George Carlin speech at the National Press Club (May 13, 1999)

by Scott Creighton

His description of how politicians deal publicly with various crises in their lives, the language they use to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, is a perfect chronologically accurate description of how the Clinton email story played out. Later in the Q&A session he’s asked about Bill bombing Yugoslavia and he explains how he thinks our system is circling the drain and that he sits back and watches it rooting for the inevitable collapse. Kinda like the Giant Meteor 2016 campaign if you ask me.

He’s still the smartest comic this country ever produced and I personally wish he were still around to watch it all circling the drain today. Can you imagine the field day he would be having with this shit now?

George Carlin, 1999, now respirationally challenged since 2008.

2 Responses

  1. A brilliant social critic..and as you mentioned desperately needed now.

  2. I miss that man so much! He would make a great circus director, pointing out all the bullshit and showing us how and why to laugh. He’d be ripping apart this clown show faster than Obama declaring wars!

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