described by this Barzani supporter, Ibrahim Biro, as Baathists. Ironically, as he calls to end the tyranny of Syrian dictatorships, he is trying to usher the Barzani clan into the country to rule the Kurds there like he does in “Iraqi Kurdistan”. Barzani is a corrupt neoliberal dictator described by some as worse than our former puppet dictator in Iraq, Maliki.

The Kurds of Syria didn’t revolt against Damascus just to bring another dictator,” Biro said, vowing to “expose all the PYD’s crimes”…

“We have learned from experience,” he added. “We fought the tyranny of the Baathist Assad regime and now we reject the tyranny of a Kurdish Baathist regime.” World Bulletin, Aug. 17, 2016

Ibrahim Biro says that Barzani’s personal Kurdish death squads in Iraq, the pershmerga, will soon be coming to Syria and then warns the US that they better not continue to support the wrong Kurds… or else.

Western countries, the Kurdish leader asserted, “are using the PYD to pursue their own agendas in Syria; but it will not continue like this forever”.

Our [peshmerga] forces in Iraq’s Kurdish region will soon move to Rojava [in northern Syria],” he added, going on to warn: “The western countries will end up regretting their mistakes.” World Bulletin, Aug. 17, 2016

The Kurds are a people who are fiercely independent and scattered throughout the lands of four separate nations. But not all of them want independence and certainly fewer than that wish to live under the dictatorship of Massoud Barzani.


Barzani is a creation of George W. Bush. He installed him in the wake of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. As everything else President “CHANGE” does, he continued with the Bush/Cheney agenda when it came to supporting the Barzani dictatorship:

This past Tuesday President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the proclaimed “president” of Iraqi Kurdistan (or “South Kurdistan” as they like to be called – an explanation of that later) Masoud Barzani to discuss handing over US weapons directly to his forces, the peshmerga forces that are currently fighting “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria.” Scott Creighton, May 7, 2015

The fact that Barzani is a corrupt dictator is not news to the Kurds. It’s only news to us and the idiots on the left who have adopted Ronnie Raygun’s new freedom fighters as their current darlings because of President Left Cover.

Fact is, everyone aside from ignorant Americans know what Barzani really is:

The west is no friend of the people of Kurdistan, primarily because during the past two decades they did not spare any effort to fund and arm the most treacherous, the most misogynic and anti-democratic indigenous Barzani gangs to use violence and force against peaceful protestersEkurd Daily

It has become evident to all of us by now that the root cause of the ongoing tragedies and miseries in Kurdistan lays in the horrific rule of the Barzani family warlords. Billions of dollars of foreign aid and public resources have been and are being ransacked by the two ruling parties in partnership with their masters.” Ekurd Daily

Nepotism is widespread. Not only is the prime minister the nephew of the president, but the president’s son, Masrour Barzani, a scarcely-qualified 34-year-old, heads the local intelligence service. Another Barzani son is the commander of the Special Forces. And Masoud Barzani installed his uncle, Hoshyar Zebari, as Iraq’s foreign minister

Another brother-in-law is the Iraqi ambassador in Beijing. Other Barzani and Talabani relatives have monopolized telecommunications, construction, and trade” ME Forum

It’s no wonder that many Syrian Kurds would rather live under a Syrian government, freely elected and Baathist in nature, than to dwell in House Barzani. Iraqi Kurds say life under this clan is worse than it was under the rule of Maliki which says a lot.

I have to admit, it’s hard too figure out who’s who in this Shakespearean plot unfolding in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran right now. I guess Condi Rice would call it the “birth pangs of the New Middle East”. I call it a feeding frenzy.

Greater Kurdistan is being forged right before our eyes like Israel was and Saudi Arabia was during the previous generations … and most people don’t know a single thing about it, or that it’s happening for that matter.

Of course there will be epic power struggles taking shape because Greater Kurdistan, born in blood, will be sitting on massive LNG and oil reserves and promises to be a mega-wealthy nation instantly upon birth. Not only that, but it will pretty much end the pipeline wars in that region which has implications that stretch across the world all they way into your gas tank and your wallet.

There is currently no greater geopolitical project, none of greater import at least, taking place at this time. Even the TPP and the TTIP pale in comparison when considering the impact it will have on the geopolitical power structures of the world.

One thing is for sure, as the pressure increases in Syria on the various players in the Greater Kurdistan project, they really need to keep in mind that they don’t want to give TOO MUCH away when it comes to accusing one group or the other of various types of war-crimes and crimes against humanity lest they end up exposing what they are ALL doing over there.

And they should also be careful not to get too big for their britches when it comes to leveling threats against the West for not supporting the “right” Kurds. The lord givith and the lord takith away if you know what I mean. Just ask Saddam about that. Or JFK for that matter. Because when it comes to the New Middle East project, everyone is expendable. Everyone.

Ibrahim Biro would do well to keep that in mind the next time he figures he can threaten the hand that feeds. He just might find himself disappeared and locked away by the same pershmerga death squads he advocates for. I doubt Barzani would choose him over the masters of the universe. Not much future in it for him if you know what I mean.

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10 Responses

  1. Rabid dogs turning on each-other.

    • Tony, I believe that is part of the plan, so that our “glorious leaders” can find a strategic way to sort it all out for them. We (the NGO “we”) fuel them with weapons and money and watch the chaos from a safe distance, then (pick a number….Saudi, UK, Euro, US, Israel agencies) separate the “dogs” and steer the horror to the next objective.

      Problem-Reaction-Solution….Manifest Destiny, the ultimate plan is after poor people kill each other, win-win for them, the infrastructure (real estate, raw materials, etc. and enough useful human capital) stays intact to tidy up the place. The neo-liberal smart bomb….and then all the while, desperate people do these devils’ work for them. Here’s an example of how well this chaos has worked for the real Barbarians, you know, the ones with penny loafers.

