The New York Times Publishes More Lies About Ukraine in Baseless Hit-piece Against Donald Trump

by Scott Creighton

though they have yet to determine if he actually received the cash…” New York Times McCarthism Hit-piece on Donald Trump

It’s not listed as an opinion piece or even satire. It’s supposed to be news. All the news that’s fit to fabricate from the New York Times.


This allegation that Donald Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort took money to the tune of 12+ million bucks in illegal payments from President Viktor F. Yanukovych in Ukraine is ridiculous on it’s surface. When you dig a little deeper in the New York Times article (penned by ) what you find is a ludicrous counter-attack to Hillary’s own political corruption story, one designed to steal the headlines and relegate the story of her all-too-real systemic graft to the back pages.

“Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Investigators assert that the disbursements were part of an illegal off-the-books system whose recipients also included election officials.” New York Times

Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in a U.S.-backed coup a couple years ago when the people of his country decided they didn’t want to be a part of the E.U. and the masters of the universe said that wasn’t to be allowed, like George Soros (see this as well) and Pierre Omidyar for example. Part of the deal they rejected was another crippling IMF “loan” and the subsequent austerity measures they demanded be imposed on the people in exchange for it.


  • Among the reasons Mr. Yanukovych turned away from signing political and trade accords with Europe in November was his unwillingness to carry out austerity measures and other reforms that the International Monetary Fund had demanded in exchange for a large assistance packageNew York Times


Yanukovych said “no” so of course, he had to go. Not only that, but his legacy and his life had to be soiled in perpetuity in the interests of the greater good (meaning the masters of the universe’s “greater good”) which makes him perfect fodder for this new bullshit anti-Trump hit-piece being put out by the New York Times.

It came out after the bloody coup that Victoria Nuland herself explained that the Obama State Department spent 5 billion dollars on the regime change operation in the country.

“Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government – all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European.We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals.” Victoria Nuland

Immediately after the coup Porky, our puppet, signed an EU deal complete with new funding from the IMF and new austerity for the people of Ukraine. Obama spent upwards of a 180 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer’s money propping up the new fascist regime in Kiev while Vice President Biden’s son ran over there and joined a energy company’s board of directors so he could profit from the bloodshed personally. I mean, why spend tax-payer’s money if you can’t find a way to stick some of it in your pockets, right Hillary Barack?

Then they signed a 10 billion dollar shale gas deal with Chevron. That’s about the time the Russians decided to flood the market with oil and LNG, dropping the price and essentially making shale gas not worth the cost to bring it out of the ground.

Ten pictures that show Ukraine's protests are filled with toxic Neo-Nazi groups

With those billions of dollars the State Department funneled into Ukraine over the years, we employed the worst “humans” in the country, the neo-Nazis Svoboda party and the Right Sector fascists, to riot, attack unarmed Ukrainian police officers, snipe from the rooftops and burn dozens of innocent government supporters to death in an effort to totally destabilize the nation so we could remake it in our neoliberal model. They hired Blackwater to come in and run their death squads, that’s how out of control fascist it was in the early days. Read this as well.

You have to remember, the IMF openly demanded violence against the separatists and anyone in Kiev who opposed their new fascist government in Ukraine. It’s not even hyperbole. It’s just a fact.

Does anyone remember how President Obama said that Russia’s “invasion” of Crimea was “worse than” what Bush/Cheney did to Iraq? Does anyone remember the fact that there was no “Russian invasion” of Crimea, that the people of the region voted 96.77% in a referendum to leave fascist Ukraine and join Russia?

Does anyone remember our puppet in Kiev, Ukraine President Petro Porky Poroshenko, standing there holding his fake Russian passports as he tried to frame Putin for the unrest in his country? That was right after it was discovered that he was using banned cluster bombs on the civilian population of the separatist Donbass region. John McCain gave him a pass on that one. He also said Putin shot down Flight MH17.

I gave you all that background in order to expose the real nature of the New York Times hit-piece. It’s completely baseless as have been all the other accusations against various problematic actors in the Ukraine color revolution.

This new National Anti-Corruption Bureau in Ukraine with their handwritten notes being cited as “evidence” is laughable by comparison. There is no electronic, verifiable money-trail, it doesn’t exist. They just made this up in order to help Hillary Clinton in her time of need. That’s what our fascist regimes do when called upon by their masters in D.C.

Like Porky standing there waving around a bunch of fake Russian passports, the writers for the New York Times have exposed themselves more than anyone else and they simply don’t have the either the common sense or the moral centers to understand what it is they are doing.

