Lying Ryan Lochte and the Rio Robbery that Wasn’t – Brave Brave Sir Gunnar, Sir Gunnar Ran Away

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The two swimmers pulled off the plane have admitted to authorities that Ryan Lochte lied to police and then fabricated a story to tell NBC News that Sunday morning. They said they all went around to the back of the gas station to use the bathroom but the door was locked so they broke it to get in to take a piss and the security guard walked up to them telling them they had to pay for the door. He was armed according to ESPN’s version of those two swimmers’ story, but he never pulled out his weapon. The owner of the station showed up, they paid approximately $70 US for the door and were allowed to leave.

UPDATE: X-ray images of the men returning to the Olympic Village through security screener appears to show wallets in their pockets. That would be their stolen wallets.

One sleazy self-absorbed sellout to another

Do you remember that story coming out of Libya in the early days of Hillary Clinton’s bloody regime change operation about the woman who claims to have been kidnapped and gang raped by scores of Gaddafi’s soldiers over a two day period? She said she escaped from them and then ran straight to a hotel where all the embedded press was staying so she could “tell her story” prior to getting medical attention, taking a shower or sitting in a corner in the fetal position crying herself to sleep.

Her story was bullshit. It never happened. She now lives in the US from what I understand, enjoying a comfortable life after being the focus of a phony “hearts and minds” campaign which sought to further demonize the beloved leader of a beautiful country so Hillary Clinton could murder him in cold blood and decimate Libya to the point where it isn’t recognizable anymore.

I can’t help but think about that story when I hear about Ryan Lochte and the Rio Robbery that wasn’t.

I want to say this right off the bat: Ryan Lochte was not robbed at gunpoint. I knew that the first day I heard his interview on the beach when he told some reporter that the cops “pulled them over” in a cab with no lights and no sirens (how does that happen?) and then pointed guns at he and his 3 friends and told them to “get on the ground” and brave Ryan (as in “What Would Lochte Do?”) told them bravely “no” (brave brave Sir Robin. Sir Robin ran away)


I didn’t need to see the video where he and his partying buddies stumbled through the metal detector going back into Olympic Village at 6am with their wallets, watches and expensive phones to know that.

I didn’t need to hear about how Ryan now says he wasn’t “pulled over” on the road but rather they were robbed when the cab they were in stopped for gas and he and his buddies went to the bathroom (they changed the story so that when they find the cabbie and get his story, his claim that “no, they weren’t pulled over and robbed” doesn’t wreck the story completely. It’s called “fixing the narrative” or “getting out in front” of the story)

I knew it was bullshit from the moment that lying piece of crap opened his mouth on the beach to that first reporter.

And apparently my first instincts were correct.

Two of his buddies were detained on a plane yesterday trying to get out of Rio by local law enforcement. Everyone wants to know “why?”

Why would victims be detained by cops after a judge orders them too stay in the country?

Well that is simple: according to a Brazilian news service, they skipped a court ordered call to testify about the event and ran straight to the airport to get back to the safety of the land of the Big PX.

“The Federal Police prevented the shipment of American swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, late on Wednesday, the International Airport Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Galleon. They tried to leave for the US on an overnight flight of United Airlines UA 128, bound for Houston. The Police Special Tourist Support (Deat) confirmed the information. Athletes were removed from the plane by PF officers to give evidence at the police station the International Airport. They had been called to testify by the civil police, but did not attend. The police came to look for them in the village of athletes and in some hotels but did not find them. Therefore, they were arrested and taken to testify. They are being heard as witnesses. James Feigen was not on the flight. Police still have no news of him.” O Globo (Google translate)

The story was in flux. Ryan had to fix the narrative and apparently the other “victims” weren’t on the same page as his publicist so they decided to politely decline Brazilian authorities’ invitation to testify about what happened that night and make a run for the border.

Brave Brave Sir Gunnar, Sir Gunnar Ran Away

Let me ask you this: if this did happen and they could have helped lock up real bandits out there targeting their fellow US OLYMPIANS, why the hell would these guys make a break for it? Don’t you think they would WANT to help lock these guys up before they PUT A GUN TO SOME OTHER US ATHLETE’S HEAD?