  2. Hi Willy!
    Excellent posting.
    Don’t know if you recall a discussion we had previously about this topic exactly- I had expressed suspicions that Barzani was falling out of favour- The problem with the Kurdish people is they aren’t unified and they never have been- The media just presents it that way so we believe in the cause- Barzani is a scum bag- no doubt about that, BUT, the PKK have the fighters, the money, the ability to smuggle like there is no tomorrow- run drugs, body parts, human trafficking- and NATO has used them against Turkey for decades—- I guess what I’m saying is they’re ruthless- the PKK are ruthless- they are both a cult- and a crime syndicate-Think of Ocalan as their ‘saviour’ then they use brainwashing, they kidnap children- all sorts of horrid stuff

    Barzani bunch can’t compete with this- The PKK can deliver straight up terror/tyranny to create this unified concept of Kurdistan- that’s why the US is backing them so strongly

    I wrote a post in Oct.2015: PKK Challenges Barzani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?

    My concluding paragraph:

    ***”It appears that the PKK is the ‘unifying’ force amongst the Kurds- I didn’t say the agreed upon unifying force- Rather, the unifying FORCE, needed by NATO to create a Kurdish ‘state’
    Whether or not the Kurdish population itself really wants one***

    And that’s what your writing about and that’s what is going on.

    • Yes, it’s hard to keep track of them all and few seem loyal to Kurdish interests alone. Especially Barzani, yet he is presented as Mr. Kurdistan over here. I guess you might make the comparison to Indians over here when we were occupied if, say, the French hired and armed them in order to help us overthrow the Brits. Oh wait…

      I guess my thing as I was researching and writing this, the thing I came away from it with, is the lack of a good guy, someone to root for in all of it. I mean aside from the Syrian people. Some Kurds apparently wish to remain Syrians and I guess we don’t hear too much from them so that might be the reason. But it does seem to me that all the other Kurds have only one thing in common and that is brutality toward their fellow Syrians or Turks or Iraqis.

      And I see what you mean by the PKK being the unifying force for the Kurds as far as NATO is concerned. Sometimes it’s like Greater Kurdistan is going to be forged IN SPITE of the Kurds, rather than for them and my focus on the Barzani clan reflects that understanding, I think.

      • There is not one good guy to root for in this mess- only evil and perhaps lesser evils 😦

        “Some Kurds apparently wish to remain Syrians and I guess we don’t hear too much from them so that might be the reason”

        We don’t hear to much from them, but they exist.

        Same with Turkey- Contrary to that which is commonly portrayed even in Turkey- many Kurds voted for Erdogan’s party- the AKP.
        This has been acknowledged, but quietly. Many Turkish Kurds have zero use for the PKK because they are terrorists and they know it!

        “Sometimes it’s like Greater Kurdistan is going to be forged IN SPITE of the Kurds”

        That’s exactly what it’s like from where I sit. No kurds asked for it. And if the US/Israel tag team of evil can pull it off, Kurdistan will do nothing for the kurds- they’ll be second class citizens under the thumb of theocratic Israel/while being terrorized and extorted by PKK.
        It will be a nightmare for the masses

        • “That’s exactly what it’s like from where I sit. No kurds asked for it.”

          Well, I think the same kinds of Kurds asked for it as the kinds of Americans asked for a takeover by the US Chamber of Commerce. The same kinds of Kurds asked for it as the kinds of people who ask for the masters of the universe to come into their respective countries and take over whenever and where ever we run a coup or color revolution. It’s the same ones, or the same types, in each of these countries and I think there is a contingent of Kurds in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran who want to get on the bus and play a role for the invading superpower in the hopes they can punch their own ticket. And yes, it’s not restricted just to business leaders or oligarchs in the area either. Sure, some lower tiered citizens are trying to worm their way into the program… those are the terrorists. Desperate people promised otherwise unattainable wealth are capable of deplorable action, especially if the folks who find them, recruit them and prep them zero in on ethnicity or religion or nationality as the driving force behind bringing such people together. If they can convince these new mercs of theirs that their targets aren’t really human, their proxies are capable of doing literally anything to them. And this dynamic applies across the board. Look at how young Wall Street traders treat their clients. Look at how our troops were trained back in the Vietnam days (and how they look at the “ragheads” today) Look at how some police forces see the civilians living under their control… especially once they cross the line and become a “criminal”. This is nothing new. Go back and read about how the average German citizen turned a blind eye to all those the Nazis locked up in forced work camps in order to get the economy back in the black or how the people of this country to this day try to ignore the real horror of the genocide of 20 million Indians or slavery.

          Depending on how desperate they are, people are capable of all sorts of horrors. It doesn’t take much to make a terrorist and unleash them in a set direction. It’s not rocket science. I think in terms of the plan for the “New Middle East”, the Glorious Kurds were the perfect choice. Problem for them is, the people without a nation are finding out this new nation isn’t being built for them. And that could be a problem very soon. I mean, it is the point of that guy’s statement isn’t it when he says the West will regret picking the “wrong Kurds”? Even the sellouts are starting to figure it out.

          • I should have been more clear- most kurds didn’t ask for it
            certain kurds did, you are correct- but the biggest pusher for Kurdistan is Israel- Israeli interests were quite likely the most influential in all of this… as Israel stands to be the biggest beneficiary of Greater Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0

          • The Nazis didn’t lock anyone up in work camps to get the economy back in the black – in 1939, there were only about 20,000 people in jail in the entire country.
            Contrast that with Texas, a true police state. Texas has over 140,000 people in prison- with 1/3 the population Germany had in 1939.

  3. Don’t forget the water control- Kurdistan , if created, will control water resources galore..

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