Taking flimsy evidence from fascist neo-Nazis and running with it on the front page of the New York Times on behalf of someone as corrupt as a Clinton has got to be a low-point in their careers. Certainly it will help their economic bottom-lines but it will also make them the laughing stocks of whatever social events they dare attend over the next few months until an equally insultingly stupid piece of propaganda is published by the Times.

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14 Responses

  1. I can get nothing to read about Trump from the MSN page that’s not a hit-piece on this computer without it freezing up on about the second paragraph.

    A flag comes up telling me it’s either too busy and to try again later, or it’s got bugs and can’t finish the piece without a de-bugging.

    Same thing happens every time I click on it

    • what kind of system are you using? how old is it? I got one here sitting behind me that I’m not using and if you don’t mind it shutting down every now and then, you could have it if it’s an upgrade from what you are using now. Its a Windows 7Pro 64-bit system with 1.8 terrabytes of hard drive and 8 gigs of DDR3 ram. Only the mother board is kinda cheap so it doesn’t do video that well, but you can still watch em on it. I can find a way to ship it if you feel you could use it.

      • I know next to nothing about computers, Scott. Can’t even tell you when we got this one. I’m home alone right now, so nobody to ask.

        Thing I was thinking up there was those posts were being messed with. Everything else seems to come through ok for me, and nobody else here is complaining about their reception, but nobody else here looks at what I do.

        Know that I do appreciate your offer.

  2. Speaking of Trunp, check out this article:

    Michael Moore gets SO close to telling the truth about why Trump was a joke from the start and why he is deliberately tanking his own campaign… and then he misses the mark entirely.

    • yeah, I read that yesterday. thought of making a quick article about it and linking back to my writing back in early Sept. 2015 where I said The Donald never had any desire to win the nomination, let alone the presidency, and that he was simply serving as a foil for Jeb. Turns out though, the Republicans miscalculated how much their base hated the idea of another Bush in the White House so now he’s serving the same function for Hillary. Of course, they wont ever say that, that a ringer candidate entered the race with the intention of taking a dive so an unpopular one will “win”… they would NEVER say that.

      I saw Richard Haas of the CFR on Morning Joe the day before Moore’s article came out saying the same thing Mike was. So was Joe and pretty much everyone on his panel. Funny isn’t it? What was once considered a conspiracy theory is now being touted as the gospel truth from not just one side of the fake divide, but from both, with only slight variations to their stories.

      My guess is that’s because they constantly have to have something to demean The Donald with every day of every week. True or not, fact is, if he stays in and spends like $20 or so on advertising, he could win, even if he doesn’t want to. And that’s a problem for them. A big problem. The other thing is, it’s getting pretty obvious that he isn’t interested in really competing.

      There is also a story-line being developed out there that The Donald, because he can’t stand “losing”, will back out of the contest altogether, something I wrote about a month ago when I put forward the idea that we might just have a one candidate election so Hillary gets “elected”.

      Think about that… the guy might win in spite of the fact that he doesn’t want to. that’s how hated Hillary Clinton really is.

