Exporting ISIS™: Obama’s Generals Allow Hundreds of ISIS™ Fighters to Flee Manbij on Route to Turkey, the Next Destabilization Project

by Scott Creighton

“We have now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground… We must ensure that our partners on the ground (freedom fighter Kurds) have what they need to win the fight and then hold, rebuild, and govern their territory (“Rojava”),” Sec. of Defense Ash Carter

The battle for Manbij, Syria has been raging for months and Col. Christopher Garver has been there the whole time giving us updates on our progress every few weeks. This past Tuesday Gen. Carver held a conference in which announced that the battle was over and Manbij was now “liberated” on behalf of the Glorious Kurds, which Carver informed us, were busy “mopping up pockets of resistance” in the city.

Some of you might recall a couple weeks ago I wrote about how US and French bombers had struck civilian targets “by mistake” in Manbij as they were helping the Glorious Kurds (PKK terrorist organization) take the city.

The general’s news Tuesday about how the Syrian Democratic Forces (Kurds’ PKK and various mercs hired to work with them from around the world) wasn’t the big story though.

The Big Story was about how the general and US-controlled opposition forces along with the SDF allowed “hundreds” of ISIS™ fighters to simply drop their weapons and load up on their US Special Forces Helix trucks and boogie right out of town… unmolested.

They had the enemy dead-to-rights and they simply… let them go.

Garver couldn’t say exactly how many ISIS fighters managed to escape Manbij in the convoy. He said estimates range from 100 to “a couple hundred.” He said the convoy included a “pretty significant number of vehicles,” but fewer than 175.

He refused to say where the fighters went: “They didn’t all go as a group; I’ll say that. When they went north, they didn’t all go together and stay together. But I won’t talk about specifically where each of the pieces and parts went because I said — as I said, that’s an ongoing operation.” CNC News

At first they said the Kurds made the decision to let ISIS™ fighters escape capture so they could live to fight (and possibly kill) US troops another day.

US Army Col. Carver, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighters, told Pentagon reporters the decision to let Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) convoys leave the city was made by commanders of the Syrian Democratic Force. RT

Does anyone here think the US military in their global war against ISIS™ takes orders from the PKK or whatever they call themselves today? Does anyone believe that? Anyone?

Probably not which is why they needed to massage the message a bit.

The story now centers around civilians being transported in “each of the “not more than” 175 vehicles” allowed to leave Manbij heading north to Turkey. We are supposed to believe US and SDF observers could tell the difference between a Syrian civilian and a unarmed  ISIS™ fighter which is quite ridiculous when you realize ISIS™ could be from anywhere looking like anyone. Remember what we were told about San Bernardino and Orlando? A three foot tall woman could be ISIS™ according to them… and a closeted gay guy hanging out at gay nightclubs.

As ridiculous as that story is, let’s break it down further.

They say they let the convoy leave Manbij only AFTER they disarmed, right?

So the civilians in the vehicles with the so-called ISIS™ fighters, what were they doing there? With no weapons, how were they hostages or “human shields” as the IDF oops, sorry, the Pentagon likes to call them. what kept them in the vehicles.

And if they were “human shields”, I thought the idea was to protect civilian life during the Great Exodus of ISIS™ … so why did we let the turrurrururururists escape with “no more than 175” future beheading victims riding along in the cars?

I’m no general but I’ll tell you, first thought here on this one is… once they disarm and load up the vehicles and start heading north… we set up a road block with a couple dozen tanks and attack helicopters backing them up and stop them and take the civilians out of the vehicles and then torture some people, arrest some or just blow them up on the road in the convoy like they did on the road to Baghdad all those years ago in the first Iraq war.

I mean, after all… they were UNARMED.

Here’s another thing… if a civilian is with the dreaded ISIS™ and ISIS™ is unarmed at the time and couldn’t possibly be holding them hostage by putting a finger in their backs and telling them it’s a gun… doesn’t that mean they WANT to be there and are therefore… ISIS™ themselves?

And doesn’t the military always say that anyone killed in a coalition strike against ISIS™ is in fact ISIS™ anyway? Isn’t that our stated policy these days?

Look, our military and the coalition forces regime changing Syria are fully aware that Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria (and possibly even China now) have eyes in the sky over Syria. There’s no way they could have let ISIS™ slip away unmolested (like bin Laden did when cornered in the mountains in Afghanistan?) without anyone of these countries blowing the whistle. So they had to get out in front of the story and this is the best they could come up with.

With all due respect, the story from Gen. Carver  (no disrespect intended (i.e. don’t drone me)) is bullshit. Imagine that. Someone in the US military having to go before a camera and spout a bunch of bullshit for the mass media. Like that never happened. No one here blames Carver. He’s just doing his job.

So what did happen?

Well, one clue might be where Barack Obama’s military allowed this ISIS™ destabilization team to head next: Turkey

exporting isis

Yep, several sources are saying the “hundreds and hundreds” of ISIS™ mercs are heading toward and INTO … Turkey, which, if you recall, I said a LONG TIME AGO was the next target for regime change in the Greater Kurdistan project (pat pat pat.. ow.. hurt myself)

Associated Press cited US military officials as saying some of the ISIS fighters had already made their way into Turkey, and many were still in Syria” ALWAGHT

“He (Carver) refused to say where the fighters went: “They didn’t all go as a group; I’ll say that. When they went north, they didn’t all go together and stay together. But I won’t talk about specifically where each of the pieces and parts went because I said — as I said, that’s an ongoing operation.” CNS News

“The U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had allowed for around 100-200 jihadists to travel north towards Turkey after they used human shields to flee a key city in Syria, a U.S. official said on Aug. 16.” Hurriyet Daily News

As Penny from Penny for Your Thoughts points out, this is not nearly the first time that the US has allowed ISIS™ to slip through their fingers nor the first time the Kurds have been the immediate beneficiary of ISIS™ efforts in Syria and Iraq. Again I bring up the story of bin Laden sneaking through the mountains of Afghanistan as a reference point.

Listen, the simple fact is, the story about the “human shields” in all those ISIS™ Helix trucks doesn’t hold up to even the slightest scrutiny, not coming from a military that writes off collateral damage ( and writes checks to their families) on a daily basis. I’m sorry. It doesn’t work.

What also doesn’t work is the notion that any single general would let the enemy of our soldiers fighting in the field walk away, or RIDE AWAY in a military class vehicle, untouched, so they can fight our soldiers in the field of battle in the days or weeks to come simply because someone said there’s a civilian in the truck. Bullshit. Never would fucking happen.


So the question is, why did they let them leave and what is their next target and I think Greater Kurdistan is the answer to the first question and Turkey, the next.

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  1. Scott: just want to bring this to your attention! Cause I just know you want to know this!!!

    SAA has for the first time bombed the Kurdish NATO backed terrorists (KurdIShIS is how I denote these terrorists) on the land they stole from Syria- you know “Rojova”?

    ekurd called it syrian kurdistan in North Eastern Syria


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