Apparently, for Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, the answer to that rather obvious but rude question is “no”

So what does that tell you? To me it smacks of a woman reportedly being brutally gang raped for two days and her first thought is to share her story via a press conference with the likes of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

Ryan Lochte used to be a big star. He had a TV show for 5 weeks before it was cancelled. It was called “What Would Lochte Do?” and apparently the answer to that question is “Anything Too Stay in the Limelight”

Now that real authorities have the others back in Rio, the truth will come out and this bullshit “hearts and minds” op will end. Ryan Lochte will be briefly exposed as a liar (no one could mistake being pulled over by cops on the road for being held up behind a gas station, it’s absurd) and no major US corporation is going to want a liar as their spokesman. Bad for “branding” and all that I can imagine.

The story will disappear very soon as will all of Ryan’s future prospects.

The PR dimwit who thought up this crappy story and sold it to Ryan as a chance to remain relevant after the Olympics and to demonize a BRICS nation all at the same time will move on and keep trying to figure out new targets of opportunity for his globalist “hearts and minds” campaigns.

Now maybe Lochte made up the story on his own. Maybe he convinced all of these athletes to make up some story so Ryan could come across as a hero back in the world and he could get another TV show deal out of it. They could call it Brave Brave Sir Ryan or something.

Maybe, but doubtful.

No… more than likely they were out all night chatting with some sleazy PR a-hole who got em some coke and some hookers and spun-up an idea for them at the VIP room in the strip-club, one that he told them would make them heroes back home and secure them a seat at the Big Table for those in the know who knew what they did for them. That’s the most reasonable version of possible events. That’s how these fuckers work.

I’m glad too see it’s all falling apart because the folks who think they are the smartest guys in the room are actually the kinds of idiots who don’t think about security cameras at Olympic Village check-in stations and who put their faith in vapid self-absorbed a-holes like Ryan Lochte.

Personally, I think it’s funny.

Brave brave Sir Gunnar, Sir Gunnar ran away.

p.s. – Here. If you PR idiots wish to see how it’s really done, I offer up my own piece of made-up reporting which I submitted to CNN as a sample of my potential back when I was looking for a job:

Moammar Gadhafi Shelling Handicapped Civilians with Live Puppy Bombs and Taking Babies from their Incubators, Throwing them “Woughly” to the Floor, and Raping them Repeatedly

Now that’s how you do bullshit propaganda stories. Go big boys. Go big.

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8 Responses

  1. what’s amazing is the number of people coming out to support this jerk (check out some of the comments on various news articles) — even in spite of the msm changing it’s tune to conclude the guy is a liar & his team-mates telling police that lochte concocted the story: “USA! USA!”.

    between the impeachment scandal & the bs zika thing, it really looks like certain powers were trying to stick it to brazil & ruin the olympics — probably they didn’t want them to be too successful & benefit the host-nation too much.

  2. Who…?

    • Who indeed!

      What and WHY are more important questions.
      This clown could very well be following orders and is doing exactly what the PTB want him to be doing.

      What they are selling us and asking us to accept is the idea that blanket security cameras 24/7 are good. We blindly accept that security footage is kept and used at the discretion of those who own it. Then they get us to do our two minutes hate of the clown who got caught.

      Why? Because it is being rolled out everywhere for all of us. We accept this invasive fascist totalitarian roll out of blanket security cameras while mindlessly bashing their chosen stooge without question. So when TSA styled security comes to your home town mall and mainstreet you will go along like good sheep. Keep on mindlessly hating whatever they serve up and ACCEPT the big brother security apparatus.
      That is what this is really about IMO…………not original thoughts on my part, just saw some good videos on it at pocketsofthefuture.

  3. I agree about the PR thing. Otherwise why not just shut up about it?

  4. If the olympic committee was honorable, these athletes would have been disqualified and their medals confiscated. Unfortunately, the olympic committe is a corrupted entity, as seen by the response of one of its elements to this case.

    • they did apologize as if that means anything to the people of Rio. Now what they are worried about is the US being booed at the closing ceremonies.

      • If that happens, the booing will not be televised.

        • Worse. It will be edited and the Exceptional American will actually watch the Brazilians cheering for the US on US television. And the Exceptional American will be none the wiser and will believe the Brazilians love the Exceptional American athletes more than their own.

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