  3. It’s difficult to speak ill of the dead….The New York Times being the exception. This fetid corpse has one awful afterlife pumped up mostly with CIA Frankenstein juices and now conributes gasoline for select fires and grovels at the boots of the Masters of Disaster. Since educating and informing its readers has gone out of fashion, you can’t be surprised that they would use their gravitas for the faux hip (neolibs) and the faux intellectuals to lead Murder Inc. and make damn sure no citizen will spoil this disgraceful election mudslide by using critical thinking (or process of elimination) to vote against The War Hag. They ain’t letting any noisy, unwashed riff-raff cook that golden goose, baby. The “Gray Lady” and other global industries owe a lot to Hillary, the Malevolent, who for an under-the-table fee provides them with all those wonderful opportunities to sit high on board of directorships in diamond mining and other raw material companies in Africa, Eurasia, and elsewhere with the full might of the US Military backing their security. And “the paper of reckoning” only reckons in d-u-double-um-dum black and white now….”Hillary good” and “Trump bad,” standards that would make a high school newspaper editor blush.
    The NYT says, forget about Huma Abedin and the rest of the coven guarding the War Hag’s swagbags. Though it’s hard to see past the mountain of war profits, yet they insist we keep our eyes on Paul Monafort. And, in truth, this boy is a real sweetheart: Miles and miles of dark roads behind that varmint and now Trump has him on his payroll. Is anyone still wondering why an experienced businessman/candidate for the President of the United States would have such a high profile criminal/shyster “manage” his campaign?
    Well, step right up, I’ve got the inside track. This whole election disgrace isn’t a farce, or a fix, or a scam….it’s a script! That’s right some ex-CIA spook wrote this shit and is planning to turn it into a blockbuster Broadway Musical. He is a closet producer/writer/director whose talent has given such realism to the spineless Bernie and Trump antagonists prancing around comically tongue-tied with their side-splitting “tough guy” dialog. While they understate the Godzilla level crimes of our tragic heroine, Hillary, it gets funnier and funnier, until it all sounds so much like slapstick innuendo that they extinguish any real threat to her madcap atrocities and actually run a spectacular decoy to distract the public from what should have been her slam-dunk indictment. There will be songs, “I’m Just A Shill For Hill” and “Just ‘Cause I Fuck People For Money, They Call Me A Whore.” Then there’s dancing….a fantasy number where some murdered African despot comes back from the dead and leads her in the Mr. Bo Jangles-Shirley Temple style tap-dance down a stairway to Hell. You will laugh. You will cry. Speaking of which, there’s a scene where Huma as Dr. Doolittle teaches Hillary by watching videos of people after a car crash, and this hilarious routine has her trying again and again to imitate the pain on the faces of surviving family members onscreen….forcing herself to mimic empathy for others. In the final scene of this black comedy (and our national pride) Mme. President will have a throne set up for her at the theater at the openning night gala with her patrons thrilled to pay a million apiece….of course, all going to charity: “The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Thanks Suckers Trust Fund”. And all of us little people in America who would never be bothered by such fey and decadent entertainment will not have to trouble ourselves about politics for awhile. And we all can kick back with a nice, cool one and concentrate on who will win the Super Bowl and wonder if the detention camps will have Wi-Fi.

  4. The latest on Monafort is that he was there for the necessary bad press, now he’s out and someone new will enter to train Thump (oops!) to get up there and perform like a good circus seal. And it won’t matter who, because you don’t get to be a “manager” unless you’re allstar dirty and a veteran in the puppeteering big leagues and know the rules.

    I’ve got a hunch about the War Hag though. It started in all the buglight and nut-fringe “alternative” sites, where the professional reality salesmen usually test the market and now it’s getting into the mainstream which often happens to prepare you for what’s coming. Hillary’s health, Hilary’s quirky behavior….Is she showing signs of dementia? Is she unstable (sure, till the money’s on the table)? And these stories are persistent enough to stay in your head but not to rock the boat on the way to her winning the lame election. I admit to being extremely jaded after eight decades, two centuries, and two millenia growing up in this crazy world but I have a gut feeling old Hill’s days are numbered. Something tells me that once she get’s in the White House, it’s “Game Over.” She will be disappeared for real or special-FX shipped off to the fabled condo in Dubai. She is a risk….universally despised….100% certified unstable, and unlikely to be holding the high stake reins of those who keep her in power in that position.

    Think of it, with her out of the way….the national mourning….stirred to spectacular heights by the Mighty Wurlitzers of 24 hour cable. Wow….I’m almost tearing up for her right now. Nah! Think of it, the Clinton crime family steals everyone’s hearts. Bill wiping the fake sorrow from his fat face, winking at the bimbs in the crowd waiting for him after the show. Up there talking about the courage and commitment he learned from her (translation: “the psycho-balls it took to reach the extraordinary range of evil she dared to pull off”). Following our grieving period, The Clinton Foundations (one for every nation on earth) and their criminal investigations, not to mention the threat to reveal every other snake in their pit, will become unthinkable subjects and gradually fade away. And the media litany will lay it on thick with more crocodile tears, “Haven’t those poor Clintons been through enough.”

    It’s just a hunch, but I think we’ve got to find out more about Tim Kaine right now.

    • Wow! You have quite an imagination. But, then again, it kind of makes some sense too. Watching what happens with Hillary after her fixed win will be interesting.

    • Not sure what you’ll find on Kaine, however, other than apparent strong ties to the banking and energy industries. But Hillary has those too. Does Kaine have a hidden history of close ties to the intelligence community? When Bush Sr. was vice president to Reagan, well, that circumstance was certainly suspicious.

    • Nice rant, Joe! I like it.
      Citizen Kaine deserves close scrutiny since your scenario is so plausible.

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