Pentagon Scrambles Fighter Jets to Stop Syrian Air-force from Bombing Our Glorious Kurds

by Scott Creighton

The Pentagon embedded Special Operations troops, something like 300 of them a few weeks back, within the rank and file of the new freedom fighters, our Glorious Kurds (a.k.a. PKK/YPG terrorists as everyone else calls them)

They did that so the Syrians and the Russians wouldn’t attack the Kurds as they terrorize the countryside looking to bust off a piece of Syria for Greater Kurdistan.

Now the Syrians are openly bombing the Kurds and according to sources, getting “a little too close” to US troops.

Looks like the little boy in the ambulance psyop wasn’t enough motivation to get all the liberals behind the “bomb Syria for the CHILDREN!!!” campaign so they may end up throwing a couple troops under the bus just to make sure Obama gets his green light for more humanitarian war.

Kinda sad all these troops signed up to fight The War on Terrorism and they may end up dying fighting alongside PKK terrorists.

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